NFL Fans Dressed and Ready for Game Day (Third Edition)


Here I sit on the swing with my Terrible Towel wearing my Steeler earrings and a jersey from my sister. And yes, I was sweating in it during the shoot.

While August may be a slow month for many, it’s certainly not for me. Mostly because there are so many things going on. For one, you have back to school season when the kids prepare to return to school. Then there’s the start of the football season which is huge in the Pittsburgh area as well as the rest of the United States. And since the Steelers are about to kick off today on their first preseason game, I might as well take care of my NFL stuff first. For the last 2 years I’ve don posts on football costumes, merchandise and crafts. Because while my dad may insist on watching his games, there are plenty of NFL fans far crazier than him or a lot of other people in my area. For instance, while my dad hasn’t been to Heinz Field, he’s totally okay about it. In fact, he’d rather watch his Steeler games on TV in the comfort of his own home anyway. At least he could go to the bathroom during a commercial break and get his own food from the kitchen. But if there was anything that would make the NFL football experience more worthwhile to me would be watching the fans. Since I find some of these fans’ outfits far more interesting than the game. So for your reading pleasure, I give you another assortment of crazy NFL fans in their team spirit gear.

  1. Undead skull man salutes his Oakland Raiders.

Too bad his team’s moving to Vegas. Makes me feel bad for the people of Oakland who seem to be among the most avid NFL fans in the country.

2. As a Dallas Cowboys fan, blue hair goes the extra mile.

He even has striped pants, a helmet, Cowboys tie, and face paint to match. Yet, he’s wearing a coat for the weather.

3. With two swords on his helmet, this guy’s in the Raider spirit of things.

Don’t worry, his head is fine. But I’m sure this will certainly get him noticed since his head resembles the logo. Sort of.

4. There’s something beaky about this Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Well, he has a beak nose on his helmet. Still, compared to other NFL fans on this post, this is tame.

5. Support your Denver Broncos with feathers, tulle, and a crazy hat.

Sure her costume seems to come from stuff she found at a craft store. But sometimes it’s the thought that counts.

6. Now we come to a true Dallas Cowboy.

This guy is know as Crazy Ray. Of course, his costume isn’t as outlandish as some of these other NFL fans. And it’s rather appropriate.

7. If you’re a Houston Texan fan, you got to have horns.

And I see these guys may wear different hats. But they didn’t ignore the horns. Hope they don’t put somebody’s eye out.

8. For this Seahawks fan, the shirt has to match the face paint.

I thin the shirt is enough here. But some people have to go the extra mile like this guy.

9. Even Imperial Stormtroopers love the Houston Texans.

The Stormtrooper even has a blue mohawk and is posing with the team mascot. The pilot doesn’t have much else.

10. When you support the Ravens, you even have to have a lot of bling with a jester’s hat.

Not sure if it weighs him down at the game. But at least he has an interesting hat.

11. A striped face and a clown wig is all you need to support the Buffalo Bills.

Well, as far as this guy is concerned. Though he doesn’t seem happy about how his Bills are doing.

12. Footballhead doesn’t like how the game’s going for the Broncos.

Then again, it’s a mask meant to look scary. But it seems rather annoyed to me.

13. You wouldn’t know who these baggy Miami Dolphins fans are.

But they’re not ashamed about supporting their team. They just didn’t want to use face paint.

14. Even a Steeler fan has to get the best black and gold sombrero.

An equally fancy luchador mask can also complete the look. Now that’s intimidating to see.

15. For her Colts, this woman gets out her puppet monkeys for the holidays.

Helps if the monkeys wear Colts Santa hats, too. Still, kind of creepy for me to take in.

16. When in doubt go green and blue for the Seattle Seahawks.

Well, this guy seems to. And his blue hair is all spiky for good measure.

17. This Ravens fan really likes to show his team’s glory on his head.

Yes, the Ravens won as many Super Bowls as Ray Lewis has murder allegations. And this guy has a feathered cape alongside his giant ring hat, too.

18. Seems like this joker is a very serious Steelers fan.

Well, he has the Joker makeup to his Steeler specifications. Not sure about the hat though.

19. Make way for the Miami Dolphins Pope.

Guess they have a guy like that for every NFL team out there. But this cleric paints his face.

