Fall in Love with These Valentine’s Day Craft Projects


Anyone who has been in elementary school in America probably has had to do some sort of craft project on Valentine’s Day at some point. One year you might be doing Valentine boxes or the like. Nevertheless, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, many elementary kids don’t have much choice than to participate in it. This consists of sending a set of valentines to their classmates as well as a treat. Yes, it’s kind of a pain, especially for boys who aren’t cultured to have any affinity for such a girly holiday. Nevertheless, there are plenty of craft projects associated with the holiday. And since I did craft projects for the other major holidays, then I couldn’t single this one out. Yet, most of the Valentine’s Day craft projects will consist of hearts and the color pink. However, most of the craft projects I show will be made by adults. So for your reading pleasure, enjoy looking at a treasure trove of Valentine’s Day craft projects.

  1. Grace your home with this heart wreath covered in candy hearts.

Since candy hearts tend to taste like flavored sugary chalk dust, I think using them for craft projects is for the best. Besides, this is pretty.

2. No one would be more pleased this Valentine’s Day than one receiving a felt flowery heart.


Seems like this was made by someone who had too much time on their hands. Nevertheless, I really like the flowers on this, especially the purple ones.

3. Show the love this Valentine’s Day with these heart door hangings.


Seems to consist of 5 red hearts hanging at different ends. And they’re decorated in a variety of different ways.

4. Bring the spirit of Valentine’s Day to your home with this tulle heart wreath.


Seems to be colored in red, pink, and white. And it even has 3 red hearts in the center, too. Nevertheless, it’s quite pretty.

5. For your Valentine’s Day mantle, you can always go with a rose covered tree.


Of course, the roses are made from paper that you have to cut out (which I would be very bad at). Still, this looks very pretty if you ask me.

6. To make it small, you can always send a clothes pin valentine.


You have to open this one to get a message. Not surprisingly, it’s supposed to be rather brief.

7. If you don’t like your Valentine’s Day tree with roses, you can always go with some hearts.


As this picture says, these are made from ombre. Not sure what that is. Still, it seems like these hearts range from red, white, and 50 shades of pink.

8. When you fold hearts, you can turn them into flower petals.


As you see, these purple, pink, and yellow flowers are made of hearts and form into one. And they all have pearl beads in the center.

9. For the one who lights up your life, this light bulb will do just fine.


However, if the light of your life happens to be an electrical engineer, they probably won’t be impressed by the fact it most likely doesn’t light up. Still, like the hearts.

10. For your little one this Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with this heart onesie and cap.


I bet this is for a girl as I could tell by the ribbons on the shoulders. Also, because most parents wouldn’t dress their sons in such outfits either. Well, as far as I know.

11. Nothing brings the spirit of Valentine’s Day to your home than wooden hearts on sticks.


Love how these are in different patterns and sizes. Yet, they all are tied with the same heart ribbon.

12. Grace your lovely home this Valentine’s Day with a bauble wreath.


You’re probably going to see a lot of Valentine’s Day wreaths on this post. This one is probably the most delicate of them all. And one of the prettiest.

13. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with a large heart decorated with candy hearts.


I don’t know about you, but I strongly think they should market candy hearts as craft materials from now on. Because those candies aren’t at all fit for human consumption.

14. You can’t have Valentine’s Day without a set of “Love” blocks.


And I guess the “o” is a heart. Surely those blocks used some stencils to make them. But they nevertheless look lovely.

15. For a more rustic look on your front door, you can always go with a heart of roses.


I’m sure the flora on this is fake, given that it’s winter. Still, seems almost as if it came from a store. But it looks beautiful.

16. Decorate your mantle this Valentine’s Day with some XO blocks.


These consist of red “x’s” and white “o’s.” Nevertheless, not sure why “x’s” and “o’s” came to mean kisses and hugs. Maybe it has to do with Morse code.

