Bad Movie Sisters

Now while compiling a post on terrible movie brothers was easy, I couldn’t say the same about the sisters since women don’t have as much screen presence in movies as men do. So if some of these sisters seem to be less terrible than the brothers, it’s mainly because finding bad movie sisters were fairly hard to find. Nevertheless, movie sisters have also had a prominent presence in movies from Little Women to Frozen. But while some sisters tend to be best friends, others could be at each other’s throats. But while some may have to deal with annoying sisters at some point of their lives (like myself), this post will make anyone feel better about their female siblings since these girls can range from backstabbers, homicidal maniacs, outright nuts, or a bit of all three. Some of them can be even downright selfish and irresponsible in their sisterly ways. So if you’re the kid with the worst sister ever, let’s just say this post will make you feel better because it’s very likely that your sister is certainly not as bad as these ladies. Half-sisters, stepsisters, and adopted sisters are included as well. Aunts count, too, if sibling ties can be established since being a bad aunt is almost synonymous with being a bad sister, even if they direct their vileness toward their sibling’s kids which is every parent’s worst nightmare. So without further adieu, here are the bad sisters that will put your annoying and mean sisters to shame.

1. Blanche and Baby Jane Hudson


From: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

The Problem: Sometimes sibling rivalries never die. Still, whatever ups and downs me and my sister I have, I’m grateful that our relationship isn’t like this. Of course, it’s very obvious that Baby Jane is the sister from hell since she’s a mentally disturbed alcoholic who has despised the now paralyzed Blanche since their showbiz days and absolutely loathes taking care of her. She’s also never gotten over her days as a child star despite being well into middle age and not aging gracefully. Then again, we’re not sure that she’s aware everyone has entirely forgotten about her contrary to her older sister Blanche. But when she learns that Blanche intends to sell the house and send her to a sanitarium, things really go downhill. Whether it’s serving Blanche her pet parakeet or a rat for din-din, it’s easy to sympathize with her older sister, especially as Jane gets more physically and emotionally abusive toward her as the film progresses. She also forges Blanche’s signature on checks, cuts her from any possible communication, beats her unconscious, ties her to a bed, and kills the suspicious cleaning lady. However, Blanche isn’t completely innocent either since she had been endlessly bitter of how Jane was treated as a child and how Jane had to make a movie every time her older sister was in one (with every flop damaging Blanche’s career). When Blanche had enough, she tried run over Jane but ended up crippling herself in a way to make her little sister look responsible. And to make things worse, Jane was too drunk to remember that night so Blanche basically forces her to live in guilt and wait on her hand and foot for the next 30 years. So between these two sisters, I’m not sure which one is worse.

2. Petunia Dursley


From: The Harry Potter series

The Problem: Now Petunia is more of an aunt than a sister in the series. But her bad feelings for her sister Lily are basically the reason why she treats her nephew Harry Potter so badly. Sure Petunia probably didn’t have it easy growing up with a Muggle born witch said to be prettier and smarter than she was. And it doesn’t help that she spoils her own son rotten and basically lets Dudley bully Harry for years while her nephew slept in a cupboard under the stairs and endured tons of abuse. She is particularly a bitch in the fact she lied to Harry about his parents dying in a car crash. Oh, and because of Lily, she doesn’t take to kindly to Harry having any magical powers. Not to mention, you have her husband Vernon who’s basically a social climbing, materialistic villain in the true Roald Dahlesque style. Still, just because you and your sister didn’t get along is no excuse to abuse her kid, magical or not. Of course, if you didn’t read the book, in Book 5 Harry fights off a group of Dementors who tried to take Dudley’s soul only to be unmerciously subjected to an expulsion hearing. Nevertheless, Mr. and Mrs. Dursley were thinking about kicking Harry out of the house until Dumbledore sends Petunia a howler. Yes, it got to that.

3. Carmen Sternwood


From: The Big Sleep

The Problem: If this movie was a romantic comedy, then Carmen would be nothing more than mere embarrassment for her older sister Vivian Rutledge who’s basically protecting her from her own mistakes. Of course, from the very beginning, it’s that something’s really not right with her. When we first see her, she already owes gambling debts to a bookseller named Geiger as well as poses for his naked photo shoots (for his illegal porn operation) and possibly other things (since she’s found drugged at his home). When Geiger is found dead, Vivian shows up at Philip Marlowe’s office with these photos she received as well as a blackmail demand for the negatives. But Carmen demands the photos. Nevertheless, as Marlowe and Vivian develop a relationship, Carmen tries to get Marlowe to sleep with her but he throws her out. Still, it’s later revealed that Vivian was blackmailed because she suspected Carmen to have killed a friend of their dad’s who disappeared a month ago named Sean Regan. And it’s vaguely implied that this might be true since she’s kind of an unstable nympho to begin with. No wonder Vivian thinks her sister might need psychiatric help. Of course, in the original Raymond Chandler book, she’s even worse.

