Be Mine with These Valentine’s Day Treats (Second Edition)


As you may have guessed, Valentine’s Day isn’t one of my favorite holidays, and I’m doing such posts early this year so I can get the holiday over with. Last year, I did a post on Valentine’s Day treats and it received a rather warm reception. So I decided to do another one for all my fans out there. As we all know, Valentine’s Day is a highly celebrated holiday. And it’s no surprise that many people tend to hold Valentine’s Day parties which aren’t as extravagant as the ones they have on Christmas. But there are plenty of treats people post on Pinterest associated with the holiday which leaves me with a lot to work with. Not to mention, the fact most schoolchildren are usually obligated to bring valentines and treats to school as well. So for your reading pleasure, I bring you a treasure trove of some more Valentine’s Day treats.

  1. For starters, we begin with the chocolate hearts on sticks.

Wonder whether these are made with cake or marshmallow filling. Probably marshmallow, I guess. But they look so cute.

2. These animal cookies are bound to melt your heart.


Now these consist of a butterfly, a ladybug, an owl, a bird, a dog, and a penguin. But they’re all so adorable in their own special way.

3. For your Valentine’s Day party, you can’t go wrong with XO salad.


Yes, the X’s and O’s are made from cheese. Bit it includes some cucumber hearts as well.

4. Nothing brings the spirit of Valentine’s Day than some red heart gobs.


Yes, these are little heart cupcake sandwiches. Not sure how big they are. For all I know they could be rather bite size.

5. How about some heart churos with your coffeee?


These are churos made into hearts. And yes, a few of them fit wonderfully on a saucer like this one.

6. With heart shaped marshmallows and candy, you can make your own Valentine’s sundae.


Yet, between the two of these, I’ll take the one with the M&M’s. Those heart candies tastes like sugary chalk dust.

7. Grace your Valentine’s Day cupcakes with red icing, hearts, and roses.


Now these seem like classic Valentine’s Day cupcakes. I’m sure they were made in a bakery though. Nevertheless, they’ll surely do.

8. These Rice Krispie treats contain chocolate hearts for your Valentine’s Day delight.


I don’t know about you but I think these look delicious. And they have chocolate, too.

9. These heart shaped potatoes will go well with any Valentine’s Day dinner.


Sure to go with any heart shaped steak or meat as you desire. Think it’s a rather clever idea though.

10. With heart cookies like these, you can make a wreath.


Yes, that is a heart cookie wreath. Yes, I think this was professionally made. Nevertheless, I think it’s great and you should, too.

11. Feast your eyes on this envelope tart.


It’s like a tart with an envelope crust and fruity filling inside. This one is totally well suited for Valentine’s Day as you see.

12. These marshmallow robots on a stick are only filled with love.


I’m sure these aren’t edible since they’re of the same composition as marshmallow peeps. However, you can’t doubt their cuteness by any stretch of the imagination.

13. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with some tarts by the Queen of Hearts.


well, they may not be made by the Queen of hearts (because she doesn’t exist). But these do have hearts and they are cute.

14. You can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day without some valentine chicken pot pie.


Then again, it might be quiche. However, you have to admire the hearts on the crust. That’s quite creative.

15. Be kind to your heart this Valentine’s Day with some heart salad.


Yes, it’s a salad with hearts. And yes, those hearts are made from cheese and bacon bits. And so is the lettuce.

16. Grace your Valentine’s Day dessert platter with cheesecake with hearts.


This cheesecake has hearts all over it in a spiral. Sure it’s professionally made but it looks so pretty.

17. For healthy Valentine’s Day snack, you can’t go wrong with these fruity ladybugs.


Wonder how they get the berries into the strawberry. Nevertheless, these fruity bugs are so adorable.

18. Wake up in the morning to some Valentine’s Day crepes.


I guess “crepes” are fancy looking pancakes from how I see it. Can’t really do a design like that because I’d sure mess up somewhere.

19. For frozen treats, these Valentine’s Day ice cream sandwiches will do the trick.


Seems like you put some strawberry ice cream between 2 chocolate cookies. Then decorate with icing hearts however you like.

20. Nothing makes a better centerpiece for your Valentine’s Day dessert platter than this “My Heart Pounds for You” cake.


It’s basically a pound cake with strawberries in it and shaped like a hot. And this one consists of chocolate and vanilla.

21. If hearts aren’t your thing, you can always go with kiss lips.


These are “Big Kiss Cake Pops.” Yes they tend to look like plastic lips on a stick. But they’re not.

22. These heart sticks are great with a cup of hot chocolate.


It’s a cookie stick with some chocolate icing and mini marshmallows. Wonder if it tastes like a smore. Probably not.

23. For Valentine’s Day dinner, heart ravioli is a lovely treat.


And it seems like these ravioli can go with anything like shrimp. Nevertheless, it’s rather likely these are filled with cheese.

24. Wake up this Valentine’s Day morning to some heart shaped donuts.


Of course, if you eat enough of these, they’re not bound to do your heart much good. Still, you have to love these.

