The Sparkling World of Jewelry


Whenever I go on Pinterest, I like to look at some of the dazzling jewelry featured. Of course, I always know I will never wear any of it since the pieces aren’t in my price range. But sometimes it helps to look at pretty things. Sure they may look like fanciful items of metal and rock as well as other materials. But these decorative ornaments are perhaps among the oldest remnants of human civilization. In fact, it’s one of the oldest types of archaeological artifacts with oldest known jewelry consisting of beads from a  Nassarius shells dating 100,000 years ago. So we’re talking about the Middle Paleolithic era. Jewelry forms may vary between cultures but are extremely long lived, possibly persisting since ancient times. Whenever I wear jewelry, it mostly consists of a pair of earrings, bracelets, pins, and necklaces. Yet, in some cultures, forms may persist like anklets or nose rings. Hell, you can pretty much find jewelry made to adorn nearly every body part from toe rings to hair pins, and even genital jewelry. So if you want to achieve a crazy punk rock look, be my guest. However, I wouldn’t recommend you to get tongue or nipple piercings though. And though adult women have mostly worn jewelry in most cultures, men and children aren’t far behind, especially if they’re rich. Nevertheless, for much of history, jewelry has most often been seen as a status symbol for its material properties, its patterns, or meaningful symbols. Most of the time, the wearers would be rulers, royalty, religious figures, soldiers, and nobility. And it mainly denoted the wearer’s role in society, social rank, or distinction. In any case, while most people perceive jewelry as consisting of precious stones and metals, this isn’t always the case. Now I can go all out in showing some of the prettiest jewels I find on Pinterest. But you’d probably think I was advertising for a large jewelry company and would be bored to tears. So instead I’ll devote my post to jewelry pieces you may not see before, may never wear, or may think they’re kind of crazy and impractical. So for your reading pleasure, I give you a treasure trove of odd jewelry pieces.

  1. A stiff collar necklace should always make a statement.

Not sure if I’d want to have something like that around me all the time. Seems like it could weigh you down.

2. This golden ring will always give you the time of day.

Well, they have watches you wear on your wrist. Still, probably has a very small watch battery.

3. A hairy bracelet is always chic.

Now this bracelet is a piece of mourning jewelry from the 19th century. It was most likely worn at someone’s funeral.

4. A golden shrine should have 2 gem encrusted birds.

This is a ring undoubtedly from India. Lovely, but not exactly my cup of tea.

5. You can always light it up with this ring.

Yes, it’s a lighter ring. No, I’m not sure if it actually works. And no, I don’t want to try.

6. How about some pearls in the chain mail?

Interesting configuration, but I’ll just take the pearls. Chain mail is kind of bulky stuff.

7. It’s not spring without a dandelion ring.

As to why anyone would want one, I don’t have the slightest idea. I mean most people consider dandelions as weeds.

8. A neurosurgeon should always have a pair of brainy cuff links.

Okay, these are pretty gross. Maybe they should be saved for special occasions like Halloween.

9. A crystal necklace should always take its natural form.

Well, let’s just call these diamonds in the rough. Though they aren’t actually diamonds. They’re most likely quartz. But the geologist in your life won’t mind.

10. You really have to put the screws to this ring.

Now that doesn’t look really comfortable. Perhaps it’s of the geometric variety.

11. Fish beads should always come in sections.

When you put the fish pieces together, you make a fancy bracelet. Though you might creep some people out.

12. A ring like this has a stone held within golden hands.

Okay, that’s kind of creepy. Also comes in several variations as I’ve seen on Pinterest.

13. Think of it as a tree on your knuckle.

Well, a tree coming from a rock on a ring. Pretty positive it’s not real. But looks cool.

14. This ring can use some grease, and not the elbow kind.

Yes, it’s an engine ring. Great for showing your mechanic your appreciation all those years.

15. A long lock of hair makes an ideal pendant.

Uh, that’s pretty sick if you really think about it. Seriously, hair necklace pendants? No thanks.