4. Briony Tallis


From: Atonement

The Problem: Now Briony is perhaps an immature and nosy teenage girl but what she does really causes a lot of problems for her sister Cecilia especially when it comes to her relationship with servant’s son Robbie Turner. Now Briony has a crush on Robbie who has her send a sexually explicit letter to his sister, which makes her disgusted and jealous. But she also suspects that Robbie is sexually harassing Cecilia even though he’s really not. So when her cousin Lola is nearly raped (by a stranger), Briony uses the occasion as revenge by framing her sister’s boyfriend of the crime as well as shows his dirty letter. This results in Robbie being arrested and sent to prison until WWII on the condition he join the army. Cecilia never forgives her for this. On discovering Robbie’s innocence, Briony is so guilty of this that she wrote the story about them which gives her sister and Robbie a happy ending, even though they never really saw each other after Robbie left for war and they both died in 1940. Yeah, so because of Briony, Cecilia never had any chance for happiness (or so she thinks).

5. Kathryrn Merteuil


From: Cruel Intentions

The Problem: Now Kathryn seems like a popular, well-adjusted young woman, devout Christian, and Student Body President at Manchester Prep. However, she’s more or less a bulimic, a drug addict, alcoholic, oversexed, and a manipulative mastermind who prides herself on destroying other people’s lives as well as controlling them to suit her own ends. For instance, she persuades a lot of her female classmates to sleep around so she could ruin their reputations. In short, she’s a cold hearted sociopathic troublemaker. Yet, only stepbrother Sebastian Valmont realizes this even though they both share a twisted attraction to each other. The whole plot revolves around Kathryn making a bet that she’d sleep with him only if he could nail the headmaster’s daughter. And if he doesn’t she’d get his vintage car. But he ends up falling in love with her instead. Jealous, Kathryn taunts him and threatens to ruin his girlfriend’s reputation so he breaks up with her. Kathryn then reveals she knew he loved her all along compelling Sebastian to say that he wants nothing to do with her. When he leaves, she tells another guy that he hit her and slept with another classmate, which results in a fight (which she intends that Sebastian won’t survive). Annette tries to stop it and is thrown in the middle of traffic but Sebastian pushes her away and is fatally hit by a cab. Luckily Sebastian has kept a journal about this and Kathryn gets her comeuppance (well, sort of).

6. Goneril and Regan

From: King Lear

The Problem: These two girls are basically the closest thing to the Celtic equivalent of Veda Pierce. Seriously, Goneril and Regan make Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters seem like the Crawley girls in comparison. Now the play kicks off when their regal daddy King Lear announces his intention to retire from power. Since he has no sons, Lear decides to divide his realm among his 3 daughters who will receive a share as long as they express their love for him. Seizing their chance for some of their daddy’s royal real estate, they successfully flatter him with their sentimental bullshit. Younger sister, Cordelia, on the other hand, basically tells her dad that the whole thing is bullshit and refuses to partake (well, she doesn’t say it that way but it’s exactly what she thinks). This results in her being banished to France where she marries the king. But having daddy’s real estate isn’t enough for Goneril and Regan. They’re both obsessed with power that they want to overthrow their old man, too. But it’s the only thing that unites them. When Lear resolves to divvy his time between his 2 oldest daughters and their husbands, both say that their declarations of love were fake, see their dad as a foolish old man, and refuse to grant him residence. Once Cordelia’s new husband makes landfall in Britain to help Lear (with an army), Goneril and Regan engage in a war resulting in the death and capture of Regan’s husband, their crazy old dad, their little sister Cordelia, and themselves once Edmund starts sleeping with them. I mean if Goneril didn’t poison Regan first, Regan would’ve done the same.

7. Bianca Minola


From: The Taming of the Shrew

The Problem: So you’re headstrong Katarina and your sister Bianca wants to get married to a guy she has just met. However, in order for that to happen your dad has to marry you off first, which is going to be challenging. Not to worry, your sister’s boyfriend has a guy picked out for you named Petruchio who’s willing to marry you for a bet and your large dowry. Of course, you don’t want to get married but since Bianca is a little manipulator who’s got your dad twisted around her little finger and the fact you’re such a brat wanting attention that he’ll marry you off to just about any guy willing to take you, you don’t have much choice. Unfortunately, Petruchio has set up your first days together as a merry go round of neglect and emotional torture that will break your spirits into the ideal wife. Prepare to spend your days being denied food until you agree to everything Petruchio says. Still, you know that her being obedient and sweet temperance is just an act so she could get what she wants, even if it’s at your expense, so welcome to hell, Katarina.

