The Floral World of Flower Arrangements


As we all know, spring is always a time of flowers. Even though the flowers may not be out at this point since it’s late March. Nevertheless, as you see from my Easter posts, flowers always signal spring since it’s a time when everything becomes green again. Yet, while flowers are symbols of spring, they’re used for all kinds of occasions. A man may give flowers to his sweetheart on a date to express his love. A person may give flowers to any other woman in their lives or an actor for a great performance. You might see flowers in a bridal bouquet and at a wedding. Or you might find flowers at a funeral. Sometimes you might see flowers as mere decoration which don’t have anything to do with a celebration at all. Think of garden flowers in a vase on a table. Yet, no matter what the occasion may be, you’re bound to see flowers arranged in a variety of different ways and bouquets. Some may just be a vase of flowers while some could be in the realm of art. So for your reading pleasure, I give you a treasure trove of floral arrangements to bring in the spring.

  1. For gifts, may I suggest a puppy in a basket?

There’s a company that does flower puppies according to Pinterest. But I have to admit, it’s better than giving the real thing.

2. When you open a book, you’ll find beautiful things inside.

Love how the roses pour out and spill. Though I guess this book isn’t for reading.

3. These yellow and orange flowers will have you over the moon.

Well, it’s supposed to be shaped like a crescent moon. But you can see how it has 2 types of flowers.

4. You’d almost swear these flowers came from another world.

I think this is part of an art museum exhibit. Yes, they do these with flowers. But I think most of these are artificial blooms.

5. Since people love flowers and teddy bears, how about a flowery teddy bear?

Sure you may not be able to cuddle it. But it will nevertheless melt your heart.

6. I think I see a lion among these carnations.

Well, that’s an interesting floral display. Like the little lion face. So adorable.

7. Who knows how many flowers you can fit in a box.

I’ve seen a lot of these on Pinterest. Not sure if the flowers are real or not. But it’s nevertheless beautiful.

8. A heart of flowers is always for the one worth remembering.

This heart flower arrangement is mainly for funerals. But you have to admire the roses.

9. Flowers always go well with a grassy hairdo.

Though I wouldn’t want to show up in that. By the way, it’s more for decoration anyway.

10. Nothing could welcome spring like a flowery dress.

Of course, this is a dress you don’t wear. Kind like the ones I showed in my Christmas craft posts.

11. A purple flower bouquet can do with some peacock feathers.

This is a bridal bouquet as you notice. But the peacock feathers give a nice feathery touch.

12. Sometimes all you need is a simple spring bouquet.

Still, someone better put these in water before they start dying off. Since flowers don’t last long this way.

13. These flowers represent truth, justice, and the American way.

However, they’re very terrible to give to anyone whose town has been destroyed by superheroes. Just watch Man of Steel.

14. As we all know, spring is a time for flowers and butterflies.

And here we come to a butterfly made from flowers. What can be better than that?

15. Don’t know about you, but this dress is especially succulent.

Well, it’s made from succulent plants, anyway. Not really flowery. But not bad.

16. A flowery dog always sits pretty.

Here is another dog of flowers. This one is bigger and sits down though.

17. White flowers make for a rather resplendent dress.

Guess this is for a wedding from what I can tell. Why a floral decoration like this, I have no idea.

18. Now that’s what I call a floral chair cushion.

But it’s best not to sit on it. Since flowers are delicate and can be easily smushed.

19. Pink and red roses make 2 halves of a heart.

What a unique bouquet to send to your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, that was last month. Still, it’s lovely.

20. A spring flower wreath can give you all the colors of the rainbow.

Nice that it’s among lit candles. Really like the effect. Love how the colors run into each other.

21. There’s nothing stunning like a flower chandelier with lit candles.

Remember just because it might look great on Pinterest, doesn’t mean you should try it. And it certainly applies with this because lit candles are a fire hazard.

22. A heart of roses always shows love even in the spring.

Yes, you might see some wreaths which frequently use flowers. But this one is absolutely beautiful.

23. A flowery dress is a perfect springtime look for the season.

Actually flowery dresses are worn by fashion models and aren’t practical at all. But they’re certainly pretty.

24. A moss picture can use a few roses.

This one has 3 red roses that stand out from the foliage. Though I wish you can see more flowers though.

25. An old birdhouse without a roof is just as good for a flower box.

Well, that’s a clever way of storing flowers. And I do love how it emanates the springtime atmosphere, too.

26. Purple mountain majesties should always be put with amber waves of grain.

Of course, by “purple mountain majesties” I mean these beauties. So pretty.

27. It’s not every day you see a woman in a flowery white dress.

Another concept flower dress you probably can’t wear. But it’s nice to look at anyway.

28. A floral heart should have plenty of color.

Though it’s mostly in the pink. However, it’s a lovely springtime sight to me.

29. Sometimes flowers can imitate a masterpiece.

As you can see this flower sculpture is meant to imitate this painting. Though I’m not sure if it does a good job.