16. Check out this golden neighborhood swimming pool.

Yes, it’s all on a golden ring. Not sure if I’d want to wear it. But I think the design is very creative.

17. A necktie pin can be made of all kinds of things.

I guess these would be more appropriate for science teachers. Considering what they’re made from.

18. A pair of porcelain earrings will certainly inspire sweet relief.

Yes, these are toilet earrings with the seat up. And they’re made from gold. Great for the No. 1 and No. 2 in your life.

19. Disembodied arms can be chic when you wear them as earrings.

Sure you might have lovely jewelry pieces out there. Then you have stuff like this, which is incredibly creepy. Just so you know.

20. This eyeball ring is really out of sight.

I guarantee you’ll see some eye jewelry on this post. This ring also has some silver bony fingers, too. Perfect for Halloween.

21. A galaxy pendant necklace is really out of this world.

Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the wonders of the universe. That is, according to Neil Degrasse Tyson.

22. A Steampunk pendant necklace can always dazzle.

There’s a lot of Steampunk jewelry out there by the way. Much of it uses antique designs as well as gears like this one.

23. If you like animals, then this mouse in a tube necklace is right for you.

On second thought, this doesn’t seem very wearable at all. Besides, it’s creepy for I think that’s a real taxidermied mouse. Eek.

24. If you like the sea, this coral necklace is for you.

By the way, climate change is a major driver in coral bleaching which kills reefs. Another reason to be mad at Trump’s climate change order.

25. With this pendant necklace, behold the beauty of a blue moon.

A blue moon is when there’s a full moon twice a month. The moon isn’t necessarily blue though this one glows as such.

26. A flower branch necklace is best made with beads.

Not really something I could wear. But it’s surely a lovely work of art. Love the flowers and butterfly.

27. Show the urgency of global warming with these polar bear on ice earrings.

This is especially after what Lord Cheetohead did to Obama’s climate policy. Seriously, environmental protections should be a bipartisan issue and climate change is real.

28. With this necklace, it’s either rock, paper, scissors in gold.

Well, that’s how I take it from the hand signs. Yet, one of the great mysteries is why paper beats rock. Because I never understood that.

29. Thought I almost saw a face on this ring.

Okay, that’s pretty creepy. Might be an old piece though I doubt it. Great for Halloween.

30. This lip ring really gives a golden bite.

Comes with golden vampire fangs, too. And comes across as tacky jewelry for Twilight fans.

31. With enough beads, you can make a landscape.

Yes, this is a bead necklace of forest stream. I know it’s very well done. Love it.

32. Check out these necklaces for the homicidal maniac in your life.

Because you’d have to be a psychokiller to think these make great gifts. Seriously, why?

33. Did she just have her throat slit?

Don’t worry, her neck is fine. That’s how the necklace is designed. She’s just trying it on for her Halloween costume.

34. This cat eye necklace really has some crazy colors.

I saw a few of these on Pinterest. This one seems like it’s from a cat on acid.

35. With this ring, you can tell time the old fashioned way.

However, you’d only be able to use this during daylight hours. Since it’s a sundial ring.

36. Anyone slimy would adore a slug ring.

As to why slug rings exist, I don’t have the slightest idea. Because slugs aren’t nice-looking creatures.

37. A goth beach bum should always have a pair of mermaid skeleton earrings.

Also, great for remembering those lost in the Exxon-Valdez and BP oil spills. Or any oil spill that claimed mermaid lives.

38. This hive ring makes any woman a real queen bee.

By the way, the bees aren’t doing well either. And they serve an essential purpose such as pollinating crops that produce the food we eat.

39. How about some ketchup for your fries and rings?

Not a practical design, but quite a clever one. Like the ketchup bottle squirting on top.

40. You’ll always know what moon you’ll see with this ring.

As you can see how this ring depicts the moon phases. Great for werewolves so they’d know their time of the month.

41. You can always wear a bejeweled falcon on your finger.

I think this might come from India. But I’m not sure. But it’s definitely worth more than the Maltese falcon.

42. Care for a pair of chocolate cake earrings?

Of course, you can’t eat them. But you have to admire the detail and sprinkles.

