God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen on These Christmas Treats (Second Edition)


Last year I did a post on Christmas food which was a big success last Christmas season and even got more views this November. So I decided to do another Christmas food post this year for those wanting more. Now while last year’s opening had a turkey, this year has a ham. As we all know, because Thanksgiving and Christmas are big holidays with a higher food consumption than usual, going on a diet this holiday season is usually a very bad idea. Now while there are plenty of food items associated with Christmas, I’m mostly going to focus on items that resemble things familiar with the holiday. So while ham and turkey may be Christmas entrees, neither will be in this post unless I see a ham or turkey with Santa’s face on it. This is just an example. So yeah, it’s all about the aesthetics here as with most holiday treat posts I’ve done. And yes, expect a lot of appetizers and desserts. So for your reading pleasure, here are some more Christmas treats for you to ogle during this holiday season.

  1. For some Mexican flair in the appetizer platter, you can’t go wrong with some Mexican Christmas tree dip.

Now this contains red and green peppers, olives, and cheese. Still, this is the kind of tree well suited for your nachos.

2. Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like reindeer cupcakes.


Then again, it’s fairly possible that Santa’s sleigh team would consist of females and young males. I mean older male reindeer usually shed their antlers by December. Of course, it’s possible they can all be girls with rather masculine names.

3. You’ve heard of a gingerbread house. But have you heard of a pretzel log cabin?


Yes, these are log cabins made from pretzel sticks with icing and other candies. However, it seems like these two houses only share one outhouse for some reason.

4. Bring the spirit of Christmas to your dessert platter with these Reese’s chocolate Christmas trees.


Now these are made from Hershey’s kisses and Reese’s cups. And they’re all covered in white icing and sprinkles to resemble snow.

5. This Christmas, bring the holiday spirit into your home with some Christmas wreath bruschetta.


Now this looks quite charming and can also be called “Christmas Wreath Veggie Pizza.” Yet, they had to use icing on the bow.

6. During this holiday season, wake up for some Santa pancakes.


Now this uses mini marshmallows, jelly, and M&Ms. However, it’s probably more healthier than anything you’d get at IHOP.

7. If you’re celebrating Christmas in Japan, go with a sushi Christmas tree.


Still, while I don’t mean to criticize Japanese eating habits, I have to admit sushi is far more healthier than what most Japanese eat on Christmas. You know, a bucket of Colonel Sanders’ Kentucky Fried Coronaries. Seriously, KFC food is finger lickin’ lethal.

8. Nothing makes a better Christmas cherry pie than one shaped like a candy cane.


And the best part is, it’s much easier to slice than a regular circle one. Still, that’s pretty clever if you think about it.

9. Grace your appetizer platter this Christmas with a veggie Christmas tree.


Talk about stacking up veggies like a tree. Of course, it mostly consists of broccoli for the foliage.

10. Then again, perhaps you might prefer a veggie platter with some lettuce.


Now this is a more organized Christmas tree with each veggie in a straight line. And this one is much greener as well.

11. For you fruit lovers out there, there is an edible Christmas tree for you, too.

diy fruits christmas tree creative christmas tree 2013 christmas food ideas-f57041

Now this contains strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe, and starfruit. And yes, it’s in Christmas tree form for your yuletide fruit salad delight.

12. Nothing makes a better dip this season than Christmas tree cream cheese.


Of course, it’s not green as you might see it. And it’s covered in chives and sauce. But it’s pretty clever.

13. Nothing makes a meat lover’s Christmas complete than a Christmas wreath kielbasa.


Now this contains yellow, red, and green bell peppers, olives, and some bread dough. It’s not necessarily green but it’ll do.

14. Make the most of this winter holiday season with these marshmallow snowman cookies.


For some reason, these tend to look like little snowman cowboys to me. Like the fruit roll-up scarves.

15. For healthier options, you can always go with strawberry Santas.


Now these have a strawberry suit, whipped cream faces, and chocolate chip eyes. Nevertheless, they’re adorable.

16. For your dessert platter, these Christmas tree brownies are sure to be a real treat.


Now I loved how they used sprinkles for the decoration. Nevertheless, these are simply charming and cute. Besides, who doesn’t love brownies?

17. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a chocolate Christmas tree either.


Now this consists of chocolate, icing, and small tiny cookies to use as ornaments and a star. Still, I’d eat this right up if it was in front of me.