20. This Halo hero salutes his Houston Texans.

Though he must be hot in his costume. But for some, it’s all worth it for the team.

21. This masked beauty does her hair only for the Miami Dolphins.

Okay, it’s a wig. But it’s in aqua, orange and white. And she wear’s a mask for an enhanced effect.

22. This Joker delights in supporting the New Orleans Saints.

Even has a Fleur de Lis in each hand. Yet, he’s also wearing a suit with a pink boa.

23. For this 49er’s fan, the lucha mask has to contain a gold nugget.

The hat’s made out of foam. And he’s not wearing as shirt. But we all know how the 49ers got their name.

24. This Super Seahawks fan might need to leave early if there’s any danger.

He’s even wearing Superman briefs with a Skittles wrapper on his chest. Not sure what that’s supposed to mean.

25. This blue man goes all out for his Detroit Lions.

Despite that the Detroit Lions are among the worst teams in the NFL. But this guy’s keeping his cool with his thumbs up.

26. This Minnesota Vikings fan hopes his team demolishes Dallas.

Wonder if they have one for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Because my dad really hates the Dallas Cowboys.

27. Feathers and shells always make for a great Oakland Raiders headdress.

Well, I’ve put a similar fan picture on another post but that might’ve been from the Saints. But this one seems to have a rather strange quality to it. Maybe that’s intentional.

28. A Raiders fan can never have too many skulls.

Well, he seems to have a lot. Not only around his neck but on his hard hat.

29. Chicago gangsters always dress dapper for a game with the Bears.

After all, Chicago’s famous for Al Capone. And for the Boardwalk Empire touch, the orange suits are in pinstripe.

30. Seems like Seahawks fans tend to be on the Dark Side.

At least this Darth Vader costume is intact and unchanged. Just a Seahawks scarf and lightsaber are plenty.

31. You’re not a Vikings fan until you go purple.

They at least match with the face paint and jerseys. But you have to like the other guy’s fuzzy horned helmet.

32. This guy would be a fool not to support his New Orleans Saints.

He’s even wearing a jester outfit of black and gold to show his love for the Saints. After all, he’s quite a joker.

33. This man always goes all out for his Pittsburgh Steelers.

He has a Steeler car and a Vince Lombardi trophy in Steeler insignia. Also have love the glasses.

34. Wonder if this guy’s name is Spike.

Because he has spikes all over him, get it. Also have to behold his skulls and chains. And yes, he’s a Raiders fan.

35. Now this guy seems like a real ship head.

That’s because it’s all about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to him. He’s also wearing beads and has his face red and silver.

36. Looks like this guy is all spotted for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Though the Jaguars reside in Florida’s largest city, they’re the least remembered. Maybe because they don’t do well in football.

37. This feathered mask lady is pulling for her Atlanta Falcons.

Too bad, the Falcons would lose to the Patriots at the Super Bowl. Yes, I was disappointed, too. Because everyone outside New England hates the Patriots.

38. Seems like Darth Vader has it in for the Raiders.

His buddy has a camera on is helmet. Nevertheless, hope they’re coping with their team’s move to Vegas.

39. For Super Bowl L, Broncos fans pose with their orange clown wigs.

Don’t really get the whole clown wig thing here. Except that it’s outrageous. Sot it goes on this post.

40. Heard of Goldfinger? Meet Mr. Goldman.

And his team is the New Orleans Saints. Notice how he has a Fleur de Lis on his face.

41. This skullhead Raiders fan supports breast cancer awareness.

Still, very little money from pink merchandise actually goes to breast cancer. Look it up.

42. This 49ers fan has come in his own sombrero.

This guy even has ornaments on it. Bet he’s had too much time on his hands.

43. Even old timey ghosts support the Oakland Raiders.

And this guy seems straight out of a horror movie. Yes, I’m already kind of freaking out right now.

44. When in doubt, go with a funky wig.

Here’s a Philadelphia Eagles fan in a lucha mask and clown wig of his team colors. And he’s having a drink during the game.

45. This Raiders fan has the Grim Reaper on his chest.

Yes, I know Raiders fan usually go with the creepy skull stuff. But that’s kind of a tradition for them. And why I put so many on my NFL fan posts.

46. You can’t go wrong with a wooden Seahawk hat.

This is especially if it has Seahawk color braids coming out. Then again, their logo was inspired from Native American art of the Pacific Coast. So what do you expect?