43. This old brooch contains a place to put a lock on dead loved one’s hair.

Another piece of mourning jewelry. Yes, they did this and it’s disturbing just the same.

44. A Steampunk key pendant should always have a flowery touch.

Another piece of Steampunk jewelry. Love the key design and rose. Very artistic.

45. Sometimes you can just put about anything on a necklace.

This one seems to be made from scraps all wielded together with a glue gun. Not necessarily in my taste.

46. This brooch has a real silver cat’s eye.

Yes, Steampunk jewelry has its own unique style. Like rhinestone chains on this though.

47. Looks like someone had an accident with a small cleaver.

Actually, that’s ring for 2 fingers. It’s supposed to look that way. Why it exists, I have no idea.

48. An antler is always great for holding up your hair.

Not sure if it’s a real antler or not. Either way, wouldn’t want it in my hair ever.

49. This jeweled bird always minds its golden nest.

Another lovely bird ring. But doesn’t seem wearable for some reason. Also might scratch something.

50. You can always stun with a pair of goldfish bowl earrings.

You’d think they’d make earrings for almost everything. By the way, goldfish don’t really like living in bowls.

51. An octopus handpiece should always have a pearl on top.

Yes, you’ll find hand jewelry pieces like this. And yes, some can be quite strange.

52. This oyster ring has a pearl in its shell for you to see.

This one has its own unique nautical charm. But I’d be careful to wear it though.

53. Any bird lover would adore these birdhead earrings.

Okay, maybe those with an interest in taxidermy also. Because these are utterly creepy beyond all imagination.

54. With pizza slice earrings, the eyes have it.

Yes, this is an interesting concept design. No, I’m sure it’s not from the world of Bizarro. Okay, it might be.

55. A blue whale pendant necklace is a dazzling sight.

And a lovely piece of artwork it surely is. Like how the blue whale looks so dazzling.

56. You can have a neighborhood street on a necklace.

Though one with a lot of traffic no doubt. Still, an interesting concept.

57. This coffin necklace contains one lovestruck skeleton.

It even has heart eyes and a heart pelvis. The coffin is also magnetic. Yes, it’s morbid. But fun.

58. With these earrings, many might see you as an ass wipe.

The toilet paper on these is made of beads so you can’t wipe with them. But they’re great for any bathroom party.

59. Always cut on the dotted line.

On second thought, don’t. Because this is a necklace designed that way. But you get where it came from.

60. A butterfly hairpiece always make everything flutter in spring.

Though I’d hate to have something like that caught in my hair. Yet, it’s surely stunning.

61. This necklace is all eyes all the time.

Kind of seems like something you’d find on A Series of Unfortunate Events. Though I don’t want to give away anything.

62. This pin of Little Red Riding Hood is almost pure fairy tale.

This is utterly disgusting. Yes, it has Little Red climbing out of the wolf. In the original version, she’s not so lucky.

63. Put your finger through a golden ring of shark jaws.

Guess they might actually have galas during Shark Week. Though this is quite an original design.

64. On a camel ring, the stone goes on the hump.

But it’s covered in jewels just the same. Nevertheless, not sure if it’s old or not.

65. You’ll only find one beat on this ring.

Well, a heartbeat ring. Didn’t imagine that. At least it’s not flat lining so you’re alive.

66. Now that is a very fancy propeller.

It’s a golden propeller ring. Wonder if it spins around. Might want to try.

67. Here’s a necklace you don’t see everywhere anymore.

Unfortunately, phone booth necklaces were replaced by the newer cell phone necklaces. This is among the only few left.

68. Hope you receive this special ring.

Yes, it’s the one you get on the phone. And your finger. Yet, I understand this model is obsolete.

69. With this hand necklace, you can fit all kinds of rings.

On one hand, it’s an interesting design concept. On the other hand, it’s morbid for the disembodied hand part.

70. This ring will always tell you what day it is.

Well, this ring is somewhat useful. As long as each month as 31 days which isn’t true. But it won’t tell you the year.