17. This heart shirt would be perfect for any little girl on Valentine’s Day.


I’m sure this little girl will outgrow this in a few weeks as kids grow rather quickly. Nevertheless, it’s so cute.

18. This rosy heart tree would make a fine addition to any home.


Yes, this is a fake tree with fake roses on it. But I do think this person did a way better job on this than I ever could in my life.

19. Keep yourself warm this winter with this Valentine’s Day heart quilt.


Not sure if it’s for actual use and I highly doubt. But you have to love the red hearts on this. You really do.

20. You can’t get more cuddly on Valentine’s Day than with these two adorable bears.


Well, at least as far when it comes to bears you can make. The girl one has a bow in her head. Still, these two are so adorable if you ask me.

21. Be all hugs and kisses this Valentine’s Day by gracing your front door with this XO wreath.


As you see, it’s made from some fake white roses and ruffled red cloth. Still, I’m sure it’s bound to stand out in the neighborhood.

22. If you’re not using a planter urn, perhaps you can make some Valentine’s Day decoration from it.


I bet this decoration used a lot of sparkly party stuff. Nevertheless, I like the bow tied on the black urn the best in this.

23. Got a bunch of pink gift ribbons lying around? Make a heart wreath out of it.


Yes, this is a ribbon wreath. And yes, it’s mostly pink. But still, I find it rather ingenious if you think about it.

24. This candy heart bouquet is sure to make a fine Valentine’s Day centerpiece.


Of course, the flowers aren’t roses and may seem a bit springy. Nevertheless, they certainly match the candy hearts in the vase.

25. This white Valentine’s Day tree is decked in red hearts.


Yes, this is a Valentine’s Day tree. No, I don’t know why people do this. But yes, I did post it because it’s unique and has hearts on it.

26. For a great table centerpiece on Valentine’s Day, you can’t do better than a vase with sparkly branches and hanging hearts.


I guess making this made a big mess when it came to dousing the branches with glitter. Still, I think guests will be pleased by the results.

27. For Valentine’s Day decorations, you can’t go wrong with sequin hearts.


Normally, I tend to view sequins as a tacky material you’d see at some disco. But these aren’t that bad if you ask me.

28. These flower pot candy dispensers are a great way to store Valentine’s Day candy.


Of course, to be safe, you might want to buy the flower pots at the craft store first. Still, seems lie a rather clever idea.

29. Grace your couch this Valentine’s Day with a one of a kind heart blanket.


Wonder if it’s made by someone with too much time on their hands. Also, not sure if it goes well with that couch either.

30. Cuddle up this Valentine’s Day with this quilted valentine heart pillow.


Hears come in so many different colors and patterns. But most of them are pink. Still, not sure if anyone would have time to do this though.

31. Count down to Valentine’s Day with this heart calendar.


Don’t tell me they made a Valentine’s Day rip off of the Advent Calendar. Sure it only contains 14 days, but that’s a 2 week span.

32. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with Cupid arrows.


All it seems to take are skewers, felt hearts, electrical tape, and feathers. Seems easy for kids. However, they’d probably not make any at school due to weapons policies.

33. This Valentine’s Day, store candy in some felt fortune cookies.


Now this seems like a rather clever idea for kids to do Valentine’s Day treats for their classmates. However, not sure if some of them are old enough to do the sayings.

34. If you can’t make love arrows from skewers, use clothes pins.


Seems like these arrows look rather easy to make. But I don’t think any I’d make would turn out to be as nice as these.

35. Light up your home this Valentine’s Day with some rainbow heart lights.



And these seemed to be rather tangled up by the looks of it. Nevertheless, these hearts are made from paper so the lights can shine through them.

36. If you’re going for a more rustic Valentine’s Day look, you can’t do wrong with a wreath made of pine cones.


This seems rather quaint. However, I bet any money that those pine cones came from a craft store.

37. Got too many candy hearts lying around? Make a tree of them.



Yes, this is another art form with the Valentine’s Day candies that aren’t fit for human consumption. Nevertheless, that pink goes well with the heart pastel colors.