47. Speaking of Seahawks fans, check out the blue and green hair on these.

One of them has a mohawk. One of them has a crown. Yet, all support their Seahawks when the day is done.

48. Seems like this Grinch has a soft spot for the Tennessee Titans.

Well, he’s dressed in a green outfit with a Santa hat. But he just doesn’t seem Grinchy to me.

49. This woman is all feathers for the Atlanta Falcons.

She’s known as “Bird Lady” by the way. Too bad her team didn’t win the Super Bowl against the Patriots.

50. Fuzzy robes are always in for Broncos fans.

The kid is even dressed like a mini Hulk Hogan. And they even match.

51. Never expected to find a Packers fan in a sombrero.

I was wondering where I’d eventually see some Packers fans. Because they’d usually turn up when I’m less than halfway through.

52. This Packers fan is going to rock and roll all night and party every day.

This one is dressed as a member of KISS. And has spikes on shoulder pads. Not sure why.

53. This undead jester has come for the Raiders.

This guy has a skull mask and jester cap with jingles. Yes, it’s bound to freak you out.

54. Nothing makes you a bigger fan of the San Diego Chargers than a bolt on your chest.

Now the Chargers have relocated to LA. Kind of feel bad for this guy now. But at least he’s shown his team spirit by painting himself light blue.

55. Though Packers fans typically have cheese hats, I’m not so sure about this.

This one has the Green Bay Packer devouring a Detroit Lion. Okay, now I get it.

56. Sometimes the face paint says it all for this Arizona Cardinals fan.

At least he got the Cardinal look right. Not sure if the clown wig does wonders though.

57. Get a load of these suits on these Steeler fans.

The outfits are supposed to be from the 1970s during the Steelers glory days. And these guys grew the hair to live up to it.

58. A Rams fan always has to have a pair of curled horns.

Yet, another team that moved to Los Angeles. Still, this fan is rather creepy looking. Even if the horns are plush.

59. This red butterfly flutters for the Atlanta Falcons.

She has her wings lined with red fuzz and wears a shiny dress. Hope those large wings don’t cause any problems for other spectators.

60. When you attend a Cincinnati Bengals game at 1 and are starring in a local production of Cats at 5.

Okay, I know that’s highly unlikely. But the fan just reminded me of someone from Cats. Can’t anyone take a joke now and then?

61. The Houston Texans are the team for this all-American cowgirl.

Well, she certainly has a cowboy hat on and a flag. And all with the Texans logo.

62. I call this the, “Bronco Weave.”

Yes, she has a Bronco logo on her head. But I’ve seen other fans style their hair for their team. This is just far more creative.

63. The X-Factor and Elvis always go for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Yet, they’re fans of the NFL team in Missouri that didn’t move to LA. But yes, the guy on the right looks ridiculous.

64. For this king, the Houston Texans can do no wrong.

Well, it’s a ridiculously oversized crown. But it shows the Texans logo like it’s no tomorrow.

65. This black bird is Raven mad.

This one even has a bird head and wings. But the Baltimore Ravens scarf is plenty.

66. This Philadelphia Eagles fan has quite the bird brain.

That’s because he has an eagle head. Kind of freaky and outrageous. But good for the post.

67. Bet you can’t see this Bengals Stormtrooper.

Well, he’s in orange with black stripes on his helmet. Don’t worry if he gets in a fight. He can’t hit anything.

68. You don’t always have to wear a fur and horn headdress. But sometimes it helps.

For this Atlanta Falcons fan it sure did. And then the Falcons had to play the Patriots at the Super Bowl.

69. Now this guy is the ultimate Rams fan.

After all, if you sport a ram’s head, then you’ll surely be noticed. Too bad his team moved to LA.

70. These Green Bay Packers fans come all fired up.

They’re dressed as firemen in Packers gear, get it? Though I like the sirens on their heads.

71. These fans got themselves all hulked up for the Houston Texans.

Here these two are in their Hulk costumes and ripped shirts. You wouldn’t want to be near them when they’re angry.

72. When you’re a New York Jets fan, you have to go green, literally.

For these guys it’s painting their bodies green and wearing green wigs. Also, spelling out “Jets” on their chest.