8. Delia Lovell Ralston


From: The Old Maid

The Problem: Well, Delia is actually Charlotte’s cousin but you wouldn’t really know that since they seem to be sisters in all but in the biological sense. But Charlotte has had to live in Delia’s shadow all her life. Nevertheless, during the course of the movie Charlotte gets knocked up by Delia’s ex on the rebound (who’s conveniently killed off-screen) and has a daughter named Tina she loves very much. In fact, she gives up the chance of marrying a guy than give her up for adoption. And when Delia’s husband dies, she lets Charlotte and Tina move in. Still, unaware that Charlotte’s her real mom, Tina refers to Delia as her mom and Charlotte as her aunt, much to Charlotte’s dismay. This goes on for years and Delia does nothing to correct this and as a result, Tina tends to resent Charlotte who feels that she has to play the role of a stern spinster aunt. And when Tina is engaged, Delia formally adopts her to give her a more reputable name. Nevertheless, while Delia makes up for it in the end, it’s still pretty disconcerting that she stole Charlotte’s kid and basically robbed her cousin from forming a close mother-daughter relationship with her.

9. Esther Coleman


From: Orphan

The Problem: Seems like the Colemans should’ve checked with the orphanage before deciding on 9-year-old Esther. Or at least have gotten a puppy. Sure she may seem so polite and creative as well as perhaps the sensitivity and charm that can thaw frozen hearts. However, she’s actually a manipulative sociopath with no morals that her casually dropping f-bombs in everyday conversation is the least worrying thing about her. Well, that along with cutting the flowers that her adoptive parents have scattered over the remains of their stillborn child and presenting them to adoptive father John in a bouquet. Not to mention, reading excerpts of her adoptive mother Kate’s diary regarding her miscarriage out loud. Nevertheless, she’s basically a sister and daughter from hell that would make Veda Pierce look like a Girl Scout. She threatens to castrate older brother Danny and burns his treehouse with him in it. Luckily he survives. She also pulls the emergency break on her deaf little sister Max and let it slide down the hill. As for the parents, she breaks her own arm in a vise and blames Kate for it as well as tries to murder the entire family so she can have John to herself. But she kills him when he refuses her advances. Oh, and did I tell you that she’s really not what she seems?

10. Regina Hubbard Giddens


From: The Little Foxes

The Problem: To be fair, Regina does live in the early 20th century South where inheritance was reserved for sons, institutionalized gold digging was a thing, and her brothers are just as greedy and morally bankrupt as she is. Besides, she hates having to depend on a husband she doesn’t love. So when Oscar and Benjamin want to build a cotton mill, they’re willing to either settle for $75,000 from her husband Horace and possibly a marriage between Oscar’s son Leo and her daughter Alexandra, which neither Alexander nor Horace approve. However, Horace isn’t interested in the project which leads to Ben and Oscar stealing his railroad bonds via Leo. But while Horace is willing to forgive his relatives and change his will, Regina sees this situation as a way for screwing them over. So she waits for Horace to die of a heart attack after she riles him so nobody would contradict her. She then accuses her brothers of the theft as well as blackmails them into giving her 75% ownership of their new business venture. The brothers are left with no choice but to give in. Sure the Hubbard brothers weren’t nice people and got everything they deserved. But her daughter Alexandra is absolutely horrified by what she done so she runs off with a newspaperman leaving Regina independently wealthy but alone. Still, even though you might root for Regina for being a magnificent bitch she is, you have to wonder if she’s perhaps as despicable as her brothers or possibly worse.

11. Sarah Williams


From: Labyrinth

The Problem: To be fair, Sarah’s had a rough adolescence and it’s understandable that she hides from life with fantasy tales to the point of dressing up in long flowing dresses and acting bits of script in a park. Of course, she’s a teenage girl who’s unhappy with her mom leaving the family, her dad’s remarriage as well as the resulting baby half-brother Toby. Her father doesn’t seem to give two shits about her and her stepmother seems to expect her to be a live-in babysitter. So it’s no wonder she wishes the Goblin King Jareth take little Toby away from her. However, she’s just venting her frustrations and really doesn’t want Jareth to do this. But little does she know that a sparkly leather clad pants David Bowie swoops by and takes him off her hands anyway (as well as becomes a source of 1980s fantasy fetish fuel). Now feeling guilty of not being careful what she wishes for, Sarah now has 13 hours to retrieve him from the labyrinth citadel. The plot kicks in from there, and boy, does she learn her lesson the hard way.

