The Wonderful World of Peep Shows (No, Not that Kind) (Fourth Edition)

Of course, nothing could say Easter on my blog than another post on peep dioramas. As you probably know that peeps are these sugar coated marshmallows in the forms of bunnies and chicks that are unfit for human consumption. Though that doesn’t stop people from trying to pass them off as Easter candy. However, there is a better way to use these inedible marshmallows of cuteness for this Easter season. And that’s where peep dioramas come in. Over the years I’ve done posts of these cuteness scenes mostly mocking pop culture and concepts of every day life. And while kids make them, you can say a lot of these I show aren’t necessarily G-Rated. Though there are plenty of contests, with the most notable being from the Washington Post. But a lot of them are clever while I certainly enjoy them. So as long as there’s Easter, my viewers will have to put up with them. Thus, for your reading pleasure, I give you another assortment of peep dioramas.

  1. Hope the Finch bunnies come to no harm but I doubt it.

I see little Scout is dressed in her little ham costume. And I see they discovered some of the stuff Boo Radley left in a tree.

2. Apparently, Escher knows how to make bunnies feel at home.

Well, this is supposed to be an optical illusion. But such executions don’t work that well in dioramas.

3. “O say can you peep,/By the bun’s early light…”

Well, that’s a great rendition of the American flag. Though it seems more red, white, and pink.

4. Apparently, these two bunnies just jumped off a cliff.

This is a diorama of Thelma & Louise for those who don’t recognize it. It’s not a movie for kids. But this is pretty funny.

5. The Gary and Mary West Senior Peep Center is the place for elderly chicks and bunnies.

I know plenty wouldn’t get this at first since inedible peeps never age. But this is quite clever.

6. Guess Peep Co. isn’t known for swell service.

Then again, they could just be fixing the power lines after a really bad storm. But I’m not sure the bunny family sees it that way.

7. Peepsus died for our sins so he can rise from the dead.

Yes, it’s another Jesus portrait with chicks. But this one contains a pink sacred heart.

8. The Mythpeepers have experienced a little accident.

Of course, it’s widely said that marshmallows explode in microwaves. And I’m sure these guys will need a new one.

9. In this ark, the peeps come in 2 by 2.

Well, Noah’s Ark seems like a natural choice. Though I do like how some of the bunnies are depicted as animals.

10. With peeps, life can always be a fairy tale.

You can see some of your favorites on this little storybook diorama. Contains some of your favorites. Please, by my guest.

11. Like the rest of us, peeps had to go to school, too.

Though it seems like we have some high school peeps in our midst. The teacher is even using PowerPoint.

12. Now here’s a beauty pageant I’d like to see.

Hope there’s not a real creepy bunny with awful hair looking into them while dressing. Okay, I might’ve went too far with this.

13. “E-Peep phone home.”

Nice how they have the iconic bike scene to pay tribute. Spielberg would be proud.

14. As you can see, peeps come in all kinds in the world.

They also dress quite differently. But this diorama gives a nice image of world peace and harmony.

15. Chemistry lab helps peeps learn about the world through science.

Yes, it’s another classroom diorama. But let’s hope no one resorts to causing explosions.

16. Is this a yoga class or tai chi?

Then again, there’s some bamboo imagery so it seems to be tai chi. But you can’t always tell wit peeps on mats.

17. These bunnies are in the yard doing hard time.

And these bunnies live in a literal cardboard prison. Too bad they couldn’t do a peeps chain gang.

18. Peepsburgh is a hopping place.

I don’t think “Peepsburgh” was a play on Pittsburgh. But I wish it was. Because this seems like a rather small town.

19. “Someday, my peepce will come…”

As you can see, this is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Like the evil bunny queen with her magic mirror.

20. Oh, shit, the FBI just had to stage a pot bust.

Though I know these aren’t anything to laugh about, this peep version is kind of hilarious. I mean you can’t resist laughing at a bunny with a bong.

21. Peepanardo paints his masterpiece the Mona Peepsa.

Though the real Leonardo more likely had her for one sitting with a sketch. Though this is a very iconic image from the historical imagination with peeps.

22. Julius Caesar should’ve beware the Ides of Marshmallow.

Too bad he didn’t listen and got stabbed in the back by his so-called friends in the Senate. Et u, Brute, indeed.

23. Looks like Vincent Van Peep has a very nice place.

Yeah, I know I’ve put peep dioramas of Van Gogh stuff before. But this one is of a different painting entirely.

