Strike the Gong with These Chinese New Year Treats


As a white American girl, I don’t celebrate Chinese New Year and it partly explains the reason why I didn’t include it among my other holidays for February of last year. However, I tend to regret this because even though I don’t have any reason to celebrate it, it’s still a major holiday. And one I’ve often ignored for far too long. I mean Chinese New Year is a holiday that’s celebrated by at least no more than 1 billion people around the world. That’s more than who celebrate holidays like Cinco de Mayo, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, the Super Bowl, and Groundhog Day. And I’ve done at least a treat post for each of them. Not to mention, Chinese New Year is a very old holiday as well since it’s been celebrated in China and East Asia long before Christ, making it older than Christmas and Easter mostly due to several myths and traditions. Now the Chinese New Year is an important Chinese festival at the turn of the lunisolar New Year. This year it’ll be on February 8th as the year of the Monkey. The literal translation of the Chinese name is the Spring Festival, though February isn’t in what I’d exactly call spring. Nevertheless, celebrations traditionally run from the evening of the first day to the Lantern Festival which takes place on the 15th of the first month afterwards. Traditionally, this festival was to honor their deities and ancestors. Yet, while it may not be the case anymore, it’s still celebrated in China as well as in other countries like those in Southeast Asia, Mauritius, and the Philippines. There’s a lot of traditions pertaining to Chinese New Year, especially when it comes to food. But in this post, this will pertain to Chinese New Year treats which uphold to certain forms like panda cupcakes. So for your reading pleasure, here are is a treasure trove of Chinese New Year treats.

  1. You can’t celebrate Chinese New Year without some dragon cake pops.

The dragon is a common motif on Chinese New Year, especially since dragon dances are common for celebration. Nevertheless, this one comes in segments.

2. For your Chinese New Year dessert platter, you can’t go wrong with these cookies.


These consist of Chinese kids, money, cherry blossoms, lanterns, a fan, and a pagoda. Still, these are cute.

3. If you love Chinese fans, then you’ll sure love this cake.


I’m sure this is professionally made. Still, this cake is supposed to take the form of a Chinese porcelain vase with some Chinese fans on it.

4. When it comes to dragon cupcakes, they always have to have the right kind of scales.


And this one seems like this one is among the fire breathing types. Still, I like the colorful scales and the fiery tail on this one.

5. For the Year of the Snake, wake up to this slithering strawberry shortcake.


Well, the Year of the Snake was in 2013, before I started this blog. Still, you might be able to make this and refer it to a dragon.

6. Of course, where would Chinese New Year be without a panda cupcake?


This is so cute. Love the Oreo ears, hands, and feet. Also love that cute little face. Seriously, who can resist this?

7. For your Chinese New Year dessert platter, may I suggest takeout?


Okay, it’s just a professionally made cake that’s going to cost you way more than conventional takeout. But still, I think it’s clever if you ask me.

8. When it comes to Chinese New Year, nothing’s more appropriate than a rice bowl cake.


For many, rice seems to be the Chinese signature dish. But for a long time, this was now what a lot of Chinese actually ate.

9. These cookies are sure to delight your Chinese New Year dessert platter.


These include Chinese money, cherry blossoms, lily pad, mandarin orange, Yin Yang, Chinese Characters, Chinese lantern, red fan, Chinese girl, bamboo, and a panda. Still, quite cute.

10. For Chinese New Year, you can’t go wrong with mandarin orange macaroons.


Mandarin oranges are the most popular and most abundant fruit of Chinese New Year. It’s an emblem of luck and good fortune.

11. When it comes to Chinese New Year, it helps that the cakes all match.


This one was for the year of the Dragon as well as professionally made. The cake depicts a dragon with cherry blossoms and Chinese characters.

12. For Chinese New Year cakes, you can’t go wrong with red and gold.


As you can tell by the detail, this one is professionally made as well. But I do love the rich red and gold decor on this one.

13. To welcome the Year of the Snake, treat yourself to this little snake cupcake.


Sure it’s not the Year of the Snake. But this is so adorable that I just had to add it on. Seriously, who can’t resist this?