73. This jester brings along his own Denver Broncos camper.

I don’t know why fans do stuff like that. But he seems to be getting attention for it. So beats me.

74. This Detroit Lions fan has it ringing with Elton John glasses.

Of course, the ring isn’t from the Super Bowl. Because the Detroit Lions never won one. Look it up.

75. Some of these Seahawks fans can dress so skimpy these days.

Okay, that’s a guy dressed as a scantily clad woman in Seahawks gear. Still, I think it’s kind of hilarious.

76. Gorilla Man and Spider Man have turned up to support the New England Patriots.

Just don’t ask them about the deflated footballs. Or you’ll be beat senseless and hung upside down in a spider web.

77. Apparently, all this New Orleans Saints fan sees are dollar signs.

Not sure if that’s a man or a woman. But there’s some originality with the dollar sign glasses and pimp style.

78. This Seahawks fan must have strong feelings for the 49ers.

Apparently, he has a 49er plush impaled on one of his hair spikes. Kind of clever yet disturbing at the same time.

79. This Green Bay Packers family all has Super Bowl rings on their heads.

After all, they did win Super Bowls. But they all look so ridiculous you can’t help but laugh.

80. If you’re a Steeler fan, you can let it all hang out.

Though I wouldn’t necessarily mean by that. This is particularly the case with this guy running shirtless in the snow.

81. For the Atlanta Falcons, this guy will take anything.

For he’s clad in armor and is sporting a Mohawk. Just don’t mention the Super Bowl.

82. Hope you can make room for this Packers fan.

At least his helmet’s made from paper mache. Though you’d kind of wish he’d put a coat on or something. Cause he must be freezing.

83. I suppose the antlers will hold up during this game.

He even has them decorated with beads and put on his helmet. Not sure if it’s for Christmas. But not bad.

84. Hope you don’t cross these Raiders fans.

All of them have black and white faces. But only one is wearing a sombrero.

85. It’s always shields and helmets for these Minnesota Vikings fans.

The guy has a purple Viking helmet with horns. Also, their shields appear to light up.

86. How about an eagle head on your shoulder?

Or a Philadelphia Eagle head, that is. Bet the look is based on a video game character though.

87. Wonder what these bears are up to.

Yes, they’re Chicago Bear fans in bear suits. No, I’m not sure how they eat in their costumes.

88. This Indianapolis Colts fan screams blue and white.

Almost resembles a Transformer. But it’s mostly the cloth doing it for me.

89. This Patriots fan arrives at the stadium with a star spangled hat.

Though you can include the cowbell and wig for good measure. God knows anything can use more cowbell.

90. These Houston Texans fans know how to stay classy.

They’re both in lucha masks with horns. One has blue while the other has red. Still, got to love the capes.

91. Apparently, this woman suffers from serious beer goggles.

Well, she made a pair with cans to support the Green Bay Packers. Yet, as far as beer goggles is concerned, she’s doing it right.

92. A Buffalo Bills fan should never go without a tall buffalo hat.

It’s like a tall buffalo hat with horns on it. And yes, he’s doing his victory dance.

93. This Kansas City Chiefs fan shows his war bonnet in full glory.

Hey, cultural appropriation isn’t just limited to Washington Redskins fans in the NFL. Still, I couldn’t avoid putting this on my post. My apologies to the Native American community.

94. This cheese head comes with its own horns and beard.

Well, they resemble prongs more or less. Still, the ski goggles and beard are clever.

95. Bet this Saints fan is  real jest.

But that jester costume really freaks me out for some reason. Maybe that’s the point.

96. This looks like a job for Bronco Batman.

Of course, he’s only in a bright orange mask. Yet, would rather beat up bad guys in more casual attire.

97. This Cleveland Browns fan is all fries and no ketchup.

Doesn’t seem too happy right now. Then again, the Cleveland Browns aren’t known for winning their games anyway.

98. This Arizona Cardinals fan can really strike the cardinal look.

Well, at least with the mohawk and face paint. Not sure about the spiky jewelry though.

99. These Indianapolis Colts fans are really going ape.

And that’s what NFL football is like on the Planet of the Apes. Except the apes aren’t blue.

100. You’d want to stay away from this Raiders wolf.

If his team loses, he’d be howling mad. Of course, this is often since the Raiders aren’t known for winning.