Fun with Easter Bonnets (Third Edition)


Of course, I can’t do my Easter post without including bonnets. Though I like to wear hats outdoors, I don’t usually wear an Easter bonnet because I live out in the country. And if I show up in one of the ones I’ve shown so far at church, well, I wouldn’t hear the end of it. Nor do I know of any local Easter parade in my area. Nevertheless, many do as I’ve seen on Pinterest and in photos of Easter parades across the country, particularly New York. Some of these bonnets might be of straw and have flowers on them. Some of them can be more outlandish which is what you’ve seen in my other posts. And let’s just say you won’t believe the hats I have found on the Internet. Of course, women initially wore them but since it’s such a fun tradition to make one’s own, men and boys have their own, too. Anyway, for your reading pleasure, I give you another installment of weird and wacky Easter bonnets to enjoy.

  1. Welcome in spring with a daffodil Easter bonnet.

Well, it’s mostly made of paper with chicks on the petals. But it’s quite cute.

2. Now your Easter bonnet can be a flower patch for chicks and bunnies.

The bunnies on here are mostly made from eggs. The chicks are made from pom poms.

3. Nothing welcomes spring like a fancy hat of green.

Not sure if I like this one. However, since it’s outlandish enough, I’ll put it on the post for show.

4. You can’t have an Easter bonnet without a bow and rabbit ears.

Helps if it has some Easter eggs and flowers at the brim. So pretty.

5. Chicks always like a tower slide.

Well, it’s a cone shaped Easter bonnet with stars. Initially thought this was a lighthouse. Maybe it is.

6. When you wear an Easter bonnet in New York, you can always go all out.

This woman’s wearing an Easter bonnet consisting of a stack of pillows and decorations. Yes, it’s outrageous and I’m not sure how she keeps her head up.

7. With this Easter bonnet, you will be one with the Force.

Yes, they have Star Wars Easter bonnets. I know it’s crazy. But I’m sure little boys would wear something like this.

8. Celebrate Easter with a bonnet depicting chicks who worshipped the Norse gods.

Still, you have to like the chicks in Viking helmets. And that ship looks pretty cool.

9. Even Spider Man has to have his own pair of bunny ears.

Yes, they also have Spider Man Easter bonnets, too. Though this one has its own unique charm.

10. The Crazy Critters treehouse is always the place to be.

Funny how the brim consists of pom pom chicks and eggs. Though I’m not sure how the turtle got up the ladder.

11. Didn’t know they had colored eggs in prehistoric times.

Of course, they didn’t. But if your son is very into dinosaurs, this is the Easter bonnet for him.

12. An Easter bunny bonnet should always sparkle.

Well, this one has those sparkly stones you get from a craft store. But it’s a hopping sensation.

13. Some Easter bonnets come with a little bit of everything.

And I mean everything. Not sure how this girl can hold her head up. Then again, the decorations probably don’t weigh that much.

14. Nothing makes an Easter bonnet quite like one with the dinosaurs.

Because these Easter chicks are probably descended from them. No, I am not kidding. Hell, there were even chicken sized dinos.

15. An Easter basket should have some egg candy to spare.

This one has an Easter basket dumping the egg candy. And you have bunnies on the brim.

16. Welcome bring with an Easter bonnet of a bunny encased in a fence.

There are a few hats like this. But this one has flowers and dragon flies.

17. An cone Easter bonnet can always make you shine and sparkle.

This one contains shiny Easter eggs and pom poms of every pastel color. Yes, it’s outrageous but it’s doable.

18. This woman couldn’t leave home on Easter without her blue hydrangeas.

So she wore them on her head in a pot. Okay, the flowers are fake. But you can say she’s a real pot head.

19. Nothing captivates an Easter parade like a rubber duck in a tub.

Wouldn’t have thought you can have that as an Easter bonnet. But it certainly works like a charm.

20. Everyone always enjoys a rainbow behind a windmill.

Well, this is certainly a cute pastoral scene. But they should watch out for a crazy old man thinking the mill is a giant.

21. Here comes the Easter bunny king carried by his attendants.

Okay, that’s pretty clever. Love the bunny attendants. Also like the flowers, too.