25. For Valentine’s Day dinner, you can’t do better for a vegetable than with some heart shaped carrots.


I guess these carrot hearts were made for kids and to go with peas. Nevertheless, they’re adorable.

26. Make your Valentine’s Day party a success with some kiss lips fruit salad.


As you see, the kiss lips, XO, and hearts are all made from watermelon. Nevertheless, it seems like a rather ingenious idea conducted by someone with too much time on their hands.

27. Then again, a fruit salad with hearts is just as nice.


Seems like this salad has more hearts than the last one. And they don’t just consist of watermelon either.

28. You can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day without a pie covered in hearts.


Guess this is a strawberry pie as I can tell. Nevertheless, its crust is all covered in hearts like I said.

29. Your valentine is bound to enjoy these envelope sugar cookies.


And they fit in a shiny red mailbox as far as I can see. Nevertheless, they’re quite cute.

30. Nothing makes Valentine’s Day sweeter than a cake covered in heart shaped candies.


Of course, you might want to take the candies off as you eat it. Those things taste like chalk dust and flavored sugar. It’s disgusting.

31. Nothing makes a better addition to your Valentine’s Day party platter than some pink deviled eggs with hearts.


Guess these hearts are made from beets from how I see it. Not sure what to think about the pink, though.

32. Heart cookies are always cuter when they’re ladybugs.


I’m sure kids are bound to love these. Not sure why they use ladybugs for Valentine’s Day. But these are adorable.

33. You’ll find a red heart when you take a slice of this cake.


Yes, this Valentine’s cake has a heart inside. Not sure how they do this. Still, I like that it’s chocolate.

34. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, you can’t resist these Hershey Kiss sugar cookies.


Consist of red, pink, and silver. May not be chocolate. But they sure look good to me.

35. You can’t have a Valentine’s Day party without rainbow jello hearts.


However, before your kids eat them, ask the host whether they contain alcohol. Remember just because it’s jello, doesn’t mean it’s for kids.

36. For healthier options, you might want to go with these heart fruit kabobs.


Consists of strawberries and grapes. And it seems that the strawberries are shaped like hearts, too.

37. This Valentine’s Day, your heart will melt for these X and O smores.


Seems like they consist of chocolate covered cookies with marshmallows sandwiched between them. Sure look good though.

38. You can’t go wrong this Valentine’s Day with these heart biscuits.


I know biscuits aren’t the best things for you. But they sure taste so good that they’re irresistible.

39. Those in the Tex-Mex mood will surely enjoy these heart empanadas.


Guess an empanada is a Mexican calzone of some sort. But these certainly look delicious.

40. You can’t go wrong on Valentine’s Day without these marshmallow candy hearts.


Sure taste better than the real thing. Because almost anything tastes better than sugar, chalk dust, and artificial flavors. And that’s a fact.

41. Warm up this Valentine’s Day with some tomato soup and grilled cheese heart sandwiches.


By the way, you dip your sandwich in the soup if I’m not mistaken. Hope you get my drift.

42. These cocktail cupcakes will sure make a fine addition on any Valentine’s Day party dessert platter.


Seems like these cupcakes are made in cocktail glasses. Wonder if they’re oven resistant. Must be but you’ll never know.

43. Delight your guests this Valentine’s Day with these stained glass heart cookies.


These seem to come in several different colors and flavors. Still, wonder how you get the jello in the heart because I’m stumped of how that works.

44. Your Valentine’s Day party will liven up with these sugar cookie candy hearts.


And I guarantee you that they’ll be much better than anything made from sweetened chalk dust with artificial flavoring. Seriously, real candy hearts are disgusting.

45. On Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with these smore cookies.


These consists of chocolate covered graham crackers with heart marshmallows on top. Perfect for any winter day.

46. You can’t have Valentine’s Day without these heart patty candies.


Not sure what they’re made of. But according to Pinterest, they’re said to be edible because there’s a recipe listed.

47. Nothing brings the spirit of Valentine’s Day than a chocolate lover’s cheesecake.


They have hearts on top in a regular and white chocolate swirl. Of course, I’m sure they’re incredibly delicious.

48. These heart pretzels make the ideal Valentine’s Day snack.


Yes, these pretzels aren’t all uniform. But I’m sure somebody would find them quite tasty.

49. All these Valentine’s Day cookies fit well in a cute red little box.


Mostly consists of letters and hearts. Still, you have to love these, especially since they’re chocolate.

50. You can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day without a cake with 3 hearts in it.


The hearts are supposed to be made of raspberry buttercream icing, according to Pinterest. Still, the chocolate makes it look delicious.

51. It’s not Valentine’s Day until you have an X and O brownie dish on your dessert platter.


Available in chocolate and vanilla filling. Nevertheless, they sure look tasty that’s for sure.

52. It’s not Valentine’s Day until you feast your eyes on this salad.


Seems to consist of tomatoes in a heart shape with some marshmallows in the center. Quite ingenious if you get my drift.