12. Elisabeth


From: Les Enfants Terribles

The Problem: Elisabeth loves her little teenage brother Paul and is very protective of him. When he’s hit by a snowball with a rock inside by his crush Dargelos, Elisabeth cares for him. At this point it’s revealed that their inseparable relationship is characterized known as “The Game” in which is an intense series of mind games with the people who dare enter their socially isolated lair. However, it’s only years later do we find out that Elisabeth’s relationship with Paul might be more one-sided than he thinks and perhaps very unhealthy, especially when she takes in a girl named Agathe. Since Agathe resembles Dargelos, Paul falls for her but a jealous Elisabeth can’t stand to see him happy without her so she intercepts Paul’s love letter and sets Agathe up with another man named Gerard. This results in him becoming an opium addict and drugging himself to death, but not until Elisabeth shoots herself to beat him in their so-called “Game.” Still, Elisabeth’s relationship with Paul is toxic to the touch attempts to poison everyone around them. But it’s Elisabeth who’s mainly the one wearing the pants and while they may seem like they’re arguing and harassing each other for no reason, she’d still do anything to keep Paul to herself, which destroys him. And as they play their mind games, nobody is safe.

13. Bellatrix Lestrange


From: The Harry Potter Series

The Problem: Sure she’s a Death Eater, but even if you’re Narcissa Malfoy, you’d really wouldn’t want to be related to her since she’s so fanatically devoted to Voldemort that she’d kill off relatives and betray family members in a heartbeat. In fact she’d make it her duty to kill any relatives who are members of the Order of the Phoenix, including her disowned sister Andromeda Tonks, Muggle born brother-in-law Ted, as well as her niece (and later Remus Lupin who marries her) and her cousin Sirius Black. Also, she’s paranoid and violently insane that it’s scary as well as one of the most sadistic and dangerous Death Eaters around. Tortue, violence, and destruction seem less like means to an end and more like hobbies to her. On her first appearance it’s known that she tortured Neville Longbottom’s parents to insanity that they were locked up at St. Mungo’s. In Book 5, she kills her own cousin Sirius Black by blasting him through a veil in the Death Chamber. Now her vileness as a sister really comes to light in Book 6 in which it’s clear that Voldemort has chosen Draco to assassinate Dumbledore or die in the process and perhaps have his parents lose their lives as well. As any mother with a son charged with a suicide mission, Narcissa is uneasy about the whole thing. Bellatrix, on the other hand, is pretty unsympathetic to her sister’s fears over her son’s life and states that if she had kids, she’d certainly give them to the Dark Lord. Obviously, she’s trapped in a loveless marriage and doesn’t know what it’s like to have kids. But I can’t imagine what kind of mother she could be. What’s worse is that while Draco may hate Mudbloods as much as the next Slytherin and is a real asshole, he’s incapable killing anybody, even when his and his parents’ lives are at stake. And as the Death Eater charged with assassinating a key figure, he’s doomed to fail. If it weren’t for Snape making a deals with Dumbledore and Narcissa before the devastating climax at the Astronomy Tower, then Draco would’ve ended up like Regulus Black. Even if Draco is her nephew, Bellatrix would’ve been perfectly cool with it. Nevertheless, Narcissa is confident that Bellatrix won’t hurt her because they’re siblings (and that they’re both loyal to the Voldemort but Narcissa’s allegiance is basically out of fear). However, note that she also killed her niece Nymphadora Tonks and sees no problem with Draco’s being on a suicide mission, so I wouldn’t have too much confidence in her if I was Draco’s mom.  And if Narcissa strays from the family tradition, well, God help her. Oh, by the way, she tortures Hermione and kills Dobby in Book 7. Nevertheless, trying to kill Ginny after offing her brother was a big mistake. Prepare for Molly Weasley’s “Not my daughter, you bitch!”

14. Edith Philips and Margaret DeLorca


From: Dead Ringer

The Problem: Now twin sisters Edith and Margaret had a falling out for 18 years after the latter stole the former’s boyfriend and married him over a pregnancy. Nevertheless, Margaret managed to enjoy 18 years of marriage and a life of relative wealth and ease. However, it later turns out that Margaret was cheating on her husband Frank and killed him with arsenic poison. She’s also an insufferable bitch that even her Great Dane basically despises her. Edith, on the other hand, owns a struggling cocktail lounge and is threatened with eviction for not paying her bills. Now it seems that these two sister are about to reconcile after nearly 2 decades since Edith is really intent on riding Margaret’s coattails. But when Edith learns that Margaret was never pregnant, all bets are off. Instead, Edith lures Margaret into her cocktail lounge and kills her since she feels entitled to what her sister has. She then proceeds to make Margaret’s death look like her own suicide and takes her sister’s place at her mansion. But it all soon catches up to her by the end. Sure this may be a film in which Bette Davis may play both good and evil twins, but neither are exactly prizes since they’re both selfish middle aged women. Sure there’s no denying that Margaret really screwed her sister over, but Edith should’ve gotten over it by now.

