Teen-Heroine Smackdown: 5 Ways Katniss Is Better Than Bella

Let’s just say that most teen heroines are better role models than Bell Swan. And most actresses are more talented and better role models than Kristen Stewart.


With the second film in the Hunger Games series set to premiere this weekend, it’s tempting to throw The Hunger Games and Twilight series into the same category. Of course, comparisons were made last year when the Hunger Gamesdestroyed Twilight’s box-office record, and they will surely be made again as the new movie opens.

The similarities are there: they’re both young-adult novels turned movies with rabid fan bases. They both include a love triangle, a decent amount of PG-13 violence and have a strong female character as their protagonists.

But that’s pretty much where the parallels end. TheHunger Games follows a girl who must survive a competition in which 24 youngsters are pitted against one another in a battle arena/reality show in a future dystopia, where only one can emerge alive. Twilightis about a girl in Washington State who falls in love with a vampire.

And when…

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