Touchdown with These Super Bowl Sunday Party Treats (Second Edition)


Just when you thought the holiday gorging season is over. Another one just seems to take its place.  This time it’s NFL playoff season which will soon cap it off with the Super Bowl, which will be the most watched TV event of the year (but I’ll be watching Downton Abbey and Galavant if the Steelers aren’t in it). This year the Steelers barely made it into the playoffs after winning against Cleveland and Buffalo winning against the Jets (thank you, Buffalo). So naturally, on Saturday, they’ll be going against the Cincinnati Bengals. Nevertheless, most of the food that’s eaten during football games isn’t the best thing for you. Let’s face it, if your New Year’s resolutions include losing weight or eating healthier, you might stay away from the standard football fare like burgers, hotdogs, fries, chips, nachos, wings, pizza, fried chicken, and what else have you. And when it comes to the Super Bowl, well, you can bet some football fans will probably have given up sticking to their diets. Now I am not the most avid football fan. Yet, since I live in Pittsburgh Steeler country, I am well aware that pro football is a really big deal that the Super Bowl is America’s biggest unofficial national holiday. So it’s not unusual that many people throw Super Bowl parties on Super Bowl Sunday with their own gridiron grub. So for your reading pleasure this playoff season, here are some more Super Bowl delights for your big game party.

  1. New York Giants fans will surely get a kick out of these cupcakes.

I’m not sure if the Giants are in the playoffs this year. Then again, they’ve won 2 Super Bowls against the Patriots. So this sort of counts.

2. This football cookies will certainly look good on your Super Bowl dessert platter.


After all, football cookies seem easy to make and decorate. I’m sure you can find chocolate and white icing at your local grocery store.

3. You’ve heard of cheeseburgers. But have you’ve seen a cheeseburger cupcake?


Yes, this is a cheeseburger cupcake. Still, unlike some, you can have one with chocolate and vanilla.

4. It’s not a Super Bowl party without some pigskin potato skins.


I’ve done pigskin potato skins in my last Super Bowl treat post. but these are made in a very different way. Still has the same heart attack potential.

5. Last year’s top Super Bowl dessert was none other than the Deflate Cake.


Sorry, Patriots fans, but I couldn’t resist. This is just perfect. the deflated football almost looks real. I’m sure this wasn’t made in New England.

6. These Ritz cracker crunch footballs will surely delight the younger fans.


These look almost professionally made as you might see. Still, at least this picture lists the ingredients so I won’t have to make them out myself.

7. Of course, a Super Bowl treat post wouldn’t be complete without a snackadium to keep some food in one place.


This one has olives on the play in the guacamole field. Still, seems smaller than others but I’m sure some of the fare might not be good for you.

8. Nothing makes a great dessert on Super Bowl Sunday than these football cupcakes.


Uses cookie footballs and minty green icing. Still, they’re quite adorable. And they’re chocolate.

9. When it comes to dip, you can’t go wrong with a guac field.


At least this looks a bit healthier than the previous stuff I’ve put on my post so far. Like how they used peppers for field goals.

10. Super Bowl Sunday wouldn’t be the same without some chocolate peanut football treats.


These look quite cute. Not sure how you get the peanuts together. But it looks doable. Also uses chocolate icing.

11. Bring the big game spirit onto your dessert platter than some football pretzel sticks.


Seems like all you have to do with these are dip them in chocolate, wait for them to dry, and put football etchings on them. Can’t be that difficult.

12. If you prefer fun size, these pretzel bites will make your game.


Like the sticks, it just seems you dip them in chocolate before painting stripes on them. Not shaped like footballs. But as long as they’re tasty, who cares.

13. Your Super Bowl appetizer isn’t complete without a football bread bowl of dip.


On second thought, couldn’t just be football bread instead? That would’ve been great just as well and there would be no need to scoop out the bread.

14. This football appetizer platter will give you all the cheese and crackers of your heart’s desires.


Well, the football is made from pepperoni and cheese with everything else surrounding it. Not the most healthy option for you. But it doesn’t look half bad.