30. Flowers will bloom on any showy fan.

Helps if the fan is so large it calls for both hands. Still, such a beautiful display.

31. I see a floral storm coming in our midst.

Caption: “Annika Horgan won Gold with her entry in the floral art section at Ellerslie International Flower Show, the only gold medal winner.” Yes, they have flower shows like this. And yes, this is sensational.

32. How about sending some lilies of the valley from this envelope?

On the other hand, if you’re a fan of Breaking Bad, you might see this a lot differently. Because they’re poisonous.

33. White flowers always make for fine columns.

Though if the Ancient Greeks and Romans had these, you wouldn’t know it. Because they didn’t have plastic and organic matter disintegrates quickly.

34. You can’t find anything more chic than a mossy handbag.

However, the only thing that should go in here is water. If it’s even made by plants at all. Though I love the purple ribbon.

35. Always try to enhance a flowery look during the spring.

Actually, this is a fashion photo so I don’t encourage this. But you have to like her skirt.

36. Hope you want your purse to be carnation white.

I guess this might be either for a wedding or a funeral. Not sure which. But it’s very chic.

37. A bouquet should contain a wide range of colors.

This one contains all your spring favorites and then some. And in a unique bouquet design.

38. This floral parasol will give you a lot of cover.

Though it might not do much to keep you dry in the rain. Nevertheless, it’s incredibly beautiful.

39. A floral elephant is always talked about in the room.

I think this might be from India for a wedding. Or maybe it’s for a flower show. Not sure which.

40. You can always wonder at seeing flowers from the ceiling.

Well, it’s an interesting hanging of peonies. But at least it doesn’t include candles.

41. An urn can make a viable vase from time to time.

I suppose the bouquet is far more festive than its container. Love the flowers on these.

42. Take a look at this floral creature from under the sea.

A floral fish? Now that’s interesting. Not sure about the colors though.

43. A flower skirt should have a dazzling array of variety and color.

Yet, the white flower top isn’t so much to look at. Still, the purple flowers are the best.

44. This floral butterfly is a vibrant sight to see.

You can see how its wings have bright flowers with lilies on the ends. Love it.

45. A leafy heart can have a few white flowers to spare.

This looks simple but nonetheless elegant. So pretty, yet so naturalistic.

46. I suppose this bouquet is ready to rock.

Can guess that this is for a funeral. And it’s not hooked up to anything. So you can’t really play it.

47. Floral archways should come dripping with jewels.

By the way, this is a wedding archway. Yet, it’s a very showy display. Love how it’s purple.

48. This floral cross is one of holy remembrance.

You’d probably see something like this at funerals. But I had to put this on for the roses.

49. A showy pink dress is always perfect for spring.

Though you wouldn’t be able to wear it. Yet, you can admire the flowery skirt and top.

50. Allow this wise little owl to congratulate you on your graduation.

Yes, they have graduation flowers, too. But this cute little owl is a real hoot.

51. The gate of heaven is paved with flowers divine.

Well, at least it’s more unique than a cross display. Love the roses.

52. I guess this flower ship is smooth sailing.

Hey, at least it’s better to have than a real wooden ship. And it’s just as majestic.

53. With this Easter basket, you can welcome the sights of spring.

Not sure if the flowers are real on this one. But you have to admire the spring flowers. So lovely.

54. A floral swan is a creature of graceful beauty.

Yes, this is absolutely stunning. But remember, piss off a swan, you’ll live to regret it.

55. Roses and cantililies always show how love is stronger than death.

Helps that it’s all arranged in a heart. Though it’s likely to be on someone’s grave or in a funeral home.

56. In the springtime, you can have all kinds of flowers raining upon you.

This is part of a museum display since it wouldn’t be possible outdoors. But I think any florist would go crazy over it.

57. Want lovelier spring flowers? Put some in a bucket of water.

Though this one includes a candle. And many seem straight from the garden or on the roadsides.

58. You can fit an entire bouquet in one large mug.

As long as the mug is specially made as far as I know. Yet, it’s perfect for the spring time.

59. Bet you don’t see a flower display like this every day.

Well, it’s made like a spring time tree. Though it’s interesting to look at, whether it’s beautiful may be a matter of taste.

60. A flower box contains its own earthly paradise.

Well, it’s more of a crate. But it surely gives you a rustic impression, especially with the flowers.

61. This flower sculpture is as pretty as a picture.

As you can see, it’s a museum display made to embody the painting behind it. Nevertheless, it’s lovely and perfect.

62. Some bouquets tend to have a rather modernist edge.

You might find some of these on Pinterest. Really don’t know what to make of them.

63. It takes a lot of colors in order to paint a pretty picture.

But in this case, it took a garden of flowers to make this painting. Love it.

64. Black flowers certainly make a stunning black purse.

Though there aren’t a lot of black flowers in nature though. Nevertheless, you can’t resist its beauty.

65. Would you want 2 scoops or 2 light pink peonies?

You probably can’t eat these. But you can admire them from a distance if you want to.