22. Seems like this egghead aims for the sky.

Well, this plane is somewhat old fashioned. But it works to some extent.

23. Something tells me this woman is a bit cagey.

After all, she’s wearing a birdcage Easter bonnet. And I see she has to hold it up with her arm to keep it from falling.

24. Hope these chicks enjoy a picnic.

Well, this is adorable. Love the little garden on the brim. So cute.

25. I suppose this Wonka hat is perfect for an Easter parade.

Well, it certainly has the Wonka fixtures like candy and a golden ticket. However, Wonka is a pretty creepy dude.

26. Even the most sophisticated can don an Easter hat for the parade.

This one depicts a bunny with chicks and flowers. Not outlandish, but quite showy.

27. A pink castle always looks great on your head.

A castle Easter bonnet, who knew? Like how it has a butterfly on the front. So pretty.

28. A large flower should always make an impression.

This one uses the same pattern fro the bird house. Wonder if you can spin the flower around.

29. A ladybug Easter bonnet will always melt your heart.

I’m sure nobody could resist the cute eyes and smile. So adorable.

30. As we all know, you have to make the dinosaur eggs blend in.

Yes, this is another dino Easter bonnet. But, at least they used earth tone eggs and autumn leaves.

31. Looks like her flowers have grown on her hat.

This one even has butterflies fluttering, around, too. But you probably didn’t see that at first.

32. You’d almost think this Easter bonnet came straight from Jurassic Park.

Even has long leaves for a feathery impression. And a lot of green eggs for an Easter flair.

33. Noah’s ark is always the place for chicks for flood refuge.

Yes, I know there has to be animals coming in 2 by 2. But the ark certainly has an Easter touch. And it’s weird because Noah’s ark happened in Genesis.

34. An Easter bonnet of R2-D2 is always dependable.

Though this one has his dome shaped like an egg for Easter. I know it’s crazy but so is ignoring R2-D2’s contributions to the Star Wars franchise.

35. Her hat consists of nothing but twigs.

That’s because it’s made to look like a nest. And one that uses organic materials.

36. I guess she must be a real nest head for some reason.

Well, spring is a time when you’d find a lot of nests. And I’m sure wearing one isn’t too far fetched.

37. A large egg on your head never brings your Easter spirit in doubt.

Helps if it’s fancy and fits in a basket. Like the flower brim, too.

38. Tall pink Easter bonnets should always match.

Helps if the decor are different colors so you can tell them apart. But yes, these are outrageous.

39. A spring butterfly hat should always be glorious.

Now that’s a really tall fancy hat. Like the pink wings. Wonder what it looks like from the front.

40. Now this guy is a real flower head.

I mean his head is in a fro of flowers. Then again, in New York, he’s probably not the most outrageous guy in the parade.

41. These Easter pirate chicks love life on the high seas.

Yes, they have pirate ones, too. But at least the chicks look adorable with their ship.

42. No bunny can ever resist a large carrot top.

That’s really clever. Makes it look as if the bunny’s going at the carrot. Adorable.

43. How about a bunny popping out of an Easter bonnet to munch a carrot.

Sure it may not be among the fancier bonnets I showed so far. But it’s cute in its own unique way.

44. Nothing makes a great Easter bonnet like flowers and butterflies to hail spring.

You probably remember this woman from my other Easter bonnet posts. Though this one doesn’t settle on a particular color.

45. Almost thought this Easter bonnet was full of hot air.

Well, it’s a hot air balloon Easter bonnet. Even has chicks in its little basket.

46. A Rapunzel Easter bonnet is perfect for those who prefer letting their hair down.

Well, it’s more based on Tangled. But at least the hair goes nicely on the tower.

47. You’d never guess to find something hatching on this woman.

Vintage Easter bonnets can be just as crazy. Though I think the chick is quite creepy.

48. Sometimes all you need is a large feathered chick.

She certainly has the feathers nailed down. And you can see the large chick for miles.

49. For a great Easter bonnet, it helps if you can put everything springy in it.

I’m sure she’ll certainly stand out in a crowd with that hat. Wonder how she can stand without holding it.

50. This Easter bonnet was made courtesy of KFC.

On one hand, this is pretty clever. On the other hand, you know what the words KFC stands for. And why tying it in to Easter is kind of disturbing.