15. Fans in Seattle will certainly delight munching on a sugar cookie jersey of their favorite Seahawk.


Not sure if I know any of these guys besides Marshawn Lynch and the one with the braids (whose name I forget). Still, the fans will love them.

16. Mason jar football brownie treats would make a fine addition to any Super Bowl party.


Not sure how big these jars are. But these certainly look tasty. Love the brownie footballs at the top.

17. This pigskin cheese dip is all covered in bacon.


Now this is bound to give someone coronaries. Because bacon isn’t known to be good for you. Still, like the cheese stripes.

18. This Super Bowl, grace your dessert platter with these football bars.

2014 valentine super bowl fruit  football snacks - dessert bar ideas super bowl themed snacks-f10636

Not sure what these are. Cheese cake bars? Seems to look like it. Oh, wait, they’re fruit bars. Well, as long as they resemble footballs, that’s fine with me.

19. These football pretzels are sure to make a tasty Super Bowl snack.

2015 valentine chocolate caramel pretzels super bowl football snacks - chocolate super bowl treats f-f55388

Actually they’re football pretzel sandwich snacks. They’re used with Rolo chocolate. Not sure if this was made by the company. But it still goes on the post.

20. Nothing makes a Super Bowl party worthwhile than some Buffalo chicken sandwich patties.


Basically it’s ground up buffalo chicken shaped into footballs. And they’re decorated by string cheese for a more realistic effect.

21. Nothing is sure to excite the people of Green Bay, Wisconsin than a Green Bay Packers gingerbread house.


Yes, somebody actually did this. Still, I think it would’ve been more appropriate if it was a cheese or lunch meat house. Because it’s the Packers.

22. Steeler fans are sure to adore this cake as a dessert centerpiece.


Of course, I had to include at least one Steeler treat on this post. Not sure about the football. Looks a bit deflated and more appropriate for a New England Patriots cake.

23. You can’t have a Super Bowl party without including some cookie dough footballs.


They’re basically footballs with cookie dough inside a shell of chocolate. I’m sure it’s perfectly safe. I mean they put cookie dough in ice cream for God’s sake.

24. On the field, it’s the Hershey’s Kisses vs. the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.


To be fair, both candies are made by the same company, Hershey’s. Still, this cake is amazing. I also love how they made the striped Hershey Kisses refs.

25. For those who fondly remember Deflategate, feast your eyes on this chocolate “Bradie” ball.


This was made by a guy in Pennsylvania and it wasn’t for sale. Nevertheless, it weighs 13 lbs. Sorry, scratch that. It actually weighs 11.2 lbs since someone named Tom Brady let the air out.

26. Though it’s winter, these Giants ice cream sandwiches make a great frozen treat in New York.


Yes, these are New York Giants ice cream sandwiches. And since they’re a football team, each one has stripes and team colors in sprinkles.

27. With the Denver Broncos in the playoffs, there’s no better time to show you a Denver Brocnos dessert pizza.

Roberta's Chocolates - 8/23/07 - Chocolate Pizzas

Most of this is made from popcorn and chocolate as well as sprinkles and other candies. Actually found it on Pinterest in September.

28.  You can’t have a Super Bowl snackadium without some pop cans at the edges.


Actually I see some bear cans in the mix as well. Nevertheless, I think the most healthy things in here are the popcorn and the dips.

29. Why just have hotdogs on your grill when you can also have them on your dessert platter, too?


Yes, those are candy hotdogs. And yes, the circus peanut buns and gum drop relish make them look disgusting. Still, it’s unique so they’ll do.

30. People of Chicago would certainly adore this Chicago Bears chocolate cake.


Well, the Chicago Bears were National Conference champs and played in the Super Bowl in 2006. But the Indianapolis Colts beat them. Also, haven’t won a Super Bowl since the 1980s.