15. Norah Lorowski


From: Sunshine Cleaning

The Problem: Now Norah isn’t a bad girl. It’s just that she’s not the most trustworthy sister around and can be quite careless. When she’s fired from her waitress job, she and older sister Rose decide to form a crime scene cleaning business called Sunshine Cleaning. Now when an insurance company calls for the services of Sunshine Cleaning which would grant the sisters a potential to obtain a breakthrough reputation. Unfortunately, Rose has a baby shower that day so she has Norah clean the house alone until she could catch up. This leads to Norah accidentally burning the house with an unattendded candle which results in their business reputation being tarnished and being forced to pay $40,000, which they can’t afford. Thus, Sunshine Cleaning is shut down and Rose has to go back working as a maid to support her son. At least their dad gave up the house so Rose can start cleaning crime scenes again after Norah nearly ruined that chance. Nevertheless, Norah is pretty careless and irresponsible.

16. Jeanette “Jasmine” Francis


From: Blue Jasmine

The Problem: Jasmine might be losing her mind because her rich background hampers her ability to function in middle class society that she has to live with her sister Ginger in San Francisco. However, even this doesn’t prevent her from being self-involved, narcissistic, and having almost no consideration for anyone else’s feelings. Not to mention, she sometimes tends to live well beyond her means such as traveling first class despite being broke. However, Ginger must be a saint since she’s willing to take in Jasmine who has nowhere else to go, even though she has every reason not to. And it’s not just because her presence keeps Chili from moving in with Ginger. This is because back when Jasmine was a rich trophy wife, she basically treated Ginger like shit and nearly ruined her life. For one, when Ginger and then husband Augie visit her in New York after winning the lottery, Jasmine provides them with a car and driver as well as pays their hotel bills so she could avoid them as much as possible. Yet, when Augie states that he plans to set up a construction business with his winnings, Jasmine offers her Wall Street husband Hal’s help in investing the money instead. Now Hal is a major fraudster and a guy you’d least want to trust with your money since he’s lost a lot of cash from a lot of investors. Augie and Ginger are no different since they would’ve been much better off if Augie just set up his construction business. And it’s also clear that this financial fiasco ruined Ginger’s marriage since Augie basically blames Jasmine for ruining his life. But Ginger defends her. Nevertheless, Jasmine’s actions basically have a negative impact on everyone in the film which does catch up to her near the end. Sure she might’ve turned Hal to the authorities for fraud during an emotional breakdown, but her husband deserved everything he got. Ginger didn’t.

17. Queen Elsa of Arendelle


From: Frozen

The Problem: Yeah, I know it might come as a shock to some Frozen fans that Elsa might be on this list. However, we know that Elsa is very much a product of her upbringing due to having magical ice powers that lead to Anna’s injury when they were kids. But this doesn’t stop little sister Anna from idolizing her. Now Elsa and Anna were very close as young girls. But after a mishap, their parents basically shut Elsa off from the outside world so she can control her powers. This fails but it doesn’t stop Anna from desperately wanting attention which Elsa understandably denies but doesn’t tell her. And it’s even worse that Anna’s memories of Elsa’s powers were removed after the accident (even though they probably shouldn’t have been). This leads Anna to becoming engaged to Prince Hans a mere 12 hours and a musical number after she meets him on the day of her sister’s coronation at Arendelle. And if things weren’t worse enough between them, Elsa goes ballistic during an argument pertaining to her engagement to Hans. Sure Elsa’s right but she was never learned how to control her powers in a healthy way and can be seen as somewhat psychologically unstable with anxiety and depression. Thus, eternal winter ensues without her realizing it and she runs away to build her own ice castle and giving herself a makeover. But Elsa’s also running away from her responsibilities as queen paving the way for the Duke of Weselton and Prince Hans to exploit the situation. Foolishly believing the bringing her back can reverse the eternal winter, Anna naturally goes after her. But when Anna reaches Elsa’s ice castle, not only does she reject Elsa, but she also strikes her in the heart and chases her along with Olaf, Kristof, and Sven with a giant snow monster named Marshmallow. The frozen heart bit results in Anna nearly freezing to death. Of course, we all know that things work out in the end, but not without Anna taking a lot of crap from her as well as both being very screwed up. Not to mention, we should take account with the property damage Elsa caused even though Arendelle’s main export is ice.

