A Sequel to ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’? Stop This Now!

Thank you, I’m a Millenial and I will not let anyone in Hollywood ever make a sequel to It’s a Wonderful Lie. It’s a classic. Oh, God, please don’t let this sequel happen, please.


The first thing I did when I saw the news of a proposed sequel to It’s a Wonderful Life (after this) was check the Onion‘s archive to make sure that Variety, which first broke the story, didn’t somehow pick it up by mistake. Honestly, that would be a much simpler explanation than there actually being an It’s a Wonderful Life sequel in the works. Frank Capra‘s film arrived in theaters nearly 70 years ago and had an ending that rivaled Citizen Kane with respect to its finality.

Is there literally anyone in the world who gets to the end of It’s a Wonderful Life and thinks to themselves, “Oh man, that was great and I’m practically in tears, but what I’d really like to know is what happened to George Bailey after he was visited by his guardian angel, and virtually every person he’d ever known…

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