No SNAP for You!

I absolutely despise these food restriction SNAP laws. Sure people on government benefits may waste their food stamps on so-called “luxury foods.” But we need to understand that food doesn’t stay fresh for long and that to let even so-called “luxury foods” go to waste is very irresponsible, especially if it can go to someone less fortunate. So if a poor person wants steak or seafood, why should I give a shit? It will go bad anyway and it’s better than having McDonald’s every day. I certainly don’t care. Besides, many poor people don’t have healthy lifestyles because they don’t have a grocery store in town or don’t have the transportation to get to one. Not to mention, many poor families simply don’t have the time to cook meals since many poor parents work multiple jobs. In many ways, poverty simply makes healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle difficult. The Missouri legislature should be ashamed of itself.


This post by Nathaniel Romano, SJ is also featured on The Jesuit Post.

Seinfeld,once the anchor of NBC’s “Must-See TV,” gave us many memorable characters, including the so-called “Soup Nazi.” A temperamental restaurateur sells soup that is praised far and wide. However, he is very particular about how his customers must behave. Only the worthy get soup; the rest are dismissed with a curt “No soup for you!”

Apparently the Soup Nazi is the role model for a new strain of legislative misbehavior. Missouri Republican Rick Brattin wants to ban poor people from eating steak and seafood, as well as energy drinks, cookies, chips, and soft drinks. That’s not hyperbole. The language is taken straight from the bill he has introduced to the Missouri State Legislature. Thankfully, though, he won’t ban coffee. So, hey, at least we know that the working poor will be caffeinated enough to…

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