14. Looks like someone is having takeout all on one cupcake.


Nevertheless, fortune cookies aren’t really Chinese food. And sushi is primarily a Japanese cuisine. Still, how they did this, I have no idea.

15. This Chinese New Year, feast your eyes on this cupcake dragon.


Yes, this is another cupcake dragon. But it’s in another form as you can see. For instance, this one has an ice cream cone snout.

16. Celebrate the coming of the Chinese New Year with these panda cupcakes.


Yes, these are panda cupcake. And yes, I put them for Chinese New Year because pandas are important animals in China. Also, they’re adorable.

17. Make your Chinese New Year a sweet and lucky occasion with a cake like this.


This one has 2 girls standing alongside a Chinese character, money, and mandarin oranges. Nevertheless, this is quite charming.

18. For Chinese Americans celebrating Chinese New Year, this chopstick and fortune cookie cake might suit your fancy.


Contrary to popular belief, fortune cookies aren’t really Chinese. They modern version likely originated in America and the earliest one probably came from Japan. Yet, they tend to serve these at Chinese restaurants for some reason.

19. For Chinese New Year, you can’t go wrong with a tea set on a cupcake.


Yes, the Chinese sure like their tea and their calligraphy. Nevertheless, how someone managed to do this, I have no idea.

20. Celebrate the Year of the Snake with this snake sandwich.


Yes, I know it’s not the Year of the Snake. That was 2013. But I needed something on this post other than pastries and desserts. So it goes on.

21. Red and gold icing are always great for Chinese New Year cookies.


I guess these were professionally made since they’re so ornate. Still, wonder how you can come across some gold icing.

22. If you like Chinese lanterns, then you’ll love these macaroons.


Seems like these are simple to make as I see. Well, for people who know how to make macaroons. But you have to like these.

23. For those who like to go big with Chinese lanterns, there’s a cake for that.


Yes, I know there are a lot of professionally made cakes on here that you probably can’t afford. Still, you have to admit this one is gorgeous.

24. If you’re looking for a Chinese New Year treat, you can’t go wrong with these cupcakes.


These consist of Chinese characters, cherry blossom and money, mandarin oranges, and firecrackers. And they’re all on one tray.

25. If you love flowers, then you’ll adore these cherry blossom sticks.


Cherry blossoms are more often associated with Japan than China. However, they’re said to be native to the Himalayas, so I’ll put it on here.

26. For you repressed art students out there, these are the Chinese New Year cookies for you.


Love the Chinese characters and flowers on this one. Nevertheless, I don’t think I could ever master icing calligraphy like that.

27. When it comes to Chinese New Year, grace your dessert platter with this pagoda cake.


Pagodas are towers associated with East Asian architecture. Many of the serve religious functions and have been around for centuries.

28. For their Chinese New Year lunch, your kids will enjoy this dragon sandwich.


Not sure if it reminds me of a Chinese dragon. But for this post it’ll do since Chinese dragons would be hard to make into sandwiches anyway.

29. For the enlightened, this Buddha cake will sure go well with your Chinese New Year dessert platter.


Buddhism may have originated in India, but it’s a big religion in China and other Asian countries. So it goes on this post.

30. Since a dragon is such an important figure in Chinese New Year celebrations, then this cake can’t be beat.


Yes, this is what a Chinese New Year dragon looks like. A bit smaller than some of them. But I think it’s adorable.

31. For Chinese New Year, you can’t have more intricately painted cookies than these.


These cookies are most likely made by a professional or repressed art major. This set includes a couple paintings, lanterns, and a panda.

32. For healthier lunch options, you can always go with panda sushi.


Sushi may not be a Chinese dish. But pandas certainly are native to China. And these sushi rolls are so adorable.

33. If you like Chinese fans, these cookies are sure to delight.


Yes, these are probably done by a professional. But you have to love the cherry blossoms on these. Not an easy thing to put on icing.

34. For the Year of the Monkey, this eggroll will make a tasty treat.


Eggroll is a Chinese dish as far as Chinese restaurants are concerned in America. But it still looks pretty adorable.

35. These panda cookies are guaranteed to be hard to resist.


These seem quite doable for Chinese New Year. Besides, you’d have to be crazy to think pandas aren’t adorable. Because they are.

