‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ Sequel in the Works

NOOOOOOOOO! Please don’t do this. I beg just keep It’s a Wonderful Life as it is. Besides, whoever’s working on this may they burn in Hell.

Obamacare Website: Fewer Than 50,000 Have Enrolled

If people in the Federal and state government would’ve spent more time implementing the Affordable Care Act instead of defending it, then maybe the Healthcare.gov website would’ve experienced these problems. God, politicians can just act like big babies either complaining Obamacare’s “Socialism” and then whining about glitches the next.

Kanye: Kim Should Have Gotten Vogue Cover Instead of First Lady

Really, Kanye? Let me take a look at this. Sure you may love Kim but that doesn’t mean that she is more deserving of the cover of Vogue instead of the First Lady of the United States. Sure Michelle Obama may be married to the President but still, someone married to a world leader is still seen as more important than being nothing other than a trashy reality show star. Seriously, what did the Kardashians ever do to deserve their own reality show? Besides, she’s no way more intriguing than a doormat. No offense, but that’s just my opinion.

Fiscal Cliffdiving…for kids!

This is a great explanation for what’s going on with the US economy. I’ll happily reblog this post on my blog. I recommend this to everyone.

The Idiot Economist

How to Explain the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ and Its Consequences to a Small Child

  • Let’s say that you are a third grader in Ms. Merka’s class.
  • In order to get everyone to do their homework assignments on time, Ms. Merka hands out candy as a reward.

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