18. Anne Boleyn


From: The Other Boleyn Girl

The Problem: Out of all Henry VIII’s 6 wives, adaptations haven’t been very fair to his second Queen Anne Boleyn. But Philippa Gregory basically takes historical liberties with her to the extreme. Sure she was ambitious and did pressure Henry to get rid of his first wife, even if it meant severing ties to Rome. But before she caught his eye, it was her sweet sister Mary who got knocked up with Henry’s son as Anne was making the moves on him (in real life, Mary was a bonafide slut whose affair with the king was over years before he took up with Anne. Also, Mary’s son Henry was very likely not his. Oh, and Anne wasn’t married to Henry Percy ever). Sure Henry liked Anne first but he becomes acquainted with Mary after she helps him over an injury. And as soon as Henry and Mary are together, Anne has to scheme to seduce the king right under her nose. And when Henry announces his attentions to marry her, Anne basically forces Mary to give up her son to be raised at court all for political favor.  She also orders him never to talk to Mary again (none of this happened). Not to mention, she’s quite vicious to Mary as well on frequent occasions. And when she’s had a miscarriage, she has sex with her brother George to conceive a child (didn’t happen), which results in both of them getting executed (along with several other men but the charges were trumped up). Gregory’s Anne Boleyn is a vain, cruel, vindictive, and ruthless schemer who manipulates others as well as uses sex to get what she wants. And she got what she deserved. Seems like Philippa Gregory has it really in for Anne Boleyn.

19. Aunt Helen

From: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Problem: Charlie Kelmeckis has been in and out of mental institutions and is one messed up kid since his best friend’s suicide. Or that’s what we’re told at first. Sure his best friend’s suicide might be emotionally traumatic enough to deal with. But it might just be the tip of the iceberg since he tends to go back on his favorite Aunt Helen who’s certainly a blood relation (I mean she’s single and living with Charlie’s family. Still, I think she was his mom’s sister but I’m not sure) who was killed in a car accident when he was 7 years old. Helen is a messed up woman who was molested as a child and abused by many men during her life. She also has a lot of psychological issues. At first, you think she’s such a sweet, troubled, but kooky aunt. However, it’s not until he has a nervous breakdown do we find out the sinister truth that Helen was sexually abusing him. And that Charlie blames himself for Helen’s death and might’ve wished it. Charlie’s parents must be up a wall by this point after they found out. I mean they took Helen into their home when she was down on her luck only to take advantage of their kid behind their backs in the worst way possible. No wonder Charlie is so screwed up.

20. Jacqueline “Jackie-O” Pascal


From: The House of Yes

The Problem: Now when Marty comes home from school with his fiancée, he seems nervously hesitant to introduce her to his folks. However, it’s his twin sister Jackie who he needs to worry about and the fact she dresses like Jackie O is the least of his worries (as well as the hurricane going on outside). In fact, she’s spoiled, stuck-up, and violently insane. In the beginning, he’s just been released from the funny farm since she shot Marty before when he left home. But informed that Marty is bringing a “friend,” she shows signs of borderline personality disorder such as sudden mood swings and an inability to cope with change. The family isn’t exactly happy with Marty’s fiancée Lesly by her association with him for this very reason. Jackie ensues to interrogate Lesly about her love life with Marty, asking graphic details of their sexual escapades. She then reminds her that Marty had an intense affair with a girl some years back and that she might return. It then becomes clear that Jackie is talking about herself as she then coerces Marty into playing their favorite, “game,” a sexual reenactment of the JFK assassination, which Lesly walks in on. But Marty really wants a normal life yet she won’t let him. The next morning, Jackie searches for a gun that Marty had been ordered to hide by his mom and flushes his car keys down the toilet. Oh, and when Marty refuses to play their “game” but he goes a long before she shoots him dead. Now that is one twisted sister, my friend.

21. Kym Buchman


From: Rachel Getting Married

The Problem: Weddings are supposed to be happy occasions and shouldn’t be opportunities for needless drama. Unfortunately for Rachel Buchman, her sister Kym has been released from rehab for a few days just in time to attend her big day. Yeah, that sister who killed her younger brother Ethan by driving off a bridge and into a ravine while high whom she has never forgiven. Sure Kym resents that Rachel hasn’t chose her for maid of honor as well as all the other attention she’s receiving that she throws a tantrum. She also lies about how she was molested by her uncle and having to care for an anorexic sister which compels Rachel to storm out of the hair salon. Not to mention, she gets into a fist fight with her mom as well as steals her dad’s car which she crashes into a rock. With a sister like that, you have to wonder why Rachel and her fiancé just spare the dysfunctional family drama and just make plans to elope.

22. Louise


From: Sister

The Problem: Simon and Louise live in a housing complex below a luxury ski resort in the Alps where they support themselves by stealing equipment and selling them at a discounted price. However, most of the money goes to Louise so she can go on dates. She is selfish and irresponsible, unable to hold a job and going off with men, leaving Simon home alone. She eventually abandons him for a boyfriend for a considerable amount of time. This actually does a significant amount of good for Simon since he’s able to socialize with the resort’s tourists and employees. But when his sister returns, it’s utter dysfunction and that she asks him for money to sleep next to her, which is kind of unsettling and creepy. Oh, and she may not really be his sister.