36. For Chinese New Year desserts, these macaroons will sure go nicely.


These have flowers, Chinese characters, fans, and other things on them. And they’re in red, white, and black.

37. When it comes to Chinese New Year, your kids are sure to love these panda cupcakes.


Sure they may have chocolate cereal ears. But you still have to love them because they’re so adorable to behold.

38. For a more quaint Chinese New Year, you’re sure to like this tea set cake.


This teapot appears to be covered in cherry blossoms. Not sure how I feel about the color. But it’s certainly creative on the baker’s part.

39. On Chinese New Year, you can’t get more elaborate than these cupcakes.


Yes, these are definitely made by a professional. Still, includes cherry blossoms, a qipao, and Chinese lantern.

40. Nothing makes your Chinese New Year than cake pops like these.


These consist of Chinese kids, firecrackers, red envelope, mandarin orange, money, and lantern. Still, these are adorable.

41. For simplicity, you might want to go for cherry blossom marshmallows.


They’re marshmallows with cherry blossoms on them. Seems more doable than other ones on here. Except with the icing artwork.

42. When it comes to snacks, these jelly koi fish will do nicely.


Though associated more with Japan, koi fish were first bred for ornamental purposes in China 1,000 years ago. Also, they’re not tiny beyond any stretch of the imagination.

43. When it comes to celebrating Chinese New Year, you can’t do anything wrong with a cake like this.


Now this cake is professionally made because I don’t think a normal person can have those art skills. Still, this is cute.

44. With Chinese New Year cupcakes like these, your holiday is sure to bring great fortune.


These include mandarin oranges, Chinese characters, cherry blossoms, and koi. Nevertheless, you have to love these.

45. These cherry blossom sugar cookies would make fine additions to any Chinese New Year dessert platter.


Yes, these flowers look beautiful. Still, I know that most of these pictures usually consist of cookies and cakes. Hey, I tried my best.

46. I’m sure your Chinese New Year cookies could never look like this.


These consists of a cherry blossom tree, a lantern, a dragon, and a mask. Still, way better art job than I could do.

47. Celebrate your Chinese New Years with these delectable cupcakes.


These consists of a lotus blossom, a dragon, Chinese characters, and a Chinese lantern. Still, better than I could make them look.

48. For you Chinese fan lovers, these cookies will take the cake.


Now I guess these were made in 2013 which was the Year of the Snake. How could I have guessed?

49. For the Year of the Dragon, these cookies will do quite nicely.


These seem to consists of red envelopes, Chinese Characters, dragons, lanterns, and money chain. I’m sure these are from 2012.

50. Nothing goes better with a Chinese New Year dinner than some snake and dragon bread.


I think this came from some restaurant in San Francisco. It’s supposed to be a snake. But to me, it resembles a dragon.

51. Celebrate the Year of the Monkey with these chocolate banana buns.

Article Lead - wide1005119627gmg2dqimage.related.articleLeadwide.729x410.gmf79n.png1454452884085.jpg-620x0

I think this might come from some online magazine in Australia. Still, they do look pretty cute though.

52. For the Year of the Snake, kids will hiss with delight on these fortune cookie and fruit roll up snacks.


These are from 2013. Nevertheless, as far as the year is concerned, I really don’t care. Besides, these are adorable and creative.

53. Celebrate your Chinese New Year with this golden dragon cake.


Now that’s more like it with the dragon cake. Love the colors on this one. So pretty.

54. For the Year of the Snake, take a bite out of these slithery buns.


Looks like these were made from a bun and a bagel. Too bad that was for 2013. Still, I think these are great.

55. For Chinese New Year, you can’t beat cookie art like this.


These include a Chinese lady with a parasol, a cherry blossom branch, a pagoda, and a map of China. Still, these are lovely and probably expensive.

56. If you want to make something for Chinese New Year, then look no further than these dragon cookies.


Sure these are cookie sandwiches andthey barely look like dragons. But they sure do melt your heart.

57. Those who celebrate the Chinese New Year sure have to love sugar cookies like these.


I guess these are professionally made as far as I could tell. Nevertheless, I sure love the artisan ship which is well beyond mine.

