The Springtime World of Miniature Easter Gardens


With Easter, spring is in the air  as flowers like daffodils, tulips, and crocuses start blooming from their winter slumber. So it’s only natural that we have flowers and gardens galore. This is especially the case when you’re talking about a smaller capacity when you’re talking about miniature gardens since you don’t need to keep them outdoors. Not to mention, there are plenty of Easter mini garden stuff available. Nevertheless, mini Easter gardens can come in all different kinds of varieties. One notably common variation is a Resurrection garden which is sort of a tradition in Great Britain since I’ve seen plenty of them in English churches (since the Brits are really into gardening). Now a Resurrection garden is called thus because it features an empty tomb indicating that Jesus has risen from the dead. Since the empty tomb can just involve a small flower pot with rocks at the front or a stone turned, it’s relatively easy mini garden to do. You can also do a garden in an Easter basket as well. So for your reading pleasure, I give you a snapshot into a treasury of mini Easter garden scenes.

  1. A natural Easter basket is sometimes best.

This one has a nice little spring flower scene with a nest of eggs and a bunny statue. So lovely.

2. As we see here, Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God.

Jesus’s cross contains the crown of thorns and a white sash. And the crosses are made from twigs.

3. Always go with a couple Easter eggs in a vibrant grotto.

Because that’s the only way I can tell this is an Easter garden. Though I like the statue and columns.

4. Even the fairies wish you a happy Easter.

They also even like to hang out with little bunnies in baskets. Like the flowery trees.

5. I suppose a moss covered tomb would be more appropriate.

Though I normally don’t imagine it as such since the Holy Land is more or less depicted as a desert. Then again, you have to admire the flowers.

6. How about some flowers among the gravel church path?

Helps if the church is small and in a Tudor style. Makes a quaint garden scene if you’ve ever seen one.

7. Doesn’t hurt to plant a few flowers near the empty tomb.

These empty tomb gardens can range from plain to quite elaborate. But I had to include this one with the flowers.

8. Sometimes moss and rocks are all you need.

Because an empty tomb garden doesn’t require much as far as aesthetics go. Also, you can make crosses with just about any stick you find.

9. Pink and purple flowers have a real spring touch.

Yes, it’s another empty tomb garden. But at least this one has pink and purple flowers. You’ll see a lot of these though.

10. “And they brought him to a place called Golgotha (which means the place of the skull).”

Okay, this is a rather morbid rendition with including a skull. But it’s at least accurate in etymology.

11. An empty tomb scene can always do with a few flowers.

This one has a wood chip path from the crosses to the tomb. Though you’d find a few flower patches.

12. These little lambs love to play among the flowers.

After all, lambs are innocent creatures that Moses demanded to be slaughtered so Hebrew families wouldn’t succumb to the plague of the Firstborn son. And that’s how we get Passover.

13. For Easter, you might want to let some bunnies near your caravan.

Well, Easter bunnies, anyway. Though make sure they’re not some human figures in bunny costumes.

14. “He is not here. He is risen.”

As you can see, they even have Resurrection figurines. Though I wouldn’t say they’re necessary.

15. Sometimes a garden more close to nature comes to mind.

This one appears to be set in a plot at some church. But you can see the moss and flowers nonetheless.

16. For Easter scenes, adding some Easter eggs always helps.

Because nothing says Easter like colored eggs. Also helps if you include bunnies and chicks.

17. A bare Easter tree can always use a few ornaments.

Yet, this one has bunnies instead of Easter eggs as would be the case. Like the flowers and butterfly though.

18. For an empty tomb garden, all you need is a hillside plot.

Though most usually use a flower pot and rocks for the empty tomb. But at least it includes planted flowers.

19. When in doubt, you can always try a nature scene.

This one is taken from a show on the Hallmark Channel. I know that network is famous for its saccharine programming but at least this garden is pretty.

20. Apparently, you’ll find the risen Jesus in this garden.

I don’t know about you. But I kind of like it better when resurrection gardens don’t include action figures.

21. Now this is what I call a real Easter free for all.

This one even has a lit candle, which I’d advise against. However, this is as Easter as it gets without the Christian motifs.

