Dunkin’ Donuts Ad Causes Uproar in Thailand

Any time you have a piece depicting someone in blackface, be prepared to have Americans respond in anger, especially if they’re black. Foreigners may not think anything of it, but to Americans blackface is perhaps one of the most racist depictions there is.


A new ad from Dunkin’ Donuts’ Thai division has the American pastry-maker on the defensive and critics in America crying racism.

The Los Angeles Timesand the Associated Press report that Dunkin’ Donuts Thailand recently released an advertisement for the company’s “Charcoal Donut,” which displays a young woman wearing pink lipstick and complete blackface makeup. The woman is holding up a partially eaten chocolate donut next to text that reads: “Break every rule of deliciousness.”

(MORE: Dunkin’ Donuts Makes Cronuts)

In America, the marketing campaign immediately drew outrage from both human rights organizations and average citizens. “WOW Racist @DunkinDonuts campaign,” wrote one twitter user.  “What is wrong with people.” Representatives from Human Rights Watch were equally critical. Phil Robertson, deputy Asia director for the group, called the ad offensive and demanded that Dunkin’ Donuts apologize.

“It’s both bizarre and racist that Dunkin’ Donuts thinks that it must color…

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