“She’s Famous, she’s asking for it”

Look, I may have criticized Miley Cyrus for the way she was acting but it wasn’t in this kind of context, it’s just that she was acting in poor taste as far as I was concerned. My criticism had little to do with her expressing her sexuality and it’s just that she’s willing to sink to the lowest common denominator just to get attention. Whether she’s asking for criticism is up to anyone. But she’s just an immature kid as far as I’m concerned. However, I didn’t think that Robin Thicke should’ve gotten off the hook either since he’s like a 36 year old man with a wife and kid who should know better. Not to mention, I’m no fan of sexual explicit lyrics in modern pop songs either.

We Run the World! Girls! Oh Wait...

I had a bit of a heated discussion with one of my followers dealing with my critique of the discourse used to refer to Miley’s VMA performance. I think the biggest problem I had with this discussion was that my follower said “She’s famous, when she acts like that she’s asking to get criticized.”  I think this is a flawed idea. The reason she’s getting criticized in the status quo is because of the patriarchal views of how a woman should act toward her sexuality. The traditional view is a women should not be sexual in anyway; she should be virginal and pure. When young people grow up in Hollywood, you get a double standard of men acting more sexual with little to no criticism and women who are ostracized for showing their sexuality.

So let’s look at few examples of how this double standard affect the young men and…

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