66. A golden urn is a great vase for a vibrant display.

Great for table centerpieces or decoration. Love the vibrant flowers on this. Beautiful.

67. You can’t wear a golden crown without roses.

Sure this is a model wearing flowers. But it’s supremely stunning to behold.

68. Seems like she’s taking the flowers in her hair thing a bit overboard.

Yes, flower headdresses aren’t practical but lovely just the same. Though I’m sure these flowers aren’t real at all.

69. Flowers should always stand out from any work of art.

And yet another flower display with a painting. Not sure how it configures. But the flower look is better.

70. A floral star always shines bright among petals.

This one has white in the background along with some multicolor flowers in the center. All in all, it’s simply stunning.

71. You’d almost think it was anything different from a landscape.

That’s because it’s supposed to be a take off from a landscape painting. But it requires a stem for the flowers at the higher plane.

72. Purple carnations usually go on the vase’s edge.

Yes, it’s another concept art bouquet. But this one is somewhat prettier than the last. But not by much.

73. Purple orchids, a flowery headdress they do make.

Well, at least they used a mannequin head. And I do find the purple orchids particularly magnificent to behold in my eyes.

74. Nothing makes a canopy like a curtain of purple flowers.

I guess this is for a wedding though I think it’s incredibly beautiful. Of course, purple is my favorite color as you can see.

75. There is nothing as magnificent in the spring like a vibrant floral rug.

This is from the flower festival in Antwerp, Belgium. But I’m sure it took more flowers than you’d find on a float at the Rose Bowl parade.

76. For a better bouquet, add a few feathers.

However, the feathers might get in some people’s way. Though you can’t deny the effects.

77. How about a few roses in your umbrella?

Love how they match the purple cover. Though I wouldn’t take it out in the rain.

78. Vibrant flowers can always make vibrant bouquets.

This is the Japanese ikebana style of flower arranging. You don’t hear about it a lot. But it’s rather well known outside Japan.

79. Sometimes you’ll come to a flower sculpture of the geometric variety.

Guess this is a take off of an ultra-modern painting. Though it has fine definition.

80. Bet you never had flowers in a frame like this.

I know you might not understand this form of floral art. But neither do I. Yet, somehow this museum likes it.

81. A flower display like this reminds you of a fresh spring garden.

Wonder what they used to achieve an effect like this. Nevertheless, the mechanics aren’t always as glamorous as the result.

82. Nothing shows love like a heart made from roses.

Sure the roses may not be real. But you have to love how it makes it look like a flowery chocolate box.

83. Nobody could ever resist this little floral panda bear.

After all, everyone loves Panda Bears and flowers. So why not combine the two? So cute.

84. A dress like this will make one look like a real wildflower.

Once again, you probably wouldn’t want to wear a flower dress. But it’s nevertheless lovely to look at.

85. This floral butterfly can always make your day.

Butterflies are always pretty, especially in the floral variety. Love the wings.

86. How about some flowers in your tea?

Actually they’re in a teapot and teacups. So you can’t get much tea from these.

87. Now I think this flower woman is a real grande dame.

If it weren’t for the green body, she’d almost be an exact likeness to the painting behind her. Like the stick hair.

88. As we all know, the flowers should go beneath the candles.

Well, at least they’re not beside the candles. But such display is great for a romantic dinner in the spring.

89. An artist’s pallet should always contain a lot of colors.

Each paint slot has flowers from a different color ranging from red to white. Black, pink, and brown not included.

90. The roses should always be in front of the golden fan.

Though there aren’t a lot of them on here. But that’s okay. Sometimes less is more.

91. How about you come sit right down on this floral chair?

On second thought, that’s probably not a good idea. But it’s still a nice piece of furniture.

92. A dove in flowers is a sign of peace.

After all, white doves are peaceful birds that shit everywhere. Too bad it doesn’t have an olive branch. Oh, wait, it does.

93. You’d almost think this bouquet has leafy wings.

This is another Ikebana piece. Though it consists of less flowers and more bamboo leaves.

94. There is no more beautiful sight than a floral peacock.

You might see these a lot at Indian weddings. After all, peacocks are from there. At least the Indian peacock we’re familiar with.

95. A showy bouquet makes a grand impression.

This is said to be for a more autumn wedding as you can tell by the colors. Yet, as we know, in autumn the flowers usually die.

96. When you see floral concept art, it doesn’t get stranger than this.

Helps that this one consists of pink flowers, too. Though it looks kind of strange.

97. Leaves and white flowers make a rather snazzy handbag.

Though don’t expect to put anything in this. Because it’s for display purposes only.

98. A long flower dress should have a festive variety of color.

As you can see, this one fits the bill perfectly. The flowers on here come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and kinds.

99. This heart wreath is as lovely as nature intended.

Helps that it’s laid out in the snow for all to see. Love the flowers.

100. Once in awhile, a flower display needs a very good frame.

This one has some flowers in the frame. But the ones on the bottom are more stunning.

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