24. I don’t know about you, but Black Chick looks very creepy to me.

This is a parody of Black Swan, a psycho sexual thriller starring Natalie Portman. Yes, this film very creepy.

25. Even bunnies get into Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Yes, I included a Mardi Gras one last year. But this one includes more beads and bunnies.

26. Let’s be quiet as the king prepares for his speech.

Yes, this is a play on The King’s Speech with 2 scenes. Notice how the therapist and king are sharing earphones.

27. Now these hunky bunnies are about to get naked in Magic Peep XXL.

I saw the original Magic Mike and didn’t care for it. So I didn’t watch the sequel. Still, I think this diorama is better than the movie it’s parodying.

28. Look out, Harry, the peepalisk is right behind you!

I have to admire this diorama of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Though the snake in this isn’t quite scary.

29. In an alternative universe…..

Okay, that’s really sick and twisted. Whoever thought up this must have a very warped imagination.

30. As you probably know, peeps consist of many elements.

A periodic table of peeps. Never saw that before. Guess someone must be very into science.

31. Is this a work of art or an artist’s model?

Well, either way, someone seems to be interested. Maybe she’s one of those living statues.

32. “Today we’re going to explore what’s inside a chocolate bunny.”

This is a take off from the Rembrandt painting, The Anatomy Lesson. Though I don’t think these chicks will find anything inside this chocolate bunny since it’s hollow.

33. “Come with me, and you’ll see in a world of pure imagination…”

Now that’s a very ambitious diorama of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They even have Augustus Gloop in a chocolate tube.

34. Say hello to the newest Disney princess.

Yes, you get to see so many of your favorite Disney princesses as bunnies. Even includes Princess Leia with her sticky bun hair style.

35. Apparently, Pope Julius II and his crew came to see Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel.

I guess the artist doesn’t want to be disturbed. However, having the Creation of Adam in bunny heads is clever.

36. Georgia O’Peeps paints a landscape in the New Mexican desert.

At least they don’t have her doing any flower paintings. Because those aren’t appropriate for children.

37. In Italy, you can’t leave without seeing the Leaning Tower of Peepsa.

They even have chicks sticking out of it. Not sure if that’s even safe.

38. “All we are saying is give peeps a chance…”

This is a parody of John and Yoko’s bed in after their wedding. I know it’s crazy but that was the late 1960s.

39. The Dark Knight always seeks justice for Gotham City.

You can guess this is a peep diorama of Batman. Though this one is more in comic book story mode.

40. Looks like there’s a showing of Star Wars at the Bunny Hi Drive In Theater.

I see they’re at the part when Obi Wan duels with Darth Vader. You can guess what happens from here.

41. Unfortunately, Dr. Who can’t avoid the dalek chicks for long.

I don’t know much about Dr. Who. But I have to admit making chick peeps of daleks is rather funny.

42. On some days, you feel like you’re gonna scream.

As you might know, this is a peep parody of Edvard Munch’s The Scream. Of course, it’s also the most famous painting to come from Norway.

43. Guess the Lincolns didn’t have a good time at the theater that night.

Didn’t know you could find a peep diorama of the Lincoln assassination at Ford’s Theatre. I know it’s kind of crazy, but I’ll put it on the post.

44. Don’t feed the animals at Jurassic Peep.

Then again, the dinosaurs might eat them if they’re not careful. Yeah, perhaps cloning dinosaurs for tourism is a very bad idea.

45. Wonder what trouble Indy has gotten into this time.

I guess whatever trinket he stole, he’s probably justified since it belongs in a museum. Though the bunny heads on stakes is pretty sick.

46. With his squire at his side, Don Peepote  charges at the nefarious giant.

Unfortunately, it’s actually a windmill and he gets severely injured. Still, a great rendition of Miguel Cervantes’ classic novel.

47. “How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a stay puff…”

I had to include one of Hamilton with the cast members singing their lines from the title song. Some of them are quite clever.

48. When these chicks demand the right to vote, they mean business.

Here suffragettes are protesting in front of the White House during the Wilson administration. Eventually their efforts paid off in 1920 with the 19th Amendment.

49. Here we come to the discovery of King Tutankhabun’s tomb.

I even saw a version where it lights up. But I think this photo does much more justice. Like the hieroglyphs and art.

50. Hester Peep will now and forever be branded as an adulteress and doomed to wear the Letter A.

Yes, they even have a peep diorama of the book you had to read in high school. Sure Puritains won’t approve of this but I don’t care.

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