18. At your ugly Christmas sweater party, it would be most appropriate if you go with an ugly Christmas sweater cupcake cake.


And this one is trimmed with mini marshmallows and covered in Christmas lights. Whoever thought up this must be brilliant.

19. Be a healthy angel this holiday season with this breaded Christmas angel.


Then again, it’s probably a sandwich. But it seems to cover an astonishingly small amount of space on the plate.

20. Of course, you’ve heard of “Silver Bells.” Well, have you heard of cheesy green Christmas bells?


Now other than cheese and some veggies, I’m not sure what else is in these bells. Still, it’s pretty clever when you think about it.

21. Watch the iconic Christmas special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with cupcakes of Rudolph and Clarice.


Of course, I personally thought that Rudolph and Herman should’ve remained at the Island of Misfit Toys. Seriously, Santa in that special was a real jerk. So was Rudolph’s dad.

22. Grace your holiday appetizer platter this year with these Christmas tree hard boiled eggs.


Man, they seem to have hard boiled eggs for almost every occasion. Still, I wonder how they got the eggs in that Christmas tree shape.

23. Treat yourselves this Christmas to some Christmas tree Rice Krispie treats.


Now these trees seem to be decorated with those cinnamon candies and specks of peppermint. Also like how they used the green icing.

24. Treat your kids this Christmas with these Santa hat cake pops.


Now these are so clever. Nevertheless, it’s possible that these might be strawberry pops, but I doubt it.

25. For a healthy Christmas lunch, you can’t go wrong with a pea pod Christmas tree.


Now this includes an American cheese star and a pretzel stick trunk. Still, it’s quite cute.

26. When it comes to Christmas tree brownies, you can decorate them however you like.


You can use some sugar and sprinkles. And you can decorate one with the red cinnamon candies. Nevertheless, it helps if you include candy cane handles.

27. Make your dessert platter a winter wonderland with these snowflake and Christmas tree cupcakes.


Now these look professionally made. Not sure if some of the decorations are edible. But they look magnificent. Like the snowflake Christmas tree.

28. Ever seen those Christmas villages? Well, here’s a Christmas village cake.


Now these might be rather simple houses near a cookie tree. But I really think this is pretty adorable and clever if you ask me. Love the icing on the houses.

29. For Christmas cookies, nothing beats candy canes.


I think my mom made these when I was a kid. Yeah, I might remember these. Yet, this is a great cookie idea.

30. Bring in the festive Christmas spirit with some Christmas tree Rice Krispie treats.


Yeah, I had Rice Krispie Christmas trees on this post earlier. But these are coned shaped, green, and 3 dimensional. Love the decorations on this though.

31. Grace your Christmas dessert platter with a large gingerbread village cake.


Now this has to be professionally done or by a repressed art major. But you have to admire how lovely these gingerbread houses are.

32. For your dessert platter, nothing makes a better centerpiece than a cupcake Christmas wreath.


Now this one comprises of cupcakes you can tear away from the original arrangement. But yes, this is cute.

33. Bring in the true Christmas spirit to your holiday party with these cupcakes.


Yes, these are professionally made as you can tell by the decorations. But I think they’re quite cute despite having a lot of icing.

34. For lunch this Christmas season, your kids will certainly love a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer PB & J.


Just cut a piece of bread in the shape of a heart and attach pretzels as antlers. Still, I think whole wheat might be better since it’s darker and healthier than white.

35. Now you know candy canes. But have you ever seen some candy cane Christmas trees?


These are manufactured since they’re still in the wrapper. Still, you have to like these and think it’s a clever treat idea.

36. For dessert, you can’t go wrong with Rice Krispie treat ornaments.


Now these are just in balls with a wrapped Rolo on top. Not sure what to think about caramel Rolos though. Wish they had more chocolate and less filling.

37. While mice are certainly a nuisance that should die this holiday season, these Christmas mice cookies should be a delight.


Now these mice are made out of chocolate with almond slice earrings and little red eyes. Still, they’re cute and won’t eat your food.

38. Wake up Christmas morning to some Christmas tree cinnamon rolls.


Yes, I had a cinnamon roll Christmas tree in my last Christmas treat post. But this one has stars and I think it’s lovely.

39. Greet this winter during the holiday season with some peppermint snowflake bark.


Now I’m sure the peppermint part of it comes from mashed candy canes. Snowflakes are also carved from a mold.