23. Valerie Craig


From: Three Bad Sisters

The Problem: When it comes to a parent’s inheritance, most people usually don’t consider it a big deal save maybe the rich. However, in the world of fiction, people are willing to kill each other over it. Now this movie could easily have been called, “One Bad Sister, One Crazy Sister, and One Slutty Sister,” but audiences in 1956 wouldn’t buy it. So Marshall Craig dies by crashing his own plain and leaving pilot Jim Norton out of a job. Eyeing the family fortune for herself and not batting a tear of the news on the radio, Valerie recruits Norton to either seduce her sister Lorna (who’s the executor of the estate) or drive her to suicide (which runs in the family) as well as take off with her. If not, then she’ll frame him for her dad’s murder. They also concoct a story that Norton saved Mr. Craig from drowning and was rewarded with a partnership in a land development project Craig was working on at the time, so he can enter into the family’s inner circle. However, slutty sister Vicki wants Norton for herself. But Valerie disposes her easily enough by taunting and beating her with a horsewhip that Vicki drives off a mountain road to her death. Yet, as Norton falls in love with Lorna, Valerie devises a few tricks up her sleeve to get rid of her, too such as trying to trample her with a horse. Oh, and she tries to steal Jim and break Lorna’s heart. Luckily, she dies.

24. Margaret Turner


From: The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer

The Problem: Now this movie is intended as a romantic comedy, but since Margaret’s a judge and an adult, she should really know better. Now it’s one thing for her 17-year-old sister Susan to have a crush playboy artist Richard Nugent to the point that she sneaks into his apartment, which amounts to a very awkward situation that would put him on a sex offender list. Now to be fair, Margaret, her ADA boyfriend Tommy Chamberlain, and her psychiatrist uncle make a deal with Richard that he’ll be cleared of all charges, including assaulting Tommy if he agrees to date Susan until the infatuation runs its course. Sure the movie was made in the 1940s and Richard fortunately has absolutely no interest in any girl under 18. Even so, this is a very terrible idea, if not then downright illegal and unethical. But Margaret really has no excuse here since she’s not just Susan’s sister, she’s also a judge and her legal guardian. For all she knows, Richard could be a pedophile who might see being forced to date Susan as a perfect opportunity to molest her. Margaret should’ve considered this, even if Richard is innocent since she’s tried people over felonies. It would’ve been better for Margaret to send Richard away with a temporary restraining order, but I suppose that she thinks he’s hot and wants him to stick around. That, and possibly a reason to get rid of Tommy, since she’s been under a lot of pressure to get married.

25. Patricia Bosworth Emerson


From: A Stolen Life

The Problem: Being your sister’s doppelganger is a great advantage for evil twins. And Pat is now exception. Now as nice sister Kate builds a relationship with Bill Emerson, flamboyant and manhunting manipulator Pat pursues him out of town. First, she does this pretending to be Kate and later on they get married, mostly because Pat seems to get some pleasure in shattering Kate’s dreams. We know this because Pat probably doesn’t care for Bill and carries on like she always did after they’re married which is why their marriage is in trouble when Kate gets back. It’s very clear that Pat is a psychopath, not the murdering one, but the kind that would make her a successful stockbroker on Wall Street in more progressive times. So not only does Kate have to deal with her one true love being her brother-in-law but how Pat’s making him suffer. Luckily Pat gets killed in a boating accident, but it doesn’t make Kate’s emotional state any easier, especially when she poses as her sister. Yeah, I know this film is soapy, but as far as identical twins go, Pat is basically your worst nightmare in a realistic sense.

26. Queen Cleopatra VII


From: Cleopatra and other films

The Problem: Dynastic squabbles between power hungry royal relatives are the stuff of tales as old a time. I mean in Ancient Egypt from the Old Kingdom Pharaohs to the Hellenized Macedonian Ptolemies, killing and marrying siblings was something of a family tradition and not just limited to men (seriously, they were that messed up). And Cleopatra is not much different. I mean her dad had her two older sisters killed when they tried to seize the throne from him. Of course, she married her two of her half-brothers and belonged to a family more inbred than a West Virginia family reunion. The fact these were arranged marriages makes her being an adulteress with a preference for older men seem normal. But these incestuous marriages didn’t stop her from fighting wars or killing them. Oh, and did I tell you that her brothers were teenagers? And that she slaughtered her way to the top at just 21? When Ptolemy XIII made the mistake of killing Pompey and presenting his severed head to Julius Caesar, Cleopatra takes up with Caesar, has his baby, temporarily reconciled with her husband/half-brother, and had Ptolemy drown in his armor in the Nile River. She was promptly married to her other younger half-brother Ptolemy XIV but he was killed at 14 and the marriage was likely never consummated. You can guess what happened to hm. Oh, and her little sister Arsinoe was taken to Rome and executed as well  Still, while she was seen as a decent Egyptian ruler who unsuccessfully tried to keep her kingdom from being a Roman province, you certainly wouldn’t want her as your sister.

