The Hunger Games: The Musical – “Girl from the Seam”


Despite being the most significant character in the Hunger Games after Katniss, I barely did any songs for Peeta to do on his own. Mostly because I haven’t come across any. Sure he may not be the Hunger Games contender Katniss is and he was lucky to survive both times. Yet, he was only a burden for Katniss after he got his leg injured. Because he was fighting Cato off while Katniss was in the middle of a tracker jacker hallucination. Not to mention, Peeta’s confessing his love for Katniss on national television helped her get sponsors as well as eventually allowed them both survive. But for some reason, I find it difficult to do a song parody with him singing. Maybe it’s because of the kind of music I like. Maybe it’s due to the fact that some of the song parodies don’t seem to fit his personality. I don’t know. I guess it’s complicated since it’s easy to dismiss Peeta as a useless weakling despite that he’s not. Or think that confessing his love for Katniss was self-serving and naive when it was neither of the sort. After all, he doesn’t feel he has long to live and probably consulted Haymitch on the matter beforehand anyway. And you really can’t make fun of what he went through at the Capitol in Mockingjay. Well, at least when it pertains to him.


In an attempt to make an appropriate song for Peeta, I’ll try with “Belle Isle” by Bob Dylan. It’s one of those beautiful love songs about a guy falling for some maid in a seaside town. But it’s not one of the artist’s best known. For the Hunger Games version, I have Peeta talking about how he’s been stuck on Katniss since they were little kids. And how he was a goner when all the birds outside stopped when she sang the valley song. He told her this when they were in the cave in the first novel.


“Girl from the Seam”

Sung by Peeta Mellark


When I was a young boy, no older than 5

On the first day in school

You had on a plaid red dress

And your hair in two braids stead of one


My father pointed you out while we were waiting

He said he wanted to marry your mom

And I thought of a goddess to beauty

At this blooming bright star of the Seam


I asked why she married a miner

He said it was because how he sings

He had such a voice of an angel

That even the birds stop to hear


That day in the musical assembly

The teacher asked about the valley song

Your hand shot high up right in the air

As she then stood you up on a stool


Therefore when you sang for the classroom

Every bird outside the windows fell silent

I knew from them that I was a goner

For that beautiful girl from the Seam


Young maiden I wish not to banter

It’s true I waited eleven years

To work up the nerve to speak to you

Until Reaping Day to my tears


I’ve known you’re a maid I love dearly

And you’ve been in my heart all the while

For me there is no other damsel

Than my blooming bright star of the Seam



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