71. Want a little birdie in your hair.

Of course, it’s a caged canary. But it’s otherwise a charmer or a great conversation piece.

72. In a thimble necklace, always put in some pins.

Since pins make a necklace like this look sew right. Might want to use a little cushion though.

73. The concept of this necklace is rather elemental.

Not sure what that molecular structure is supposed to be. But it has guaranteed chemistry.

74. Always have to get an octopus among a string of pearls.

Because a plain pearl necklace doesn’t capture the nautical spirit. Lovely in its own way though.

75. A butterfly ring, should have all kinds of jewels.

And I certainly love the gems encrusted on this one. Very colorful and very appropriate for springtime.

76. A shell necklace should always have some net.

This one has the shells in the net. Could probably weigh someone down. Not what I want to wear.

77. For bearded men, it helps to bring along a mustache comb.

Luckily there’s such a pendant right here. Hope you can find a lot of use from it.

78. You’d almost think this face was somehow detached.

Guess this some avant garde modern art necklace I don’t understand. And it kind of creeps me out.

79. A lock brooch looks great on anyone’s neck.

And I don’t think this guy is available at the moment. Because his brooch has the lock in place.

80. You can have a real claw into this pendant necklace.

It has a crab claw pendant or so I think. Great for anyone into Stempunk nautical.

81. Open this ring with the right combination.

Though it would just reveal some golden coin. But sometimes the numbers and turns are hard to remember.

82. This gem encrusted owl watch will always give you the time.

It has one eye for time. And another for day. In any case, it’s a sure hoot.

83. This necklace has a lot of lips to it.

According to Pinterest, this was said to be designed by Salvador Dali. And it surely does look surreal to boot.

84. This necklace features a golden switch blade.

There’s also a set of swtichblade earrings to go with it. Though I don’t think it’s as lethal as its real life counterpart.

85. You’re always zipped with this bracelet.

Yet, ti won’t open or close anything since it’s just a bracelet. Cool though.

86. With this ring, time almost stands still.

This one apparently depicts a water drop about to make a splash. Kind of odd but it’s not like you’re used to seeing a moment like this for more than a split second.

87. Any queen of the dead has to have a pair of these skull earrings.

Sure they’re quite morbid with the skull stuff. But they have their own unique charm to them.

88. You’ll find a real tidal wave with this pendant.

Though it sure would remind you of the ocean or the beach. Yet, not something I’d wear.

89. This little ax seems stuck in a stump.

Actually it’s a ring depicting such scene. Great gift for the lumberjack in your life.

90. This mourning brooch features its own unique basket weave.

Yes, mourning jewelry can get quite weird at times. But I guess it helped the Victorians cope with their losses back in the day.

91. This necklace brings the sea to life in encrusted jewels.

Though many might actually prefer a necklace with real shells and starfish. Though I can’t complain about this one.

92. You’ll always find something slithering on a pendant like this.

Reminds me of the kind of jewelry you might find on Game of Thrones. Yet, the snakes seem quite menacing.

93. How about some tea for once?

This necklace has tea pouring into a cup. Odd, but utterly delightful.

94. Bet you thought this pendant was full of candy.

Well, it’s of a gumball machine. But the gumballs aren’t for eating.

95. You can find many of the ocean’s wonders in a seashell.

This snail shell has pearls and jewels inside a wire frame. Very lovely and very creative.

96. Hope you enjoy a little bird in pearls.

This one seems to consist of silver and gold on a ring. Has a lot of poise and perfection. Love it.

97. Any Steampunk fan would think the living daylights out of this bracelet.

A perfect cuff for a lady adventurer. Has all the pearls and gears you’ll need.

98. Two trees can always stand as one.

But this pendant doesn’t seem to depict healthy trees. Rather both seemed to have some branches cut off from them.

99. A Steampunk brooch must include a wing once in a while.

I don’t know about you. But it’s possible that wing could be real. Goes with the bird head earrings.

100. I say you could find a necklace like this rather bubbly.

Yes, it’s a bubble necklace. And I think the bubbles are made from glass which could easily break.

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