31. You never have a complete Super Bowl dessert platter until you have football gobs.


Seems like these gobs are rather easy to make as long as they’re shaped like footballs. Then after that is the icing of the stripes.

32. People from Seattle can always go crazy over a double decker Seahawk cake.


Now that’s a cake you could see from a mile away or in the dark. A green icing that bright could do that to a cake.

33. You can’t have a hit Super Bowl party without some cinnamon roll football cookies.


Yes, these are made from cinnamon roles. But they’re flatter as you see. Not sure if you can eat them for breakfast.

34. If you love the Pittsburgh Steelers, then you’ll love these Steeler sugar cookies.


Seems like this one has footballs, Steeler helmets, stadium views, Terrible Towels, logo, and jerseys of Big Ben, Heinz Ward, and Polamalu. Now Ward and Polamalu are out.

35. Nothing makes a better Super Bowl dessert than some football peanut butter Rice Krispie treats.


Yes, they’re just footballs with peanut butter. No, real footballs don’t look like that. Still, seem tasty.

36. For healthier dessert options, may I suggest you go with some chocolate football apple slices?


It’s possible that they’re probably covered in chocolate so they resemble footballs. Still, healthier than some of the other options on here, I’ll say.

37. These Oreo cookie footballs will surely make tasty Super Bowl treats during the big game.


I guess the Oreo cookies are crumpled up in footballs and covered by chocolate icing. May not look like much but I bet they taste great.

38. Seems like one of these little wieners just made a pass.


These are mini hotdogs with olive helmets and mustard features. And it seems they’re in the heat of a critical moment at this time.

39. This football cake is sure to make a wonderful centerpiece for your Super Bowl party.


And it’s surrounded by graham crackers to dip in. Either consisting of field goal icings and ones all covered in sprinkles.

40. Nothing makes a Super Bowl party better than a peanut butter football cake.


And all you have to do once it’s out of the oven are putting in some icing marks. Still, has some cracks but I’d certainly eat it.

41. No Super Bowl party platter is complete without a football pizza.


Yes, I did a football pizza before last year. And yes, it did have pepperoni and cheese. But this one is round.

42. You’re familiar with hotdogs at football games. But have you ever seen a football hotdog?


Well, this is more of a cheese and chili football hotdog. Nevertheless, it does have the football spirit and nachos on the side.

43. Seems like this large snackadium offers more healthier options.

greatest super bowl food stadiums (15)

Well, this contains fruit, cheese, and guacamole dip. Also, from what I can tell, this snackadium seems to be made for a Pittsburgh area venue. Well, at least according to the table cloth and the dip.

44. Celebrate the Super Bowl with with some football mozzarella sticks.


Yes, these are football mozzarella sticks. Yes, I know they don’t look like sticks. But they resemble footballs and shouldn’t that be enough?

45. This cookie tray is bound to have a jersey of your favorite Pittsburgh Steeler.


Well, Big Ben and Harrison are still around. Holmes got traded. Polamalu, Keisel, and Ward have retired. Not sure about the others.

46. For Seahawks fans, these blue and green Rice Krispie treats can’t be beat.


Well, they’re in the team colors whether through sprinkles, icing, or food coloring. Still, not sure how they’d taste.

47. You can’t complete a Super Bowl dessert platter without some cookie ice cream sandwiches.


Yet, out of these footballs, only half of these are covered in chocolate. Nevertheless, they sure look tasty if you ask me.

48. This football contains 3 different dips.


Seems like they consist of guacamole, salsa, and dressing. How they remain separated in this dish, I have no idea.

49. I give you, the quintessential meat snackadium.


The stands are made out of hamburgers and the edges and field goals are made out of hotdogs. Nevertheless, it’s certainly bound to induce some heart attacks.

50. These chocolate football brownies are sure to be any chocolate lover’s Super Bowl delight.


Now these are chocolate football brownies with chocolate icing. Must be so chocolatey rich as I say.