53. Grace your dessert platter this Valentine’s Day with this pink rose topped cake.


This looks like a lovely cake. Guess it’s professionally made or created by someone with too much time on their hands. But it sure looks pretty.

54. Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day to some heart shaped potato skins.


Contains cheese and bacon as well as some spices. You can even dip them in some dip of sour cream.

55. These Valentine’s Day candy kabobs are sure to be a real treat.


Not sure if I’d want to eat any of the candies on this stick. But I’m sure kids are going to love them. Yet, I do like the ribbons.

56. For Valentine’s Day dinner, you can’t go wrong with some heart beat salad.


It consists of hearts and they are made of beets. Get it? Still, seems to look great.

57. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, you will certainly fall in love with these cupcakes.


Really like this arrangement here. Like the hearts, especially the ones that spell “LOVE.”

58. Those who enjoy some Japanese fare will enjoy some heart shaped sushi.


None of them seem to be in the traditional Valentine’s Day colors like red, white, or pink. But they certainly do look wonderful if you ask me.

59. You can’t have Valentine’s Day without some red heart shaped bread.


I think this bread might be in the dough stage and made by a professional. Nevertheless, it sure looks lovely, and possibly tasty when it’s break.

60. All that don this cake are hearts and roses.


Not sure if those roses are edible. But they sure look pretty. Also love the chocolate icing.

61. If you want to keep your heart healthy this Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with this hearty salad.


Consists of hearts of tomatoes, cucumbers, and cheese. Nevertheless, whoever made this must’ve had too much time on their hands as far as I’m concerned.

62. These heart pretzels will make a tasty Valentine’s Day treat.


Consists of pretzels, candy hearts, and nutella. Nevertheless, they’re probably the easiest treats on this post so far.

63. It’s not Valentine’s Day until you feast your eyes on these chocolate covered Valentine’s Day Oreos.


Yes, these are Oreos with hearts on them. Still, other than the design, they seem rather easy to make.

64. This heart shaped cookie cake is a perfect edition to your Valentine’s Day party dessert platter.


Seems to consist of a chocolate chip cookie crust with a chocolate filling that’s sprinkled with candy hearts and chocolate chips. Sure looks delicious though.

65. You can’t have a great Valentine’s Day party without including some chocolate covered pretzels with hearts.


All it takes are candy hearts, pretzel sticks and chocolate. Nevertheless, it’s a rather doable snack.

66. Nothing says Valentine’s Day than a cake of a box of chocolates.


Now this is better than any box of chocolates (well, at least samplers). Seriously, if you receive a box, how many of those would you actually want to eat? My point.

67. For healthy options, you can’t go wrong with this rainbow fruit snack platter.


Seems that this tray has a different fruit for every color. Well, there are 2 representing green, but still. And the grapes are in the wrong place as well.

68. For Valentine’s Day, feast your eyes on some Salámové.


But to me, it’s a form of pizza. Nevertheless, this is the kind of food art that’s done by repressed art majors at grocery store delis.

69. Wake up this Valentine’s Day morning with some heart shaped French toast.


Now this resembles the kind of breakfast you’d see at some fancy restaurant or 5-star hotel. And each bit is topped with icing and strawberries.

70. Add some color in your life with these rainbow heart Rice Krispie treats.


Yes, they’re candy heart colored. But I assure you, they will taste much better. Seriously, sugary chalk dust is disgusting.

71. Would you like some heart marshmallows in your hot chocolate?


Well, this seems rather easy, until you realize you need a heart cutter that small. But it’s still cute.

72. These raspberry cookie sandwiches will be a Valentine’s Day delight.


Well, I see some of them also have strawberries as well. Nevertheless, it’s in a heart so it goes on this post.

73. For Valentine’s Day, have some strawberry cake in a jar.


Yes, it’s a cake in a jar. Don’t ask me how this was made. And it has a red heart on top.

74. I call this Valentine’s Day delight, “Death by Chocolate.”


It’s a cake smothered in every kind of chocolate you can think of. And it’s topped with white heart.

75. Nothing makes a better addition for your Valentine’s Day dessert platter than some flying heart cupcakes.


Wings seem to come in red, pink, and white. Not sure what they’re made of. But I think this is a clever idea.

76. Anyone who loves Valentine’s Day will love these Cupid cookies.


These use gingerbread man cookie cutters but they’re in red velvet. Nevertheless, they’re adorable.

77. Valentine’s popcorn makes a lovely snack.


However, before I’d eat this, I’d take out the candy hearts first. Flavored sugar chalk is disgusting to say the least.

78. You can’t have a great Valentine’s Day dinner without some heart salad.


Contains hearts among tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and carrots. However, you might want to remove the toothpicks before you eat the tomatoes.

79. This plate of Valentine’s Day sushi contains pink hearts.


Wonder how they got the heart in this sushi. Perhaps it’s better not to dwell on it too much.

80. A cake like this is bound to have kisses all over it.


However, I assure you it’s perfectly safe to eat. Because I’m positive whoever made this used stamps for the imprints.