40. No kind of bread fully encapsulates the holiday spirit than some braided Nutella Christmas tree bread.


Now this is just wonderful. Man, that bread must really taste so good. Really want to bite off a piece of this.

41. For your Christmas lunch, nothing beats a Christmas tree pizza.


Now this is only a slice. But toppings are leaves, popcorn, and peppers. Also has a tree stand crust.

42. Celebrate the Christmas season this year with this Christmas tree cake.


Who knew that you can make such an elegant Christmas tree with frosting. And yes, it’s quite stunning.

43. This Christmas your kids will certainly love a sandwich of Santa’s little helper.


Includes cheese for hair and a cucumber for a hat. Still, I think the cucumber might be proportionally larger than the head for some reason. I’m not sure why.

44. Bring the spirit of the holiday season to your appetizer platter with this candy cane cheese dip.


Contains cheese and peppers for the red stripes. Might need a mold and a big dish. Wonder how long this one is.

45. For a holiday fruit snack, may I suggest a Grinchy pear?


Includes a strawberry Santa hat, which I think is a little too small for the pear head. Still, it’s pretty clever if I do say so myself.

46. This Christmas, hope your kids can help themselves to some Santa gouda cheese.


Unlike some of the treats on here, the decorative parts aren’t exactly edible. Nevertheless, I do think it’s cute to put little belts over the wax cover.

47. If you have a round dish, then I don’t see anything wrong with an ornament veggie tray at your Christmas party.


Now this consists of baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber slices. And they’re all arranged in neat rows for your guests’ convenience.

48. Now wouldn’t you say Christmas is so right for Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer brownie bites?


Basically these are round brownies with pretzel antlers on them. Well, partial antlers on them. But they’re cute that your kids will love them.

49. When it comes to Christmas treats for kids, you can’t go wrong with cereal bar sleighs with candy cane blades.


If it weren’t for the gummy bears in the sack, I would’ve mistaken these for tank. Still, like the candy cane blades on them.

50. Prank your naughty friends this year with some lump of coal candy.


Wonder if anyone would look at this and think it’s the real thing. It’s just candy so don’t use it as fuel for your fireplace. But yeah, it looks real.

51. This Christmas, spread some seasonal cheer on your appetizer platter with this Christmas tree cheese ball.


Now this is covered in parsley, peppers, and almonds. Still, not sure if it’s grand enough to be a centerpiece in the cracker tray.

52. Bring the snowy spirit of Christmas this holiday season with some snowflake cookies.


Yes, I love purple and I do think these snowflake cookies are beautiful. Nevertheless, I think they’re professionally made according to the design, at least.

53. For your dessert platter, you can’t get any jollier than these Santa hat cupcakes.


Yes, they look a bit like Santa hat cake pops except that they’re bigger. But they are pretty cute if you ask me.

54. Celebrate this Christmas on your appetizer platter with some Grinch guacamole for your nachos.


Really seems to resemble the guy if you ask me. I especially like his frowning expression with the olive eyes. Yes, quite amusing.

55. For a healthy fruit snack, you can’t go wrong with an apple Christmas tree.


And it has a cheese star, a pretzel stick stump, and raisin decorations. Of course, the raisins might run the risk of being mistaken for chocolate chips.

56. For Christmas dinner, help yourself to some Santa bread.


Now this bread has all the features of Santa including the hat, nose, and beard. Guess this was made by some repressed art major.

57. This Christmas, treat your kids to a healthy treat of apple snowman.


Yes, this is an apple made snowman. No, it’s not quite white. But then again, no snowman is anyway since a lot of snowmen have grime.

58. For Christmas lunch, help yourself to some Christmas tree pita pizza.


Contains peppers and a green sauce on some pita bread. Pretzel sticks are used as stumps. Then again, not sure what the green stuff is.

59. This Christmas, make your candy canes better by dipping them in chocolate.


Man, candy canes can be used for so much pertaining to decorating and cooking. Isn’t there something you can’t use them for this holiday season? Well, maybe.

60. Why stick with just one cheeseball when you can make a snowman with 3?


Yes, I have quite a few cheese ball stuff on this post. But hey, if they look like something that pertains to Christmas, it’ll go on this post. Besides, this is just fairly clever to say the least.

61. Make your Christmas party a hit with these Santa cake pops.


Now these Santas certainly look jolly and adorable. And I’m sure they won’t freak out the kids. Love them.