27. Ginger Fitzgerald


From: Ginger Snaps

The Problem: Now this movie uses lycanthropy as a metaphor for puberty, but let’s just say you don’t want a werewolf for a sister. Now Ginger and her little sister Bridgette are 2 teenage girls with a fascination for death. But when they’re trying to kidnap a bully’s dog, Ginger is bitten by a strange creature in the woods. After that, Ginger starts becoming more aggressive, starts sprouting hair and a tail, and does other things that greatly concern Bridgette such as engaging in unprotected sex and killing a neighbor’s dog. Once Bridgette realizes what’s happening to her older sister, she tries to find a cure because she loves Ginger more than anything. Of course, Ginger is very protective of her to the point of killing people that look at her funny. She also kills 3 people including a guidance counselor, a janitor, and a fellow student. It’s even more disturbing how Ginger asks Bridgette to let her bite her so they can become their own pack. But as the film goes on, Ginger becomes more and more dangerous that it comes to the point that Bridgette has to kill her in self-defense.

28. Lydia Bennett


From: Pride and Prejudice

The Problem: To be fair, Lydia probably wouldn’t be on this list if Jane Austen’s best known story took place in the 21st century where she’d be seen as nothing more than a mere embarrassment and George Wickham could be hauled away on statutory rape charges. Unfortunately, this story takes place during the Regency where child sex offender laws didn’t exist. Now Lydia is everything you’d expect in a bratty teenage girl. She’s selfish, completely self-involved, boy crazy, materialistic, and cares absolutely nothing about the people she hurt, the trouble she caused her family, and the consequences of her stupid actions. In fact, she won’t even acknowledge that her actions were stupid or had any damaging effects. And it doesn’t help that Mrs. Bennett is more indulgent on her than her sisters. But by Regency standards, she’s the sister and daughter from hell, especially since she likes to flirt with redcoats. This leads her to elope with George Wickham who has no intention of marrying her because of her family’s lack of wealth and is a possible sociopath. This almost results in her complete disgrace but luckily second sister Lizzie snagged Mr. Darcy who basically blackmails Wickham into marrying her. But even so, the youngest Bennett sister never seems to learn and is basically stuck with a man who’d put her through a lot of shit as well as the family.

29. Isabella Linton Heathcliff


From: Wuthering Heights

The Problem: Now Isabella Linton isn’t a bad girl. She’s just teenage girl who’s too boy crazy over a guy she really needs to avoid. Seriously, when Heathcliff returns after a mysterious 3 year absence, Isabella is head over heels with this guy. Now we all know by this point is that Heathcliff isn’t in love with her, is deeply in love with Catherine Earnshaw and always will be, really didn’t take Cathy’s rejection for Edgar Linton very well at all, and is actively seeking vengeance. Isabella’s infatuation with Heathcliff is basically the worst possible thing to ever happen to Edgar Linton. I mean her crush on him makes Heathcliff’s goals of vengeance against the Lintons a whole lot easier. So it’s no surprise that Linton tells his sister that if she marries Heathcliff, he will cut ties with her, which he does. But even this doesn’t stop Heathcliff for trying to get back at him out of pure spite. Of course, there’s no hint he does this in the movie, but those who read the book or any summary certainly would find that Heathcliff’s wrath doesn’t just stop with his enemies. And it doesn’t help at all that he’s abusive to Isabella either.

30. Rose Michaels


From: So I Married an Axe Murderer

The Problem: Now Charlie McKenzie is crazy about Harriet and Harriet is crazy about him. So they get married. However, problem is that Harriet has been married before a few times but all those marriages ended in death during their honeymoon that she’s now suspected as an infamous black widow “Mrs. X” which obviously causes a lot of concern. When he confronts Harriet of this, she just assumes that they just up and left her and feels like she’s developed a complex. Now Rose might seem like a sweet girl and a little shy. But during Charlie and Harriet’s honeymoon, Rose suddenly swipes at Charlie with an axe revealing herself to be the killer claiming that each husband took her sister away from her. Of course, it’s fair to say that Rose is an insane serial killer. Surely a sister’s wedding shouldn’t be described as an abduction. And her activities could’ve landed Harriet in prison if it weren’t for Charlie.

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