22. Sometimes resurrection scenes are better with peg dolls.

Though I’d advise against it. I think a tomb scene with flowers is sufficient enough.

23. An empty tomb can conveniently fit in an Easter basket.

Not sure if the plants are real. But it seems easy enough to do.

24. An Easter garden can always start small.

These are of mini Easter baskets, by the way. Yet, each has a flower and cute critter to love.

25. An Easter garden can’t go without a few spring touches.

Here you come to an assortment of spring decor that’s expensive as hell. All surrounding a glass stone lake.

26. These little chickies find a haven among flowers.

I think this might be from a basket. Though the chicks and the chocolate eggs give it an Easter touch.

27. With church gardens, you can never have enough plants.

A lot of British churches have these gardens around Easter which can get very elaborate. This one really takes the cake.

28. Spring is a time of new life and new beginnings.

Here we have a lamb and bunny watching some chicks hatch in a nest. So adorable.

29. For English gardens, flowers are all planted in neat and ordered rows.

Not sure if the flowers are real in this. But it nonetheless looks quite stunning to behold.

30. With this garden, it’s Easter eggs galore.

Of course, most of the Easter eggs should be hidden for the kids in the trees. But the ground’s just fine with me.

31. An Easter garden should remind one of an earthly paradise.

Here’s an empty tomb garden with all kinds of flowers in a church. Not sure about the figures here though.

32. A resurrection garden should always be brimming with spring flowers.

As you may see, you can customize a lot of these empty tomb gardens. Yet, the flowers on this one are simply breathtaking.

33. A resurrection garden must lead to much rejoicing.

This one is from a church. And yes, the flowers here certainly bring a smile on your face.

34. A small flower pot makes an ideal empty tomb.

Outside the empty tomb gardens, I found a lot of Easter mini gardens hard to find. So sometimes you have to go with what you can get.

35. If you think flowers are boring, you can always add animals.

Though I don’t think giraffes, tigers, and hippos are native to the Middle East. But to each his own.

36. For outdoor mini gardens, it helps to make a big impression.

This one is from outside a church. And yes, it features an empty tomb of rocks. Love it.

37. Rejoice, for He has risen!

And yet, another resurrection reenactment with peg dolls. Though I think it would be better if we didn’t include Jesus here.

38. For bunnies, Easter is a time of family togetherness.

Still, even in their anthropomorphic outfits, I’d expect there be more bunny family members. Then again, some of them might’ve been eaten already.

39. Nothing says Easter like planting flowers in eggshells.

Not sure how this arrangement can be done. But it seems possible. So pretty.

40. Even Easter bunnies head to church on Easter Sunday.

Well, when you don’t have an empty tomb, a church would do. Though I kind of wish there was a resurrection scene with bunny figures. That would be awesome.

41. Here we come to a fairy near the bunny bench.

Not sure if I’d want to do that. Because bunnies will attack when disturbed.

42. Didn’t know a bunny can live in toadstool house.

Under a toadstool maybe. But inside one, not a chance. Though it’s quite clever.

43. Here we come to 2 bunnies lounging on the patio.

Yet, they somewhat feel drawn to a basket of eggs in an ornate wheelbarrow. Simple yet sublime.

44. These little bunnies just want to enjoy the peaceful meadow.

You can tell this is an Easter garden because it features a cross along with the bunnies. Yet, it’s so adorable.

45. On Easter, I’m sure that Christ will light the way.

You may find candles in these gardens as well. Though I’d advise you to proceed with caution.

46. Perhaps you can spare a dime for a few rabbits.

Because bunnies need to make a living, too. Like the purple flowers though.

47. The Easter Bunny should find this fountain most welcoming.

Might’ve shown this garden before in other mini garden posts. But not with the Easter decorations.

48. In this Easter garden, you’ll find all kinds of eggs.

Even includes a bench with bunnies on it. Though you’d have an easy time finding these eggs in this garden.

49. Sometimes all you need are a couple of Easter bunnies.

This one just uses 2 little bunnies and moss. Adorable, yet so simple.

50. Flowers always mean that the resurrection is upon us.

Kind of makes a great contrast between the solemn Good Friday and the invigorating Easter. Love it.