62. Now this penguin Christmas cake is sure to make your holiday season an adorable one.


Of course, penguins don’t live in the North Pole or an area with igloos or evergreen trees. But they’re so adorable in their Santa hats that you’ll overlook these things.

63. For your Christmas lunch have your kids feast their eyes on these snowmen sandwiches.


Now they have bugle hats and even some cheesy Christmas mice joining them. Nevertheless, they’re so cute.

64. Make your holiday party festive with your very own Christmas taco tree.


Now this has tacos laid out in a Christmas tree fashion. And with some cheese on the top. Whoever thought of this was a genius.

65. Grace your appetizer platter this Christmas with a Christmas cheese wreath.


Yes, this is another cheese dip confection. And yes, it doesn’t look quite like a green wreath. But it’s a great dip arrangement nevertheless.

66. For the holiday season, string cheese snowman is surely a treat that can’t be beat.


Of course, you can’t eat the attributes on the packaging. But still, you have to admit this is pretty creative.

67. On cold winter days during the season, you can’t go wrong with some marshmallow and candy cane snowmen.


And yes, they have M&M buttons and Twizzler scarves. Oh, and their hats are made from Hershey’s kisses. Still, these are adorable.

68. Nothing makes a better Christmas treat this year than a chocolate covered Christmas tree pretzel.


Now these have some pretzel sticks on them to bring out the tree design. Nevertheless, I think they’re pretty neat and sure look tasty.

69. Now these Santa cupcakes are sure to make anyone say “Ho, Ho, Ho.”


Now these have Santa’s features in icing. Of course, eating too many might put you at an increased risk of Type II Diabetes, if you’re not careful.

70. Wake up on Christmas morning to none other than some Christmas tree waffles.


Now this one is decorated with cantaloupe, raspberries, and blueberries. Nevertheless, it’s still much healthier than what you’d get at IHOP. And it’s less depressing than whatever you’d see on Christmas at the Waffle House.

71. For your fruit salad platter, it doesn’t hurt if you use a real watermelon snowman.


Of course, watermelons aren’t in season this time of year, so you’ll have to go with a store bought one. Also, snowmen aren’t green which might confuse the kiddies.

72. Reminisce about Christmas in the olden days with these Christmas vintage card cookies.


Once again, these are professionally made. Still, I wonder if any of these cookies depict some creepy kids or deranged Santas. Really would like to see that.

73. For a fruity Christmas dessert, you can’t go wrong with a Christmas wreath pavlova.


From how I see it, it’s a cake that’s covered with fruit on top. Other than that, I’m not sure what a pavlova is. Perhaps it’s another variation of fruitcake.

74. Grace your dessert platter this Christmas with a chocolate covered Oreo Christmas tree.


Now how this person managed to put so many Oreos on a stick I’ll never know. Still, love the lights on it.

75. Nothing says Christmas like these 12 Days of Christmas cake.


Now this was surely professionally made since nobody would be able to make a cake with that many layers. Love seeing Animal on the bottom. Still, I wonder how they carry this thing.

76. Wake up in these cold holiday mornings to some snowman donuts.


Of course, they had candy corn for noses which is basically inedible sugar wax most people wouldn’t think of eating on Halloween, let alone Christmas. Still, the chocolate chips to represent the eyes and mouth certainly are, if you aren’t a dog.

77. Savor the holiday season this year with these Christmas tree jello shots.


Of course, these probably contain alcohol just so to warn you. And no, these aren’t for anyone under 21. Still, like how they arranged these cups into a Christmas tree.

78. Uh-oh, it seems that Santa was too fat for this cake.


Yeah, maybe Santa should either go on a diet or hit the gym. Nevertheless, I think this s a fairly amusing cake. Like the reindeer, too.

79. Celebrate the holiday season this year with some Christmas tree lasagna.


And yes, the Christmas tree is made of all kinds of bell peppers. Still, never thought I’d see something like this. I was expecting something like Christmas tree pizza.

80. Your Christmas dessert platter is never complete without a Christmas wreath cake.


Now this is professionally made as you see with the detail. Still, you have to love the wreath design and the red ribbon on this. Very in tune with the Christmas season.

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  1. Beautiful Christmas eats! A fairly high percentage of them are actually reasonably good for you- actual food, not just goodies.

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