51. For Giants fans, you can’t have a better Super Bowl cake than one of MetLife Stadium.


I guess this was made by a professional. Still, love how the crowd is represented by sprinkles. So creative.

52. This Super Bowl, take a bite out of these super football sandwiches.


Seems like these buns are whole wheat and have the markings made from cheese. Still, I’m sure they’d be great for any Super Bowl party.

53. Nothing makes a great Super Bowl snack like some football nuts.


Seems like these were from the year when it was the San Francisco 49ers against the Baltimore Ravens. Ravens won and it resulted in as many Super Bowl wins for Ray Lewis as murder allegations.

54. This large snackadium is sure a real hoagie breadbasket.


Seems like this one appears to be made by someone with too much time on their hands or in the restaurant business. Wonder what happened to the food left over.

55. When it comes to parking, this snackadium has a whole lot to follow.


Seems like this one is all packed with snacks and brownies. Still, I love how this person used chocolate bars for cars and chocolate chips for wheels.

56. For a veggie dish, may I suggest some football taco salad?


Then again, this may be a dip for all I know. Then again, it’s probably healthier than some of the other dishes on this post. And it’s the most colorful football arrangement I’ve seen so far.

57. This snackadium seems partially constructed from Rice Krispies.


This seems to be an interesting arrangement. Probably built by someone with too much time on their hands. Likethe donuts on the burgers.

58. This Super Bowl dessert platter will sure be a hit at your party during the big game.


This seems to have a fruit pizza field and other delights. Nevertheless, seems to be made by a Green Bay Packers fan by the looks of it.

59. No Super Bowl party would be complete without these big game cupcakes.


These consist of a football and a filled stadium. And the best part about these is that they’re chocolate.

60. New Enlganders would delight with these Patriots cookies.


These consist of a couple helmets, logos, and footballs. Also has a a Brady jersey. One for each side. What an asshole.

61. In memory of Deflategate, here are some great football cookies in case the Patriots make the Super Bowl.


They’re said to be made by a coffee company in Boston. Seriously, I’m not kidding. Still, wonder how many orders they got outside New England.

62. Another cookie option would be of Tom Brady’s court portrait.


For some reason, this guy reminds me more of FBI Agent Nelson Van Alden from Boardwalk Empire. Seriously, he totally looks as if he could drown his partner in a lake in an attempt to baptize him. Made from an Indianapolis bakery.

63. Like peanut butter and chocolate chips? Then you’ll love these football cookies.


Well, these footballs seem spotty if you ask me. But nevertheless, they sure look tasty regardless.

64. This Superbowl, take a bite out of these Reese’s fudge footballs.


Seem to resemble the Ritz cracker crunch ones I showed earlier. But they’re probably softer. Still, these look so delicious.

65. Nothing makes a Super Bowl party complete than these little football toast pizzas.


They seem rather small and made with mustard stripes. Still, whoever made these was quite creative if you ask me.

66. Celebrate this Super Bowl with some jello shots representing your team.


Now jello shots contain alcohol and shouldn’t be taken by anyone under 21, pregnant, AA members, or designated drivers. Nevertheless, these seem to be for the San Francisco 49ers. Of course, you probably remembered what happened to them when they went against Baltimore.

67. For those rooting for Green Bay, this cake is for you.


Seems most appropriate since the Packers are associated with cheese, namely cheese heads. Still, not sure if I’m fine with them beating the Steelers at the Super Bowl. Then again, it could be worse.

68. This cake is sure to show some plays on the field.


This looks quite clever to say the least. Seems so simple to make if you know how to do an icing playbook.

69. To make your Super Bowl party a hit, use some football pizza dip.


To some it resembles a pizza. To others, it looks like a pie with pepperoni on top. But to me, it’s clever and seems rather appetizing.

70. When it comes to Super Bowl parties, you can’t go wrong with a football stuffed pizza.


Yes, I might’ve shown a football calzone before. But this one is made from bread and it looks so toasty. Also love the cheese decor on this.