51. For a resurrection garden, you might want to plant it inside the altar.

Well, that’s a clever way of doing it. The altar makes a nice backdrop. But wonder when they’ll have to clean up once Pentacost is over.

52. Not sure where I can find the tomb on this one.

Though I do admire the flowers and the moss hill of crosses. Then again, maybe we’re not suppose to see the empty tomb on this.

53. Little chicks always belong among the daffodils.

To these chickies, the daffodils almost resemble trees. So cute.

54. For a small patch, an Easter bunny can feel right at home.

You can even put in a few eggs and a bunny statue. Now that’s an Easter garden basket.

55. For Easter, you can’t ask for a more colorful scene like this.

This one includes an Easter house and an Easter egg bridge. But I’m sure the decor doesn’t come cheap.

56. Chicks always like being among the flowers.

Well, they include flowers I’d find at my grandma’s house. But the chickies are simply adorable.

57. With an Easter garden, it helps if you can go all out.

This one is from a Scottish hotel. But I love how it features an Easter egg tree.

58. A resurrection garden should always be outside for all to see.

This one may not have much color. But then again, maybe Easter came early that year.

59. Seems like we’ve come to an Easter garden party.

Perhaps in a forest with cotton candy trees. Though I’m not sure if this uses any real plants.

60. Sometimes there’s nothing like spending Easter on the farm.

This one is part of a set but at least it’s brightly colored and includes bunnies. So cute.

61. You can’t celebrate Easter without including some flowers and butterflies.

This one really gets in the spring of things. Love the beautiful colors.

62. Make sure your empty tomb garden has plenty of moss.

This one doesn’t use a lot. But the stone is certainly turned as it should be.

63. Remember you don’t need crosses to make an empty tomb garden.

After all, they didn’t say Jesus was buried beneath Calvary. Though this resembles more of a hobbit hole.

64. My guess is that you’ll find nothing behind the stone.

As you probably know by now, there’s nothing inside. For Jesus has risen.

65. On some Easter gardens, it’s all about the foliage.

This one has a lot of moss and other plants. But the crosses are of solid wood.

66. For a pond scene, it helps to surround a pool with stones.

Well, at least this one has flowers and succulents. Though this empty tomb garden thing is getting old.

67. An Easter mini garden can never have too many daisies.

This one has a rather sunny disposition. Like the rabbit climbing out of a pot.

68. A large rock can serve as an appropriate tomb.

Helps if it’s hollowed through first. Though at least the rocks match.

69. A fairy garden with Easter eggs and chicks can spring into anything.

Well, this is more of a spring garden than an Easter one. But the chickies and colored eggs are here, anyway.

70. A pixie fairy garden has a pair of pastel houses.

Well, at least it includes bunny on the side. Though the one on the right should’ve had a different color.

71. Leafy plants can really make the garden come alive.

This one uses a square tomb. And the crosses seem rather level for some reason. Doesn’t use too many flowers.

72. As far as I know, this Easter garden is of the zen variety.

Not sure if zen Easter gardens even exist. If they do, this is what they’d look like.

73. I’m sure a carrot house is appropriate rabbit housing.

However, some rabbits might find it hard to resist. Nevertheless, think it’s quite clever.

74. A spring fairy garden must have its own array of flowers.

This one even has its own evergreen tree. Not sure why that’s there. Love the flowers.

75. Sometimes you can make a tomb with just a couple of rocks.

Well, that’s one way of putting it. Still, I doubt the stone is hollow for the emptiness effect.

76. A carrot house is a cozy bunny home, especially on Easter.

This is a cute little Easter garden. Like the little flowers. Think that carrot house is clever.

77. A fairy garden in the spring should be of vibrant color.

Well, this will make a fine Easter garden. Like the little house and stone work.

78. Animals flock to any fairy house.

Well, statue animals anyway. Like the gravel pond of ducks.

79. A spring garden is always meant for the birds.

This is especially if it has a moss roof. Nevertheless, the bluebirds stand out.

80. With these 3 fairy basket gardens, you can make Easter magic.

Okay, maybe they’re not exactly Easter gardens per se. But if you’re no fan of chicks or bunnies, they’ll surely do.

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