38. If you love candy hearts, then you’ll like these candy heart wall hangings.


Yes, these are wooden candy hearts that are painted and covered in glitter. Sayings include, “love you,” “be mine,” “kiss me,” and “XOXO.”

39. Anyone is sure to love a Valentine’s Day bouquet of hearts.


The hearts may be made from felt and the stems made from wire. But this bouquet is surely lovely to behold.

40. You can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in the woods without some acorn hearts.


They’re acorns with hearts on them. And painting the hearts seems to require a rather small paint brush and precision.

41. For a Valentine’s Day centerpiece, you can’t go wrong with a candy bouquet.


Don’t tell me that they have Valentine’s Day candy corn. Seriously, that stuff was bad enough around Halloween. Do we really need to deal with candy wax around Valentine’s Day?

42. This heart wall hanging is sure to be lovely on any front door.


These are red hearts brought together with some fancy ribbon. The top is a bow with some other ribbons and trimmings.

43. Candy hearts are bound to go well with any form of outdoor decoration.


These hearts are made from foam and are spray painted on. Some with stencils. Still, probably taste better than chalk dusty candy hearts, don’t you think.

44. If you like polka dots, then this Valentine’s Day wreath is for you.


Well, the polka dot cloth goes nice with the red and white motif. Also contains red and white ribbons and flowers.

45. These Valentine’s Day bottles will show how love is in the air within your home.


And these are decorated in different ways and in different. Not sure what to think about the silver one though.

46. Nothing makes a better Valentine’s Day gift than a heart button mosaic in a heart shaped pan.


Of course, if my mom had a heart shaped pan, she would certainly not let me do a button mosaic on it. Still, wonder how much glue they used.

47. Receive valentines with your very own Valentine’s Day mailbox.


That’s a really nice pink mailbox. Unfortunately, where I live, you can’t have one of at your house due to increment weather and an incident with mass vandalism.

48. For candlelight dinners, these Valentine’s Day candle holders can’t be beat.


Yes, these are festive candle holders. Unfortunately, my mom can forget having a romantic candle light dinner unless the power goes out. My dad tends to get migraines.

49. Nothing makes a better Valentine’s Day centerpiece than a bouquet of duct tape roses.


These look pretty. Then again, not sure if I can make as lovely roses as these with duct tape. Probably bound to mess up and waste the stuff.

50. Cozy up to a warm fire this Valentine’s Day with this rustic heart pillow.


The pillow is made of canvas while the heart is outlined with ribbon. Nevertheless, I’m sure anyone would enjoy this.

51. These Valentine’s Day pom pom monsters are bound to melt your heart.


These are so adorable and seem rather easy to make. Then again, not sure what these monsters have to do with Valentine’s Day. I really don’t.

52. For baby boys, this love bandit onesie will do just fine.


I suppose girl bandits could wear this, too. However, there are plenty of girl Valentine outfits available. And this one seems less girly than the others.

53. Store your Valentine’s Day treats in these appropriate cookie jars.


Has a chalkboard bubble you can write stuff on with chalk. If you don’t have any, then candy hearts will certainly do.

54. This wreath has a lot of hearts in its branches.


Seems that the hearts on this are made of paper. But it seems to have plenty of love to go around.

55. Grace your door on Valentine’s Day with this heart wall hanging.


Seems like something you’d put on a tombstone in a cemetery, but more festive. Not sure if it’s a craft project or store bought item. But it’s from Pinterest.

56. This wooden heart would make a lovely Valentine’s Day addition to anyone’s home.


I bet this was made from some crate. Has stripes in several different colors like red, white, and pink, as well as black.

57. Cover your Valentine’s Day tree with candy hearts for a lovely impression.


Because candy hearts are better used for craft projects than human consumption. Because nobody wants to eat chalk.

58. For a more down home feel, this “XOXO” wreath will do quite nicely.


Has 2 white cloth wreaths for “o’s” and 2 sets of cross twigs for “x’s”. And it’s strung together with a red ribbon.

