To Catch a Leprechaun


While I was looking for Saint Patrick’s Day craft projects, I came across a specific craft project called a leprechaun trap. While I’m familiar with the idea about catching a leprechaun so he’d lead you to his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (or 3 wishes in exchange for its freedom), I’ve never seen such contraptions in my life. Still, contrary to popular belief, leprechauns were only prominent in later Irish folklore for they barely appeared in mythology. However, as far as I know, many of these traps are made by children and families according to Pinterest and other sites. And some of these can get rather elaborate and creative. Yet, no matter how ingenious such trap ideas are, they tend to have one critical flaw: that each one is designed without accounting the notion that leprechauns have magical apparition powers that make them very tricky and hard to catch in the first place. In other words, these guys can So while these traps could manage to capture a leprechaun, it probably won’t stay in the trap for long. However, as long as making one is fun and brings out creativity in the classroom or anywhere else, who cares? They have contests for these things. After all, in the world of Harry Potter, catching a leprechaun for a pot of gold is a worthless endeavor anyway. Because leprechaun gold is known to disappear after a period of time. So for your viewing pleasure, I present to you the multitude of ways people try to catch a leprechaun.

  1. There’s nothing more irresistible to a leprechaun than a large pot of free gold.

Not sure if it’s going to work. Because to a leprechaun, free gold seems a little bit too good to be true.

2. Toadstools are just the things that make a leprechaun feel at home.


For some reason, this kind of reminds me of something you’d see in Super Mario Bros. Maybe it’s because the toadstools look so flat.

3. Those who construct mazes for lab rats can always devise a way to capture a leprechaun.


Man, someone must’ve had a lot of time on their hands to construct a trap maze like this one. Still, even if it doesn’t work, it’s very well done.

4. Of course, you can always go with the diorama option.


Whoever made this trap is also using reverse psychology as well. Yeah, they totally don’t want the leprechaun in there (not really).

5. If you can, make sure the trap resembles a leprechaun’s natural habitat as closely as possible.


I guess this is a miniature garden option. Like the little trunk cage with the wooden steps.

6. When in doubt, you can always use a hat trap.


This is a common type of leprechaun trap. The leprechaun is supposed to climb up the ladder and fall into the hat.

7. When it comes to trapping leprechauns, you can always try to make them feel at home.


Well, this one seems rather unassuming since it’s seems more like a Saint Patrick’s Day decorated house. Then again, I can be wrong.

8. What leprechaun can’t resist a visit to the Gold Coin Inn?


Now this seems like a cozy bed and breakfast just for leprechauns to lodge at. Of course, appearances can be deceiving.

9. Sometimes to get a pot of gold, you’d have to leave out a pot of gold.


This is a gold coin trick trap in which the leprechaun sets off a trap by taking advantage of the free gold. This one also depends on reverse psychology, too.

10. To make a leprechaun trap more enticing, it helps that you add rainbows, clouds, and flowers.


Because sometimes free gold isn’t enough to lure a leprechaun in. Still, this one kind of gives you a feel of a flower garden.

11. When it comes to luring leprechauns, sometimes a rainbow box and goodies are all you need.


This one contains a pretzel rainbow treat and some white Oreos inside. The box is made from popsicle sticks.

12. Got an old birdhouse? Make a leprechaun trap out of it.


Not sure how this works. But I do like how this is decorated and painted. So cute.

13. Leprechauns, check into the Leprechaun Inn and stay awhile.


It’s said that while many tend to check in, they don’t check out. I wonder why.

14. For a place to stay, all the leprechaun needs to do is follow the rainbow road.


This looks like the kind of house a leprechaun is sure to love. Still, little does an unsuspecting leprechaun know what’s in there.

15. Sometimes leprechauns can’t resist the rainbow path to riches or ruin.


This one just has the leprechaun walk right in under the box. Not sure if one will manage to run into the stick.

16. When rainbows won’t do, you can always go with a shamrock shape.


In this one, the leprechaun lust walks to get the gold under the hat before upsetting the stick. And it seems like this boy is proud of his creation.

17. Sometimes the pot of gold has to be seen as clear as day.


Because sometimes you have to get the leprechaun to want to climb the ladder. So transparent containers are one way to do it.

18. When it comes to leprechaun traps, some can go all out.


This one has 2 castle towers, a road of stones, a background filled with flowers, and more. Not sure what the triggering mechanism in this is though.

19. A wired cage provides a well secure holding place.


I guess the leprechaun has to climb the rainbow ladder before falling in from the top door. Still, I like the stop signs on this one.

20. Occasionally, a leprechaun might be tempted to enter a large, green box.


This seems like something a leprechaun would love. Yet, I really like the rainbow bow the best.

21. A bug cage is just as capable of trapping leprechauns if you customize it properly.


This one has a rainbow on the side and offers free gold in. However, little do leprechauns know, kids use these to trap bugs, too.

