School Makes Parents Sign Contracts Promising Students Won’t Twerk or Grind at Homecoming Dance

Oh, c’mon, really? This is ridiculous. Seriously, you can’t have parents sign contracts in order to control their kids’ behavior at a school dance. Sure twerking and grinding aren’t very appropriate, but still, they’re teenagers for God’s sake.


It’s hard enough to explain twerking to parents. Now Maryland high schoolers have to explain twerking contracts.

Students who plan to attend the Annapolis High School homecoming dance usually have to sign a “dance contract” swearing that they won’t bust out “explicit” moves, CBS Baltimore reports. This year, parents also have to sign the agreement, which defines explicit dancing as “grinding…intimate touching of the breasts…buttocks touching a partner or in the air,” according to a copy broadcasted by WBAL-TV. Violators could be thrown out of the party.

(MORE: No, a City in Louisiana Did Not Just Make Twerking a Jailable Offense)

Most Anne Arundel County Public Schools hand out some kind of waiver, and the decision to require parent signatures is usually left up to the principals. “It’s no secret that the styles of dancing are different than they were five or 10 years ago, so you…

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