59. For ceiling hangings, you can’t go wrong with a mobile with hearts.


Yes, I know the colors are drab on this one. But I think it’s an ingenious design, especially with the lace on top and the paper hearts.

60. Nothing makes a better candy holder than a jar filled with candy hearts.


Let’s hope this candle doesn’t smell like candy hearts or chalk dust. Still, I love the pink bow around this.

61. Nothing makes a better display for your doorstop this Valentine’s Day than this pink, fuzzy wreath.


Yes, it’s a pink tulle wreath. Yes, it has 3 hearts on it. Still, don’t tell me you wouldn’t want this on your door. You’d totally get this.

62. This XOXO wreath is a true Valentine’s Day delight.


While it’s mostly silver, it has a XOXO banner across as well as lovely flowers. Surely a lovely wreath, indeed.

63. This tulle wreath shows all kinds of love for Valentine’s Day.


This is in black and red tulle strips. And it has wooden letters spelling “LOVE.” Quite pretty though.

64. You can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day without an assortment of love tags.


To be fair these are made of wood and aren’t painted well. Nevertheless, these are quite nice if you ask me.

65. Keep yourself clean this Valentine’s Day with these heart soaps.


Seem to resemble candy hearts with sayings on them. Wonder how any of them smell like.

66. Nothing makes a better Valentine’s Day decoration than a ribbon tree.


Seems like this was made from all kinds of pink and white Valentine’s Day ribbons. Nevertheless, I love the ribbon and button star on the top.

67.  If you have a heart, then you’re bound to love this little Tin Man.


And it’s even made out of tin cans and a funnel. It even has a heart ticker. Still, I’m not a big fan of the Wizard of Oz. Think it’s pretty creepy with the flying monkeys.

68. Nothing makes a better Valentine’s Day than a bunch of hearts stacked on a pot.


Each one has a red ribbon below it. Also, each heart is made from wood. Yet, all these hearts are linked by a vine.

69. This Valentine’s Day wall hanging is one that you’ll certainly grow to love.


Sayings on this one are, “Love,” “Be Mine,” and “XOXO.” Yet, this is wonderful piece of Valentine’s Day decor.

70. If you have some blank pallets, you can’t do any wrong making some spray painted candy hearts on them.


Of course, stencils were used as you look here. But they sure are lovely, especially on this table.

71. For Valentine’s Day, these love rocks are great for your lovely home.


Well, as doorstops and paper weights anyway. And they’re quite intricately painted as well. Very beautiful.

72. This tulle Valentine’s Day wreath will surely warm your heart.


This one has pink, black, and red tulle strips. And it has a heart with a bow near the bottom. So pretty.

73. Decorate your home for Valentine’s Day with this lovely canvas garland of hearts.


This seems to have a rustic feel to this decoration. And it uses felt hearts, too. Lovely if I daresay.

74. Celebrate Valentine’s Day by hanging this lovely leopard skin heart ribbon wreath on your door.


Not a big fan of leopard prints. Somehow I think this is rather tacky as hell. But I’m sure someone is bound to like it. Yet, it’s just not me.

75. These hugs and kisses blocks are just too  sweet to miss.


Sure lit looks kind of frilly and in pink. But you have to like these because they’re so adorable.

76. These blocks will surely bring the love into your home.


These blocks spell “LOVE.” And they’re all held together by a red tulle bow.

77. If you want to give out candy for Valentine’s Day, these heart jars can’t be beat.


Of course, if I received something like these jars, I’d throw out the candy hearts and keep the jar. Seriously, candy hearts are disgusting.

78. Grace your door this Valentine’s Day with this red and pink wreath.


Seems to be decorated with hearts, branches, and baubles. And it even has a pink ribbon around it.

79. This rose tree centerpiece is bound to liven any Valentine’s Day table.


I’m sure the roses are fake and and the beads are draped down. Still, it’s so pretty and I bet it took a lot of time to make.