22. Some may put gold in a box while other use baskets.


Leprechaun just has to climb up the twig ladder to get in the wicker basket. Still, at least those inedible candy hearts are put to good use.

23. Any leprechaun should be able to make themselves at home in Leprechaun Lane.


And it’s all covered in shamrocks and yellow butterflies for a leprechaun’s delight. Not to mention, the gold coin inside.

24. When making a leprechaun trap, sometimes towel rolls and boxes come in handy.


This one uses a shoe box, some cardboard slabs, and a paper towel holder. Yes, I know cardboard is flimsy as a building material, but this was made by a child for God’s sake.

25. Leprechauns are happy to stop by the End of the Rainbow Motel.


Once again, the bug cage is employed. But it sure looks like a very nice place to stay. Don’t mind the trap door as you pass through it.

26. If you can only use a small space, use a can.


Well, as long as you have a big enough can. Still, this one is decorated with a felt rainbow, a felt shamrock, and a cloud in the back.

27. Seems like another Gold Coin Inn is open for business.


Then again, this one has more tasteful decor as the other one. But still contains gold coins so leprechauns won’t Gold Coin Inn is open for business.

28. A leprechaun trying to get gold coins in this contraption might not want to look up.


Yeah, once that leprechaun gets a hold of the gold, the mechanism will trigger and the can will drop. Works like a lucky charm.

29. When in doubt, sometimes it helps to use hospitality.


Hmm…”Welcome to Rainbow Valley.” Wonder where that is. Sounds very suspicious.

30. Never underestimate the power of Lego engineering technology.


Oh, Lego, is there nothing you can’t do? I’m sure the leprechaun about to be captured hasn’t seen nothing yet.

31. C’mon, leprechauns, go in for the gold.


Just don’t mind the door closing as you fall in. Also, don’t bet on getting out right away either.

32. Sometimes a leprechaun trap can be made from the simplest materials.


And here is a description to show you. Let’s hope that Batman doesn’t mind lending his ladder for awhile, okay?

33. To lure a leprechaun, sometimes offering a big cash prize helps tremendously.


Yes, get them hooked on the pennies if you can. They won’t know that they’re worthless pieces of US currency.

34. Just remove the stick and the cloud collapses over them.


Wonder how they got this one to stand up. But I’m sure the leprechaun would find the plastic coins irresistible.

35.Of course, making a leprechaun trap isn’t always child’s play.


This one is made from a series of Rube Goldberg devices. But nevertheless, it had to be made with some degree of adult supervision.

36. Sometimes it helps if you put the pot of gold up a notch.


Because when the leprechaun tries to reach the gold, the cage will fall on it. Still, love the shamrock decorations on this one.

37. The Gold Inn is open and ready for business.


Of course, a leprechaun can check in as long as it likes. But it can never leave. Still, love the bling on this.

38. For leprechaun traps, you can do a lot with a shoe box.


If IKEA designed a leprechaun trap, who’s to bet that it would look like this? Yet, there would be some assembly required.

39. Get your pot of gold and don’t mind the cloud above.


Because once the leprechaun gets the gold, the cloud would fall. But at least it’s fluffy.

40. Sometimes a large space will do the trick.


This one seems to be made on a planter and has an umbrella like cage. But at least it’s green.

41. That’s right, leprechauns, step right up and follow the glittery gold path.

Of course, the leprechaun will fall through and won't be able to get out for awhile. But you have to account for these things.

Of course, the leprechaun will fall through and won’t be able to get out for awhile. But you have to account for these things.

42. Who knew that Luck Charm marshmallows can be good for garden paths?


Leftover Mardis Gras beads also help, too. Particularly the green ones. But you have to love this set up.

43. Sometimes it helps to make a big  impression.


Yes, leprechauns, enter this humble abode. They have free gold. Don’t miss this offer.

44. Sometimes a small trap compartment is all you need.


Yes, it might not look like much. But they sure put a lot into advertising. Like how some parts of this trap shine.

45. Keep in mind that some leprechauns prefer more naturalistic surroundings.


Seems like this leprechaun trap was made from a shoebox and some stuff you might find in the woods. Not sure if they used gold as bait.

46. There are many leprechauns out there who can’t resist a gold mine.


Who knew you can make stuff like this with only cardboard and popsicle sticks. This is amazing. if you think about it.

47. When it comes to trapping leprechauns, sometimes a small trash bin can be very effective.


Not sure if chartreuse is a great color for this. But I do like the pipe cleaner rainbow and the cotton ball clouds on this.

48. I bring you the cake trap.


I actually showed this cake before in last year’s Saint Patrick’s treat post. It was a just a cross section. But I didn’t know is was a leprechaun trap at the time.

49. When gold isn’t available, it doesn’t hurt to use Barbie as bait.


Apparently, some kid understands how sex sells in this line. Yet, does Barbie set a good example for young girls in this situation?

50. If you can, it helps to go big and all out.


Seems like this boy spared no expense constructing this leprechaun trap. Still, it won’t do well for leprechauns who are afraid of heights.