51. This woman prefers her Easter bonnet to be sunny side up.

Well, at least it’s clever and simple. Though at least she didn’t include any chickies.

52. A large nest Easter bonnet always has to include flowers.

She can even fit 2 other people under it. Yet, you have to admire the pink bird on top.

53. There’s no better Easter bonnet than one of purple butterflies.

Purple butterflies surely make an impression. Though I’m not sure if any exist in North America.

54. When going to the parade, it helps if your Easter bonnets match with your friends.

After all, these do. Wonder why they were able to come up with the same Easter bonnet design.

55. Remember how the bunny always belongs in the basket.

Another vintage Easter bonnet. At least the bunny is cute in this even though it looks ridiculous.

56. When all else fails, you can always try colorful Easter baskets.

Like how they’re wearing dresses to match. But yes, these are hilarious.

57. On a bright sunny day, all you need is some shade.

And you thought contemporary Easter bonnets were outrageous. This one almost takes the cake.

58. Instead of one bunny, this woman’s hat has 3.

Another outrageous vintage Easter bonnet. But at least the bunnies are cute.

59. A flowery hat should always come with a sunny dress.

Unfortunately, you’d have to hold it up with both hands so it won’t fall off. But yes, this is pretty outrageous.

60. Sometimes you just have to show up to the parade in large rabbit ears.

And their Easter bonnets certainly boast loudly, too. But at least they seem simple.

61. An Easter bonnet with a bunny and flowers is always well matched.

Helps that they have the same bunny. Also, like the flowers at the brim.

62. This kid’s hat boasts a tall tower like no other.

I guess this girl really likes castles and fairy tales. Like the chicks and ivy.

63. This flowery Easter bonnet really brings in the sun.

The red flowers and orange brim can do that. Not sure if I’d want to get in her way.

64. Sometimes whenever someone wears an Easter bonnet, so does the dog.

But at least the dog has to wear rabbit ears and be in a basket. And the hat isn’t too bad either.

65. Someone likes to tiptoe through the tulips.

Well, tulips are certainly in season around Easter, if it’s in April. If not, it’s a nice touch.

66. A birdhouse is a welcome spring sight.

Helps if it’s in light blue and pink. The birds are also a nice spring touch.

67. That hat must have a real chick face.

And it does. Guess it didn’t take long to make, assuming the hat had the other stuff to begin with. So adorable.

68. An Easter basket bonnet should spring into action.

And this basket has almost everything you’d associate with Easter and more. Quite colorful, I’ll say.

69. This bunny is quite boxy if you ask me.

Well, that’s an easy Easter bonnet idea. Just stick the bunny ears to a hollowed out box and you’re done.

70. This man comes in with a whole ferris wheel.

Well, it certainly has a charm to it. But he’s not at the parade for your amusement.

71. If you like The Wizard of Oz, then this is the Easter bonnet for you.

Unfortunately, the Emerald City resembles a green phallic metropolis. But it’s a worthy effort.

72. Sometimes Easter bonnets can be as mutant as they come.

This one features Storm from the X-Men. What she has to do with Easter, I don’t know.

73. These girls must be real eggheads.

They even have little chicks coming out of their Easter eggs. So cute.

74. Sometimes it helps if you wear the same watering cans.

Also helps if they contain flowers as well. I really like these for some reason.

75. With Easter bonnets, you can’t go wrong with a large yellow butterfly.

And that would certainly stand out in a crowd on any given day. Not sure about the yellow feathers though.

76. Sometimes you can’t have an Easter bonnet without the proper frame.

You can either go with moss or ornate fancy flowers. Can’t do both.

77. A pirate Easter bonnet should have a large share of booty.

Helps if you can include a parrot, too. This guy even dyed his beard funky colors.

78. Nothing makes an Easter bonnet quite like beer cans.

Well, I guess that might work at some point. But I’m sure if the cans go with the Easter decor.

79. Fans of Shea Stadium and the Yankees might like this one.

I guess this was made with an inflated inner tube and baseball cards. Not bad, but not my favorite.

80. I guess this guy is a New York Jets fan.

Even has Pooh with bunny ears on a jet. And that is as Easter as he gets.

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