80. Nothing makes a better Valentine’s Day decoration than a heart wreath of roses.


I’m sure the roses on this are fake and are in shades of white, red, pink, and purple. Nevertheless, they’re very pretty if you ask me.

81. Place your Valentine’s Day candy is this lovely heart yarn basket.


This seems rather clever. Of course, I’m sure there had to be sticks to hold it up.

82. This heart shaped wreath has berries all over its branches.


This mostly consists of red and white berries which I know are fake. Nevertheless, I surely love the red ribbon on top.

83. You can’t have a wonderful Valentine’s Day without a large block of love.


Well, it’s a large glass block that says, “Love” and “Be Mine” and it’s filled with candy heart. And it’s all tied up with a ribbon.

84. For flowers, this Valentine’s Day fingerprint vase will do quite nicely.


These vases are obviously bought from a craft star. And the hearts are made by fingerprints. But these are certainly cute.

85. You can’t do Valentine’s Day without some heart crayons.


Seems to come in 4 different colors. Nevertheless, these are rather adorable and I’m sure kids would like them.

86. This quilted heart cloth makes a fine table centerpiece for your Valentine’s Day dining room.


It’s a patchwork spread with a heart in a middle. But you have to think it’s rather quaint if you ask me.

87. This love block is sure to light up your room on Valentine’s Day.


It’s a lovely block with a rather simple design. Yet, I surely love the ribbon tying this one. Like the light, too.

88. This white wall hanging of hearts is a great Valentine’s Day decoration in your home.


Seems to resemble some vintage Valentine’s Day decorations. Yet, I found this on Pinterest. Nevertheless, love the flowers on these.

89. Grace your home with this pink heart wreath of tissue roses.


I’m sure kids could make something like this. However, it seems to take a lot of time. Nevertheless, it’s quite beautiful.

90. You can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day without a heart sparkle dish.


Of course, you can’t eat anything on it. But you have to love the sparkles on here. Nevertheless, it’s very pretty if you ask me.

91. Grace your home this Valentine’s Day with these floral heart wreaths.


These consist of a purple one, a pink one, and one that’s in between. Yes, the flowers are fake and seem to resemble those on a tombstone. But they’re so beautiful.

92. When it comes to candle decor, you can’t do better than these Valentine’s Day candle wrappers.


These seem rather simple to make. Just some fancy cloth and some hearts attached to a pony tail holder. How hard could this be?

93. For your country home, this lovely wooden heart would look great on your wall.


Seems this uses a lot of glitter which can make a real mess. But it does seem to be quite pretty, nevertheless.

94. If you love music, then you’ll adore this little heart guitar.


Yes, this is a kid craft project. No, I don’t think you could actually play it. But I’m sure some of my fans will appreciate it.

95. Spruce up your dining room this Valentine’s Day with this chair cover of hearts.


Not sure how many are available. But you have to love all the hearts on these. They tend to come in so many shapes and sizes.

96. Light up your Valentine’s Day with these glitter heart candle holders.


These are so adorable. Sure the glitter makes a mess. Yet, the mess seems to be totally worth it as you see the results.

97. Nothing makes Valentine’s Day worthwhile without these decorative plates.


Sayings are “Kiss Me,” “Be Mine,” and “Love You.” Still, these are so utterly adorable.

98. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, you can’t do wrong with a heart wreath of red roses.


If you’re a rustic romantic, this is the kind of Valentine’s Day wreath for you. Not sure if it’s easy to make but it sure is beautiful.

99. Those who love Valentine’s Day will certainly enjoy this floral heart wreath.


This seems to be made by either a professional or someone with too much time on their hands. Still, it sure is beautiful though.

100. If you love Valentine’s Day, you’d surely find this button wreath adorable.


Yes, it’s a heart shaped button wreath. I’m sure it’s filled with all kinds of buttons. But it sure looks so cute.

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