58. For a more kid friendly Chinese New Year, these Chinese Zodiac cupcakes might suit your fancy.


Each cupcake represents two animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Dog is with pig, monkey is with rooster, goat is with horse, dragon is with snake, tiger is with rabbit, and ox is with rat.

59. For a more golden Chinese New Year, this pagoda cake is just the thing.


Wonder how much of this cake is edible. If the roof is, If it is, wonder where they get the gold icing from. Never seen icing so shiny.

60. For a healthy Chinese New Year, you can’t go wrong with a panda lunch.


This has a pandom made from olives and nuts I believe. Yet, it also has a carrot sun and cucumber bamboo. Still, quite cute.

61. This red cake is exactly what your Chinese New Year party needs.


This one has a golden Chinese character as well as cherry blossoms. Either way, it’s simply stunning.

62. Yes, Chinese pagodas tend to be red but how about a pagoda cake in blue?


Yes, this cake is certainly professionally made as you see here. Still, it’s incredibly lovely that it almost resembles a scaled down model.

63. This Chinese New Year, make it a panda party.


Because everyone knows that pandas live in China. And everyone loves pandas. So this cake is a win-win.

64. Those who wish to celebrate Chinese New Year in pink will love this cherry blossom cake.


Wonder if those flowers are icing, real, or plastic. Nobody will know for sure. Well, there’s one way to find out but this is not the venue.

65. For cold Chinese New Year treats, these panda ice cream cones are absolutely perfect.


Sure Chinese New Year happens during the winter. Still, these ice cream treats are most appropriate for the occasion. Since they’re adorable panda treats.

66. For your Chinese New Year platter, these Rice Krispie dragons are a real treat.


Yes, these are dragons with Rice Krispie snouts and Fruit Roll Up tails. Still, it’s a rather creative idea.

67. If you want a fancier cake, this pagoda one with the Chinese Zodiac is perfect for your platter.


I think this was a birthday cake for a guy named Peter. But it’s a great cake for Chinese New Year as well. Love it though.

68. Nothing makes a Chinese New Year party than a dish of these panda cookies.


Yes, these are panda chocolate and sugar cookies. And yes, these are adorable. Don’t you want to hold one of them? Don’t you?

69. Ring in the Chinese New Year with these jelly cakes.


I think these appeared on Groupon. Still these include money, Chinese characters, and koi.

70. For celebrating Chinese New Year, you can’t go wrong with these koi cookies.


These are shortbread cookies even though they might resemble bread. Still, I think they must be quite tasty.

71. These Chinese money buns are where the money is.


These look so tasty. Then again, perhaps it’s because the golden brown shine makes my mouth water.

72. These pandas are sure to make your Chinese New Year a delight.


These are cookies that are made to resemble pandas with chocolate details. Anyway, these are so adorable that you’d want to eat them up.

73. For your little ones, they will surely love these Chinese Zodiac cupcakes.


I’m sure these cupcakes are for little kids for the Chinese New Year. Yet, they’re just so adorable to look at if you ask me.

74. You can’t celebrate Chinese New Year without a cake of a golden dragon.


Wonder why the dragon seems like it’s cut in half. Nevertheless, I think this looks great, especially with the gold icing.

75. Make your Chinese New Year worthwhile with these cookies.


These consist of Chinese dolls, Chinese characters, and cherry blossoms. Still, these are so cute.

76. Greet the Year of the Horse with this cookie set.


These include lanterns, horses, dolls, money, and a fan. From 2014, but I like it so it goes on.

77. You can’t have Chinese New Year without a cake of red and gold with a dragon on top.


I wonder if the golden bird is a phoenix which might explain a lot. Still, once again, I’m not sure how they get gold icing.

78. Nothing says Chinese New Year like a red cake trimmed in gold with a lotus blossom on top.


I think this is a Longevity cake which is for birthdays. Still, since it’s Chinese themed, I’ll put it in for Chinese New Year.

79. It’s not the Year of the Monkey until you have some monkey cupcakes.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Now this seems doable. All you need are wafers, icing, and sprinkles. Still, these are adorable.

80. When it comes to Chinese New Year, you’ve never seen a cake like this.


Now I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to fit that kind of cake on your dining room table. Nevertheless, this dragon boat cake is spectacular for any Chinese New Year celebration.