51. This hat trap puts the pot of gold below the hat.


Kind of reminds me of something I’d see on some Saint Patrick’s Day miniature golf course. Yet, by design the sticks aren’t very sturdy.

52. Sometimes the use of a backdrop can really come in handy.


Of course, if I were that leprechaun, I’d proceed with caution with that pot of gold. I guess one might be stuck there for awhile.

53. This leprechaun trap seems to give me spots, white ones, too.


Yes, leprechaun, just follow the polka dot road to the polka dot box. There will be a pot of gold there but you won’t get out for some time.

54. Sometimes a plant trap is enough to seal the deal.


I’m sure the foliage in this is fake. But I’m sure any nature loving leprechaun would be duped by this, especially if baited with gold coins.

55. What leprechaun can ever resist a sparkly green house?


Of course, this house will be full of surprises. Some of them pleasant, some not. Still, love the shamrocks.

56. What leprechaun can ever resist a large gift wrapped in green?


Yes, I’m sure whoever made this never wanted anyone to open this box. Well, anyone who isn’t a leprechaun anyway.

57. Guess this leprechaun trap is a literal gilded cage.


A leprechaun may know seeing this. But since leprechauns are so drawn in by gold, they may not even care.

58. Sometimes putting a rainbow on top of the trap is a great way to advertise.


Because it’s said that there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Not sure how many leprechauns fall for that trick.

59. For some extra greedy leprechauns, you might need a bigger pot of gold.


Man, that looks like a very big pot of gold for a trap like this. Still, love the rainbow and clouds though.

60. Leprechaun house or trap, you decide.


Either way, it’s supposed to be made from recycled materials. Still, I like the flowers on this one as well as the fence.

61. A small hut and fake turf shall do it.


This one has grass made out of tissue paper. And the hut is of some green construction paper. Of course, it was made by a child.

62. When in doubt, go with a house with all the green and gold you can muster.


This one is a green house with a gold roof. And it has all the Saint Patrick’s Day decor any leprechaun desires.

63. You can make a suitable shack with popsicle sticks.


Yes, this might not look like much with the sticks and shamrocks. But I’m sure gold is bound to be found inside.

64. Aside from Legos, Lincoln logs are also a suitable building material.


Not sure if this is one trap or two. But both somehow take Lincoln log construction to a whole new level.

65. When in doubt, go with a bigger cage.


This one is a wooden cage with shamrocks. And it even has a rainbow in back to signal that there’s gold inside.

66. Sometimes printable decorations make everything look better.


Well, this one seems to be designed by Hallmark. Nevertheless, it’s quite cute.

67. Got net? Perhaps trap some leprechauns with it.


I’m sure the leprechaun is in for a surprise once it tries to get its hands on those gold coins. Sometimes net traps can be tricky.

68. Don’t have a box to trap a leprechaun? No problem.


I guess the net is a trap mechanism. Still, you have to like how this person made a trap like this without using a box. Like the decorations.

69. A cage can be a rather homey place with the right decorations.


Not sure how big this one is. But I think it’s rather well done if you ask me.

70. Sometimes it helps if you attach the gold to the box.


I’m sure that will lure those little leprechauns in like a charm. Still, this is a rather clever idea.

71. It’s always said, leprechauns are real suckers for gold as seen here.


This one has “Gold” in big golden letters. Not to mention the golden ribbons at the edge of the box.

72. A trap of gold, green, and rainbows, is one a a leprechaun can’t seem to resist.


This one has rainbow paths made from beads, coins, and green stuff to any leprechauns delight. Of course, it’ll only enjoy it for a limited time.

73. As leprechauns know, a rainbow can always help advertise for free gold.


But as we all know, sometimes offers of riches are too good to be true. This is especially for leprechauns in this case.

74. I’m sure a leprechaun trap like this has the Midas touch.


This one seems to be decorated with shamrocks and shiny paper. And it has a rainbow on top for good measure.

75. Leprechauns, enjoy your stay at the Happy Patrick Hotel.


The place where leprechauns can stay as long as they like. But keep in mind, their stay might be longer than expected.

76. If a hotel doesn’t work, try a bank.


Of course, this is just a box that just says “Gold Bank.” But I’m sure leprechauns won’t know the difference.

77. When it comes to leprechaun traps, sometimes decorations serve to entice them.


This one has a table, rainbow, cage, and others. And I’m sure the cage is bound to contain some gold.

78. C’mon, leprechauns, have a drink at Sham Rogue’s Pub.


Guess someone has a few ideas about Irish stereotypes. Still, I guess leprechauns love to hang out at their pubs, too.

79. To make the gold stand out as bait, sometimes a green backdrop is required.


This one seems to go for the green in a big way. Still, like how they used a strawberry basket as a cage.

80. For leprechauns, all that glitters for them is gold.


Now this one seems rather enticing to a leprechaun. Still, not sure if any of them would be familiar with palm trees.

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